Snowmobile Yamaha Viking 540

The Yamaha Viking 540 lineup is the result of regular updates and equipment upgrades. Japanese developers are trying to provide good quality and achieve ease of construction.

The official Yamaha website invites owners to learn more about the snowmobile, read the VK540V user manual, and learn more about the specifications and conditions of use. The Yamaha Viking snowmobile will be an indispensable assistant that will cope with the transportation of goods, competitions in various sports.

Where a person cannot walk, a Yamaha Viking VK 540 V snowmobile will more than pass by. Good cross-country ability, high-quality handling, improved traction ability – all these advantages make Yamaha a good helper in a particularly snowy place. You can buy a snowmobile from a company that is an official dealer of Japanese products in various cities of the country, or from individuals.

The snowmobile received new details: there are new tuning methods in the suspension, the exterior has changed. To improve responsiveness of management and efficiency of movement, manufacturers in the Yamaha Viking 540 snowmobile built a high-power engine, the stroke of the hydraulic shock absorber located in front was changed – it was increased to 150 mm. All of these add-ons are integrated in the all-new Yamaha snowmobile, which guarantees effective passenger and driver protection. To clarify the price, the condition of buying on credit can be in the store on the official website.

The first snowmobile was launched in the early eighties. Until today, much has changed in it; only high demand in the country has not changed.

From 1 to 11 years of our century, the Yamaha Viking 540 III model was actively used and improved. Later, in year 12, the fourth version was introduced to the world. There is already a large plastic ski, a new rear suspension, which is adjustable easily and simply. A new variator belt was used, the resource of which was significantly increased.

A few years ago, racing enthusiasts were able to enjoy riding the new Viking 540 4 generation camouflage model. All units have features that were used based on the latest developments of the manufacturer.

Viking 540 models and their distinctive qualities

Yamaha Viking 540 Modifications

Model Description
III This model will become a faithful assistant, it is strong and supple, managed to get a good rating from users. A 535 cc two-stroke engine with a power of 53 hp works. Its air cooling, and the device itself is light in comparison with 4-stroke counterparts. Chassis high-strength suspension ProAction. Damping can be adjusted as well as spring hardness – this ensures smooth movement. Electronic starter, soft seat, large trunk, heated handles – all this provides comfort.
IV The model offers different possibilities, the main feature is the reduced weight, as well as an improved unique type of rear suspension mechanism. You can change the stiffness, the degree of deformation of the springs. The reverse function is built in, the transmission has an increased number of gears. Big skis, torsion-clutch stars, like in another model, can contribute to improved maneuverability. The chassis is equipped with a 12-inch. suspension (vertical).
IV LIMITED The model has been improved, it has such special features: a high-power motor, an air cooling system for the power unit, the latest torsion bar suspension, large skis, tracks. From the previous modifications, a 2-cylinder engine remained, but the skis became wider and more comfortable, they are equipped with improved skates. There is a built-in 2-speed transmission with high-quality reverse. The trunk got a big fortress, and the seat – convenience. Used quality footboards. Better protection is provided by advanced glass from the wind.
IV Tough Pro Maximum reliability and optimal prices are inherent in this model. The latest modification, which appeared several years ago, is intended for use in Russia. It takes into account the specifics of the difficult conditions of the country. For lubrication, a prepared mixture of oil and gasoline is used, which ensures high quality work at low temperatures. Using the launch in manual mode helped greatly reduce weight (as indicated in the source). Lightweight design is foreseen. Tough Pro, through new introductions, is 16 kilograms lighter than its predecessor. Thus, improved handling, durability, mobility, operational capabilities of the transport became better. The latest model has excellent consumer qualities.

Designed to work in extreme conditions, the Yamaha 540 is a cruiser in the world of snowmobiles. The updated device is a quarter more economical than the previous version, while the same reliable and convenient. The original interior design significantly improves control even on the most difficult places on a snowy track.

Snowmobiles Yamaha Viking are of the following types:

  • utilitarian;
  • tourist;
  • mountain;
  • sports.

These vehicles have an average of 40 l / s engines, long and wide tracks, trailers and luggage racks. Sports can accelerate to 200 km / h.

The snowmobile has individual features:

  1. Rear suspension for comfort.
  2. Caterpillars of large width, a star equipped with a gear.
  3. Simplicity with daily use.
  4. The attractiveness of external performance.
Front suspension

Yamaha VK540V has a front suspension with telescopic high-strength racks designed for a long service life.

The TSS system is equipped with a small number of elements, it is durable, well protected and simple: it does not have large levers, complex joints, shock absorbers (filled with gas) with springs. With wide skis, the TSS makes the VK540V snowmobile driven in deep snow and clearing.


As it should be with a real expeditionary snowmobile, the VK540V has a WideTrack type Cobra caterpillar with a width of 500 mm. Universal height – 38 mm, to move confidently on deep snow and hard tracks.

Rear suspension

This system is tested by time and high mileage. The design offers 2 gas-filled shock absorbers that operate independently of each other.

If necessary, the suspension of the snowmobile can be quickly adjusted by preloading the torsion bars – the regulator. While driving back in deep snow, the ends of the rails begin to rise, making movement easier.

Three-speed transmission

A 3-speed transmission is mounted on the snowmobile, which has different gears: high, low, reverse. This allows you to operate the device for fast movement, towing heavy loads. Switching is carried out by a lever mounted on the console and is easy and soft.

Legendary engine

The snowmobile is equipped with a high-quality engine, modified and improved, air-type cooling. The power system includes a Japanese carburetor with a heating function, which provides an instant response of the engine to the movement of the trigger.

In the VK540V model, the latest Autolube lubrication system, which automatically supplies oil to the inlet, is cheaper and cleaner than a mixture of fuel and oil. The model also received a high-power generator, its performance is enough for lighting equipment and additional accessories to work.

Operation manual

Before starting the engine, apply the parking brake to prevent the brake disc from overheating. Do not allow anyone to be behind the machine at the beginning of movement, checking the device, adjusting.

Attention! Be careful when handling fuel – it may ignite. Do not add gasoline with a running or boiling engine. After the motor runs, let it cool slightly. Fuel should be stored in a can.

The instruction manual instructs machine owners to use protective equipment: put on a helmet of the appropriate type, protect your face with a shield or glasses. A suit, boots and gloves are also needed that do not restrict the movement of the fingers while working with the controls.


  1. Do not turn on the engine in the garage in the room unless you need to drive a snowmobile into a building or take it outside. Open the doors outside.
  2. When moving, you need to be careful, under the snow cover there may be different objects that are not visible. In order to prevent danger, you need to stay on the thumb track. After leaving it, they move slowly and carefully. When hitting a stone or other obstacles, injury may occur.
  3. An icy or snowy surface (made of heavy snow) can increase the braking distance. Keep in mind that you need to plan a stop in advance, slow down in advance. The best way to brake on surfaces is to release the choke lever and apply the brake as smoothly as possible.
  4. The snowmobile is only suitable for traveling on snow or ice. Do not drive in mud, sand, grass or rocks; this will damage the machine.
  5. It is important to try not to run into the crust of ice, dirty snow, sand, so that there is no damage to transport or wear of skis, tracks, sprockets.
  6. When setting off on a journey, it is recommended that you go not alone, but in pairs.

Maintenance and storage

  1. Having laid the snowmobile on its side, for maintenance, it is recommended to use a special support so that it is in a level (horizontal) position and is strong.
  2. Improvements to the design of the snowmobile that are not approved by Yamaha, or the dismantling of the original equipment, may cause the machine to be unsafe to use and result in personal injury. If a design change is made, the operation of the snowmobile will be illegal.
  3. It is forbidden to store a snowmobile with a filled fuel tank in a room in which there are possible sources of heat: water and indoor heaters, a flame, and a clothes dryer. Before storing the device, let the engine cool completely.
  4. When installing the device for long-term storage, follow the instructions given in the “storage” category of the instruction manual.
  5. If necessary, you should update or replace the sticker installed on the body of the equipment.
Standard and emergency engine start

Before starting, it is recommended that you read the safety rules again, make sure that the parking brake is applied.

Note. Make sure that the power unit switch is in the raised position.

Startup Principle:

  • First, raise the fuel mixture enrichment lever and open the whole if the engine is cold or half to warm up the power unit.
  • Close the element, if it is decided to start the warmed up engine, turn the main switch to the “Start” state, release the switch and move the mixture enrichment lever to the position that is half open.
  • Warm up the power unit until it stops working intermittently or works stably while the mixture enrichment lever returns to closed mode.

Do an emergency start like this:

  • fully raise the mixture enrichment lever when starting a cold unit;
  • open by ½ to warm up;
  • close while starting up a warm device.

Turn the main switch to “ON” mode and gradually pull the starter effortlessly until resistance starts, continue to pull with force. After starting the power unit, the lever of the enrichment mixture must be transferred to a state half open. Warm up the engine until it interrupts or until it dies when the lever returns to the closed position.

Running in

An important step in using the snowmobile is the break-in phase. The equipment should not be subjected to excessive load for 10 hours of use or 200 km of run. No need to keep the shutter open for a long time. It is important to avoid overloads: excessive power when moving on wet snow. If violations occur during the operation of the machine, you need to contact a Yamaha specialist.

Note. For the correct break-in of the power unit, at the initial tank refueling, it is necessary to fill in a mixture of gasoline with oil with such a ratio of 50: 1. For example: 10 liters of gasoline per 200 milliliters of oil equals a 50: 1 ratio of components.

It is important to pay attention to the information that is indicated in the manual, to read all the notes on the stickers on the body of the snowmobile.

Driving training

Before the trip should be checked. A little time spent on the control of equipment will be rewarded with the safety and quality of the product. It is recommended that you always wear suitable clothing that will not only keep you warm, but also protect you from injury in an emergency.

It is important to start driving the Yamaha 540 at low speeds, even if the driver has experience. Switching to high speed is recommended after studying all the features of controlling the machine and its characteristics.

Caution! Always hold onto the two handles of the steering wheel. No need to remove your legs and accelerate to high speed until the device of the snowmobile and its controls are well studied.


Yamaha – transport, during which the driver needs to act more actively. When driving a snowmobile and maneuvering, the position of the driver and the ability to maintain balance are more important. The control skill is acquired practically and gradually, therefore, before performing complex maneuvers, you need to master the technique well.

Driving a snowmobile is an exciting activity that brings a lot of pleasure for a long period. But for this, it is recommended that you familiarize yourself with driving the snowmobile in more detail to achieve a safe level of skill. Before operating, it is recommended that you carefully read the manual.

For beginners, getting started with a snowmobile is best on a wide surface. It is important to make sure that there are no obstacles and the rest of the traffic. Before driving on difficult roads, they study the control of the damper and brake, and also master the technique of turns.


Before buying a snowmobile, it is recommended that you familiarize yourself with its technical characteristics:

  1. Engine: type 2-stroke with a volume of 535 cc
  2. Two-cylinder cylinders
  3. Cooling – axial fan. Diameter 73×64 mm.
  4. The fuel system is a flat throttle with 2 heating devices.
  5. Clutch and gears: transmission with high gear / reduction and reverse, CVT.
  6. Intake system – flap valve.
  7. Ignition is electronic.
  8. Exhaust – silencer with resonator device.
  9. The brake system is disc.
  10. Tank capacity 44 l.
  11. Height 1.43 thousand mm.
  12. Overall length 3.05 thousand mm.
  13. The total width of 1190 mm.
  14. Track 940 mm.

The Yamaha snowmobile has a built-in headlamp of improved power with 2 lamps: the head light is well suited for the overall design and provides excellent visibility in the dark. The device has a lifting seat hiding the trunk, which can fit a small set of different tools needed for work, there is a place to transport the necessary things on the road.

A comfortable car seat is higher than the previous one, which increases comfort, especially on a broken road. The passenger part is the same height as the driver’s, so a long trip will become a comfortable rest.

Management Features

One of the important features of the Yamaha VK540 Utility Snowmobile is its ease of use. Learning to ride a VK540 snowmobile is relatively simple for those who have already dealt with motorcycle equipment. The device has a convenient location for each control, the panel shows the necessary information. Another characteristic for utilitarian snowmobiles is traction, which allows towing loaded trailers. Yamaha VK540 and in this problem was at a level: the model is equipped with a powerful power unit and gearbox with lower gear.

Having all the functions inherent in utilities, the VK540 model also differs in its original characteristics. Like any Yamaha equipment, owners are pleased with the quality and assembly, with a relatively light weight of 291 kg, for all models of utilitarian snowmobiles this is the best value. Light weight ensures the maneuverability of the snowmobile in difficult forests.

How much is

You can find out how much a Yamaha Viking 540 snowmobile costs and spare parts prices on the official website of dealers. You will learn more information about buying a snowmobile on credit by leaving a request for a test drive. Specialists will advise clients for free on issues related to the purchase of the new VK540V model.

Cost of models:

  • IV – 400 thousand;
  • IV – 350 thousand;
  • III – 300 thousand;

Yamaha Viking 540 E 1994 release costs 240 thousand rubles.

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