Snowmobile Yamaha RX-1 MTX 162

Effective design, excellent performance in technical terms.

It should be understood that equipment with the same performance from American or Canadian manufacturers will be more expensive.

All equipment from Yamaha is famous for its excellent quality and high performance. Yamaha rx 1 snapshot is a clear confirmation of these words.

This model has a number of advantages:

  • low fuel consumption at maximum loads;
  • excellent performance when climbing elevations;
  •  snow whole with fresh snow is not an obstacle;
  • relatively inexpensive price.

Snowmobile Yamaha rx 1 mtx 162 Available with lightweight running, adjustable base ski and anti-slip track hooks. Equally important, they are conveniently considered in the table:

characteristic indicator
fuel tank 38.3 L
oil tank 2.8 L
dry weight 276 kg
front suspension independent
rear suspension ProMountain 162
type of brakes disk, mechanical

We need to dwell on other components of the snowmobile.


Engine performance for connoisseurs will be decisive, and you can determine its true capabilities. The Yamaha rx 1 mtx 162 has a four-stroke liquid-heated liter volume. Fuel consumption on the passport and on the reviews of the owners of about 18 liters per 100 km of track. If you want to add less oil consumption and the ability to use gasoline with a lower rate, then you will get more economical.


Yamaha is constantly improving its snowmobile models. Graduation developments and additions allow to produce products of only high class.

The rx 1 mtx 162 model has the following indicators:

  • length 3345 mm;
  • width 1168 mm;
  • height is 1185 mm.

The dimensions of the track are 4115 × 406 × 57 mm, which makes the movement not only fast, but also completely safe.


The relatively small weight of the snowmobile was made possible by lightening the frame. The materials for its manufacture are durable but lightweight. Easy and no problem.

In addition, the Yamaha rx 1 mtx 162 snowmobile is equipped with:

  • low profile windshield;
  • steering wheel with curved handles;
  • reliable mountain sling;
  • heated handles;
  • tachometer;
  • speedometer;
  • track counter;
  • an indicator of the fuel level in the tank.

Comfortable seats and a removable backrest for the passenger are excellent entertainment for everyone.

Model weaknesses

Users of this technique mostly respond positively to Yanem, but there are still some exceptions. Yamaha rx 1 mtx 162 is just perfect for walking along the snow cover or going fishing with a minimum set of gear.

This model is not very suitable, traction indicators will not allow you to come even in a sled or in a boar.

What is the price of a complete set

Now there are many different snowmobiles on sale, both new and used. it will work better than new.
Offers on Yamaha rx 1 mtx 162 with mileage of the Internet is full, the price of a complete set will be limited to 450 000 rubles. Its price starts from 650,000 rubles.

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