Snowmobile Yamaha Ventura 700

Yamaha Venture 700 is an excellent representative of the popular Japanese brand. The average price is practically no different from most competitors, and the quality is at the same level.

The snowmobile is just great. For its price, it performs much more than the manufacturer claims. You can safely load 300-350 kg and he will cope with the task, will not slip. It will be very difficult for tall people to fit into it, but anyone will fit into the passenger seat.

Owner reviews once again confirm the prestigious reputation of the brand and the quality of Yamaha products. As mentioned above, it’s better to pay once than pay all the time for repairs.

We summarize the main advantages:

  • reasonable price for a snowmobile;
  • large windshield;
  • powerful motor with high performance;
  • spacious trunk;
  • balanced center of gravity;
  • comfortable steering system.

Consider a snowmobile like the Yamaha Venture 700, its characteristics, maximum load, engine power and tank volume. We also consider the recommended operating parameters and reviews of real owners who have tried all the pros and cons of this model.

Country of origin and structural features

Such snowmobiles are collected only in Japan. The snowmobile is equipped with cross-country skiing, there is a cargo cushion at the back where you can place the trunk.

The seat is low, thanks to the design you can stretch your legs forward. And here is the only imperfection of this snowmobile. The steering wheel is also located very low.

The windshield is not super-thick, but it does a very good job of protecting the driver from the wind. Mirrors give a good view to the rear.

The seat is smooth and very comfortable for both the pilot and the passenger. Passengers can use heated handles and wind deflectors. The luggage rack is located behind the back of the passenger.

A high-mounted rear exhaust is dangerous for luggage. Taillights quickly covered with snow, they need to be cleaned at each stop. The steering is stable and the steering wheel is not too heavy to operate.

  • KYB aluminum front shock absorbers. High-quality high-pressure gas shock absorbers with an aluminum body ensure stable performance and comfort with excellent resistance to fading. Shocks can also be restored, providing you season after season with stable performance with proper service.
  • Rear shock absorbers HPG. High pressure shock absorbers (HPGs) with rugged 36mm housings are calibrated to provide consistent performance and comfort with excellent resistance to fading.
  • A wide seat provides all-day comfort for one or two passengers. The rear seat is easily removable, providing even more space for work or transportation of goods.
  • A large rear cargo rack provides plenty of storage space.
  • Tuner II Skis. Designed exclusively by Yamaha engineers, the Tuner II Ski features a two-keel design that can be calibrated to enhance comfort. Tuner II Ski significantly reduces traction and steering effort, while maintaining handling characteristics.
  • Large protective windshield. Regardless of whether you are traveling during snowfall or cruising from sunrise to sunset, the extensive windshield on the Venture provides protection and comfort for the driver and passenger.
  • LED taillight. The high-intensity LED taillight / brake light is lighter and brighter than a traditional incandescent lamp and provides a longer service life.
  • Digital sensor with reverse button. A compact digital sensor mounted on the steering wheel transmits information to the front panel. In addition, a convenient electric reverse button is located inside the measuring mechanism and drives a servo-controlled reverse gear.
  • Broad foundation. Thanks to its active driver design, narrowed seat and sculpted cab, the Venture MP platform offers a wider foundation with extra grip for more riding confidence and better balance.
  • Exhaust rear exhaust. Often considered a hallmark of many Yamaha snowmobiles, the Venture platform also advertises a rear exhaust system that is exposed to snow under the seat for additional cooling.
  • Clutch. YXRC The lightweight YXRC system, equipped with Yamaha drive and driven clutch, provides smooth engagement, instant acceleration, quick reverse bias response and low operating temperatures to extend belt life. Like the YVXC’s older brother’s clutch system, the YXRC is smooth, responsive, and durable.
  • Rod swing rod. The standard rocker arm keeps the front suspension even and balanced even when cornering at high speeds.
  • Extruded aluminum spindle. Saving weight and improving driving comfort. Aluminum spindles are lightweight but incredibly durable.

Engine 3-cylinder, 698 cc cm, liquid cooling. The undisputed leader in its class, lightweight and reliable sports. It has been specially designed to provide a fast rpm and torque range. An advanced fuel injection system ensures stable and efficient operation, while a balanced crankshaft provides a smooth and ultra-precise throttle response.


Yamaha claims the Venture 700 is based on industry-leading engine technologies such as self-cleaning power valves, a 3D ignition system, fluid-heated flat-slide carburetors, and this year’s new automatic knock control system.

A snowmobile can cover a quarter mile in almost 12 seconds without change. This is the best indicator among this price category.

Yamaha’s knock control system allows for more economical carburetor settings to produce reliable power generation. Since the mixture is more liquid, its fuel efficiency improves.

DCS monitors the vibration of the combustion for signs of possible detonation that could be caused by poor fuel, water, or contamination in the fuel. If problems with knocking are detected, the ignition time is adjusted until the knocking stops.

Fuel system

In terms of mechanics, here is a 3-cylinder 4-stroke engine with 120 hp. The Genesis 120 produces incredible torque. It works smoothly and quite quietly. The version is equipped with carburetors, while other versions of the Ventura have a fuel injection function. He has established himself over the years and is very reliable. It is very suitable for tourism purposes and extremely economical.

The instrument panel is pleasant to use, with an easy to read display, despite the ergonomics of the slide, thanks to which the head is quite far from it. There is a very large odometer, two tripmeters, a fuel level indicator and many other data, for example, heater settings. The control systems for these heating devices are located on both sides of the steering wheel and are easy to control.


The Pro-Comfort 144 rear suspension is a fully coupled suspension with two shock absorbers, which is equipped with a simple and effective torsion spring adjustment with a folding arm, which allows you to quickly adapt the suspension for one-on-two driving or for carrying heavy loads. A pair of 36 mm high pressure gas shock absorbers (HPG) provides controlled and stable performance.

Fuel tank capacity

A 45 liter tank is enough to travel long distances without refueling, and an improved fuel system further increases the snowmobile’s fuel economy.

Carrying capacity

The 25-inch special RipSaw track is responsible for this indicator. The versatile RipSaw caterpillar with traction-loaded 1.25-inch eyelets provides smoothness due to its unique transverse design, 16 inches wide. Ideal for fast trips, heavy loads or high-speed rides. The declared load capacity is 250 kg, which is approximately equal to three medium-weight passengers and a small load in the trunk. According to the owners, the model pulls calmly and 300 kg.

The average cost of a Yamaha Venture 700 Snowmobile fully loaded

The average price from an official supplier is 20,000 euros (excluding transportation and customs). The competitors’ analogs and snowmobiles can offer only the minimum configuration for the money, if you compare two units with similar characteristics, which gives another Yamaha Venture 700 score.

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  1. Consider a snowmobile like the Yamaha Venture 700, its characteristics, maximum load, engine power and tank volume. We also consider the recommended operating parameters and reviews of real owners who have tried all the pros and cons of this model.

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