Snowmobiles BRP SKI, DOO 670, 800, 850

Snowmobile equipment undergoes tremendous loads during movement, which means that before buying an aggregate, the consumer must know which model to choose so that it meets the requirements of reliability and safety.

Owners of the BRP SKI – DOO Summit appreciated the excellent maneuverability, ease of operation, and ease of movement on this technique. It is advised to adhere to the manufacturer’s recommendations for operation, then the trouble-free operation of the machine in difficult conditions is guaranteed.

Snowmobiles BRP Summit of Canadian production are easy to operate, ergonomic, reliable, real climbers of mountain slopes. Designed specifically for traveling in deep snow and winter fishing, they are distinguished by a relatively low weight and an impressive supply of power. Due to their high dynamic qualities, they remain safe and comfortable.

Snowmobiles SKI – DOO SUMMIT – a high-tech equipment with a bright view that meets modern international standards. Designed to perform professional tasks, deservedly recognized as a leader in the number of equipment designed for outdoor activities.

Snowmobile Specifications Summit: 670, 800, 850

The Canadian company producing SKI – DOO snowmobiles has gained popularity among fans of extreme snow racing around the world. Designed for difficult tracks with snowdrifts and ice cover. Models are designed with fuel economy in mind. Given that the equipment is available in several versions, the parameters of each option are different.

Snowplows BRP SKI – DOO 670, 800, 850 have the following average technical indicators:

  • Gas engine;
  • two-carburetor fuel system;
  • liquid cooling system;
  • CVT gearbox;
  • the presence of a reverse;
  • height to a windshield – 1 m;
  • fuel tank volume – 35 – 43 liters;
  • oil tank – 3, 5 l;
  • dimensions – 3.2 – 1.1 – 1.15 meters;
  • weight – 210 – 320 kg;
  • average track width -40 cm;
  • length – 154, 165, 175-inches;
  • spatial design of the aluminum alloy chassis with front RAS and rear TMOTION suspensions;
  • hydraulic brake discs;
  • transmission equipped with a pDrive variator and electronic reverse, combined with the engine;
  • platforms REV, Gen 4 REV;
  • SHOT system, (based on innovative developments that simplify engine heating);
  • centered motor system;
  • RAS-3 suspension;
  • Brembo brake system.
SKI Snowmobile Advantages – DOO SUMMIT

During the development of the chassis and engine using the technology of “binding” to each other, engineers were able to compose the requirements for weight distribution, having achieved the placement of the motor clearly in the middle.

Snowplows BRP SKI – DOO are distinguished by power and sensitivity, thanks to the following qualities.


The main features in the form of forward-shifted seats for the driver, A-shaped front link levers have not changed. The new pyramidal platform Rev Gen 4, located in the center closer to the front frame of the engine, distributes the load evenly, contributing to easy gliding of vehicles. The variable-speed transmission is located more vertically, the driver has the opportunity to sit comfortably with his legs extended, which means that the car is now suitable for long trips, hard driving or standing control.

Thanks to the titanic efforts of the platform developers, it was possible to achieve a decrease in the total mass of the structure. This was possible due to changes in the composition and thickness of the metal, as well as the size and shape of the parts.


Snowmobiles are equipped with two-stroke Rotax “E – TEC” engines with electronic control system, power up to 165 horsepower, which is 10 – 15 more horses than rivals. High speed and fast acceleration are provided by the pDrive variator, which is paired with a motor. Some models in this line are equipped with the latest SHOT engine start system. Its feature is that the charge for starting is accumulated in the capacitor when the engine is on, to turn on it is enough to press the button.

The crankcase cooling system provides reliable operation, an increase in power due to cooling of the intake air. The increased stiffness of solid cylinder blocks gives the motor an additional power resource. The high-performance pump supplies the engine with an intense flow of chilled air. Partially neutralizes the harmfulness of exhaust gases, helps to save fuel the exhaust valve of the new generation Rotax 3D Rave.

The volume of the engine, depending on the model, ranges from 800 to 1200 cubic meters, the maximum speed reaches 160 km / h.


In the evaluation criteria, in addition to cross-country ability, added comfort and convenience. This can be achieved with additionally selected accessories. In Ski-Doo cars, they do not need to be fitted, they are ideal for snowmobiles, it will not be difficult to install them. To increase the amount of luggage, semi-rigid 38-case wardrobe trunks or removable side wardrobe trunks are attached to the seatback. Plastic or polyethylene rigid mini-racks are characterized by frost and shock resistance. The original LINQ fastening system allows you to securely fasten not only wardrobe trunks, but also canisters.

To protect against bushes, additional metal bumpers are provided.

For those who like riding both sitting and standing, you can purchase adjustable steering spacers if the model was not equipped with it initially.

Among other things, as accessories for fans of extreme driving, bags with heating for water, a telephone, folding shovels, collapsible saws, LED headlights, and much more are produced.


  • bumpers;
  • glass, mirrors;
  • protection of the bottom, hands;
  • rollers, slides;
  • covers, wardrobe trunks, bags;
  • gangways, winches, cans;
  • podkat-edging machines.
Other features of the Summit BRP snowmobile
  • Sporty look.
  • Optimal design for highlands.
  • Shortened mountain seat.
  • Low windshield.
  • The steering wheel is straight.
  • Heated seats, steering columns, appliances.
  • Dashboard with the ability to control all indicators.
  • The improved running gear due to the track lightweight by 4.5 kg, thanks to which the car accelerates faster and stops.
  • The effectiveness of the shock absorbers, the increased suspension travel is achieved due to the load distribution during the descent and ascent, as well as the optimal balance.
  • Advanced frame profile, high edge footrests.
  • The slanted, narrowed up tunnel, supplemented by a heat exchanger, prevents snow from sticking to its rear.
  • Reduced dashboard, shifted to the bottom.
Where can I buy a BR Snowmobile Summit: 670,800,850

You can buy your favorite car through a wide network of official dealers of the BRP company, which has been producing SKI – DOO since 1959. Buying through a dealer network gives you the opportunity to get certified equipment, quality after-sales service. In Russia, the distribution of BRP products is engaged in the company Moto – Start.

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