Snowmobiles BRP 500 CM³ Series SKANDIC WT

To purchase this device or not is the business of every fisherman, hunter or just an extremal who loves snowy expanses, speed, cross-country ability and comfort. In order to finally make a choice, you need to study articles, reviews, visit thematic forums. In addition, it is worth getting acquainted with analogues of other companies.

Utility snowmobiles Skido 500 – stylish, hardy, adapted to harsh climate. Such machines are highly demanded by users in the northern regions of Russia, and not only other countries with a similar climate also willingly purchase them.

One of these snowmobiles is the BRP 500 cm³ Skandic WT, equipped with a tracked base of 510 mm, which provides excellent traction with snow cover, while maintaining stability.

Technical characteristics of the Skido 500 snowmobile
  • Track dimensions in mm. – 3455/381/23
  • Overall dimensions of the car in mm. – 2939/1080/1220
  • Runner material – steel
  • Aluminum frame
  • Engine – Rotax 503 (gasoline), carburetor
  • Axial fan
  • ICE volume – 500 cm3
  • Piston window
  • Hand Warmer
  • Windshield (high)
  • Tachometer
  • Speedometer
  • Fuel sensor
  • Weight (dry) – 225 kg
  • Double layout
  • Class – Utilitarian
  • Oil tank, l – 2.5
  • Fuel tank, l – 40
  • Air cooling
  • Reverse
  • The front suspension is DSA. Radial rails. Swing arms
  • Suspension travel size, rear / front – 254/170 mm
  • Skis, base, in mm. – 940

The snowmobile engine is one of the main advantages of the BRP over competing firms. The power unit is manufactured by ROTAX (Austria). By the way, this manufacturer also produces aircraft engines.

As for brands such as Aprilia and BMW, they willingly complete their motorcycles with them.

Thus, Rotax is a very important advantage for the Canadian manufacturer.

Advantages of Snowmobile Skido 500

Today, the Canadian brand Ski Doo is widely known throughout the world to all lovers of winter extreme sports. In particular, these vehicles attracted supporters of snow racing on the plains. And it is no coincidence, since the brand is also famous for sports models with the applied E-Tec technology.

Clear benefits:

  1. This technology is embedded in a two-stroke engine with the injection of the working mixture directly into the combustion chamber, and this happens under a pressure of about 2 thousand bar. The very device of the camera allows you to evenly (layer by layer) burn the fuel by analogy with a diesel engine.
  2. The engine of this snowmobile is economical and quickly accelerates the car.
  3. The Rev platform is another highlight. The development at one time allowed the company to get around its competitors in terms of cross-country ability and maneuverability. Nowadays, the platform has been significantly changed for the better – the above parameters are further improved.

Modern Sky doo models with the Rev XP platform have expanded these capabilities. The driver’s seat with the current snowmobiles is comfortable and allows you to stretch your legs forward.

Since the center of gravity is located under the seat near the driver, and the seat is slightly shifted forward, this gives significant advantages for the following modes:

  • Long trips
  • Piloting standing
  • Under aggressive control

The mass of the devices is reduced by 15% in comparison with previous models.

These snowmobiles are widely recognized by both amateurs and professionals for the following reasons:

  1. Patency
  2. Ergonomics
  3. Power
  4. Light weight
  5. Cost-effectiveness

The company produces dozens of models: both “utilities” and sports ones.

Snowmobile Scandic 500

The Skandik 500 snowmobile is, as already mentioned, profitability, high cross-country ability and, in addition, the willingness to perform various kinds of business tasks, and not just for recreation and extreme sports.

The snowmobile, model BRP SKI DOO SKANDIC 500 with a double layout is designed for continuous operation at low ambient temperatures.
The 500 cm3 engine has good traction characteristics due to its high torque. Its rather torquey engine makes it possible to develop maximum speed in a short period of time without “eating” a lot of gasoline – in practice, the average fuel consumption is only 11l / 100km. run. This allows us to state with full confidence that this unit is one of the most economical snowmobiles in its class and price category.

These are the main technical characteristics of the Skandik 500 snowmobile. In addition to the indicated ones, it is worth mentioning the caterpillar chassis, which this model is equipped with – its width is 510 mm. This is what provides excellent traction, without a hint of slipping or slipping on any surface of the track.

Professionals and simply active people pay the closest attention to all this.
Another very important advantage – the tracks are equipped with hooks of the soil, a height of 35 mm., Which allows movement on rough roads, steep climbs, etc.

Independent suspension

The front LTS suspension has a stroke height of 150 mm., The rear SC-5U – 240 mm. Ski base Pilot DS2.

Adjustable gas shock absorbers Motion Control

Equally important are the adjustable Motion Control gas shock absorbers that come with the BRP 500.

Principle of operation:

  • Hydraulic circuits (2), the first of which is a simple compression damper.
  • The second one has a valve for actuation with a variable load. This circuit is activated only when the first is closed.
EDrive Variant

The eDrive variator with which the snowmobile is equipped is structurally designed for long-term operation, infrequent maintenance and low-cost repairs.

Carburetor fuel injection system

The working mixture is injected directly into the combustion chamber under very high pressure. Fuel is burned in layers (evenly). The injection system is carbureted.

Varieties and models of Skid Snowmobile

No wonder they say that everything is relative. The table below will demonstrate the difference in the main parameters of some models.

Model / Details Appointment Features Model year Category
SKI-DOO FREERIDE 146 850 E-TEC For rider and amateur Powerful engine. Exceptional maneuverability. Ideal price / quality ratio 2018 Utilitarian
SKI-DOO FREERIDE 800 E-TEC For winter extreme Cross frame MX Z X. Amplifier chassis. The steering column is moved forward. Reinforced suspension 2014 Utilitarian
Ski-Doo Freeride STD 850 E-TEC SHOT Increased cross Signature frame. Updated pendants. The most powerful engine. Latest radiator design. One click start 2019 Utilitarian
Ski-Doo Grand Touring 900 ACE TURBO For the most difficult tracks The fourth-generation Rev Gen4 platform. ICE – 165 hp Coupling – pDrive. Rmotion 129 pendant 2019 Tourist
Ski-Doo MXZ X-RS New Rotax 4-TEC 1200 engine. ICE – 130 hp Three cylinders 2011 Sports
Ski-Doo Summit Burton 154 800R E-TEC For movement in the wild snowy terrain, as well as professional snowboarding Joint development with Burton Team Riders and Burton Snowboards 2016 Mountain

Based on these data, it is easier to determine what the consumer really needs.

Full price and description

The final price for the snowmobile (new) BRP Ski-Doo Skandic WT 550 is directly dependent on its configuration – about 730 thousand rubles.

The price of a used car (2001-2012) varies from 520 to 600 thousand rubles, while a 2014-15 modification will cost more – 520-600 thousand rubles.

Customer reviews

Since the Skandik 500 snowmobile has good technical characteristics, it means that we are buying it, and, of course, there are also reviews on it.

Most of these are as follows:

  1. High-quality assembly, no squeaks, vibration even in used cars
  2. Impressive payload and throughput
  3. Heated handles for two and a back
  4. The seat rises as needed and this makes it possible to control the machine in a standing position
  5. The device is indispensable for both fishing and hunting.
  6. Fuel efficient enough
  7. Adapted to high loads.
  8. It starts well and works at low temperatures
  9. With a manual starter, it starts a little worse
  10. With non-aggressive driving, fuel consumption is within 10 l / 10km
  11. Comfortable fit
  12. The engine with good traction can be transported and the passenger. Plus a not very big load
  13. Easy to manage – no need to get used to his “temper”
  14. Spacious fuel tank and 92 gasoline
  15. Beautiful design – it can be guessed at first glance by a popular Canadian brand

Some parts are also on sale in the secondary market.

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