Snowmobiles manufactured by China

Recently it was believed that goods from China are of poor quality, now the units on the market are quite reliable, and at the same time their prices are often lower compared to products of the Russian or European developer.

Earlier products with the words “Made in China” were associated with an insufficient budget for the buyer and poor quality of the product, but now the situation is different. There are companies that produce different types of snowmobiles with quality not inferior to models from the most reliable brands.

Buying a Chinese snowmobile does not mean acquiring a low-quality product. The reviews of the owners of various models of snowmobiles from the Celestial Empire show that the equipment can be used in all regions of the country, regardless of climatic conditions. Due to its optimal operating costs and simplicity, the Chinese machine has become one of the most popular and popular snowmobiles in Russia.

The most “running” Chinese snowmobiles are 150 cm3 (piston 149cc) and 200 cm3 (piston 170 cc).

Consider models that are divided into 5 large groups:

  • workers and utilitarian;
  • sports;
  • tourist;
  • mountain;
  • children’s.

Chinese companies create cars from 5 groups. Most often produce devices with a gasoline, diesel or electric engine.

Workers and Utilities

They are characterized by high traffic, lack of aggressiveness and dynamism. They are often used as a working machine, rather than a means for hobbies. The basic utilitarian snowmobile is a whole caste of snowmobile technology.

Benefits quality;
ease of maintenance;
suitability for repair;
affordable price;
Who is it for For people who want to be sure that the snowmobile will not break from active use under heavy loads, that the engine will turn on in any frost, and the snowmobile will transport heavy sleds.
Signs of a utility 2-stroke engine, the volume of which is up to 600 cm3 (simplicity, high quality guarantee and low price);
caterpillar 3900 mm long, 500 mm wide;
the lowering row provided in the transmission, designed to tow a heavy sled or to move in deep snow;
the presence of telescopic racks in front and behind simple shock absorbers without adjustments;
the presence of heated steering knobs; in cheaper models there is not even an electronic start.
main feature Enough mass, which is good for those who will ride on the rolled paths. A heavy machine has a smoother ride, pulls large loads.

Competitions and races are their main purpose. The highest speed is 200 km / h.


  • energy-intensive suspension;
  • powerful engine;
  • single occupancy.

Models of this type have a small caterpillar, it is short and narrow (3051 mm long, 380 wide) and is designed for skiing on dense snow cover. Powerful engine with a volume of 600 to 800 cubic meters. m with a wide ski base, which allows the snowmobile not to tip over during fast turns. Their variator is calibrated for maximum acceleration, and the suspension is stiff enough so that the loads are worked out without problems at high speeds.

Such devices do not have the usual options, such as: heated steering knobs, electronic start, wind protection. Everything is set to minimize weight. Adjusting the variator and motor may seem wrong to an inexperienced snowmobile due to agility.


These models are the class closest to utilitarian species, which is associated with requirements that are closer to the two models:

  • profitability;
  • smoothness of movement;
  • good supply of components and assemblies.

At the same time, the question of mass is not so acute, because the “tourist” view is intended for driving not only along prepared snow tracks. Their main feature is the ability to withstand a long trip and the availability of different options for a good rest. The difference from the utilitarian is a more powerful engine, the availability of options, an assortment of tuning, quality design.

Specifications: caterpillar 3900 mm; 500 mm wide with improved grip. The engine in most cases is 4-stroke.


Mountain riding has as much meaning as skiing is good fun. But this is where the “front line” for the struggle for modern technology passes. Mountain snowmobiles are the most expensive and technologically advanced cars, and mountain riding is a technically difficult sport.

Some models were invented and created for that purpose, to travel far in the mountains and on deep snow, on the slopes. Technically, riding is very different from the usual one in that the snowmobile rides along the slope with a large increase in the angle, because it can roll over, because of this, you need to ride the first ski on such a machine, rolling the snowmobile to the place of slope. Hence the distinguishing qualities in terms of technical parameters – a small caterpillar in width, and a narrowed base of skis. To remove the lack of the supporting part of the narrow “goose”, it was made longer. Now the most advanced model has a factory track length of 174 inches.

Features of the suspension. Absolute mountain snowmobiles are designed to ride on not very loose snow cover, so jumping on this machine is possible only in fluffy snow, when such a need arises. The suspension of the models is energy-intensive, but soft enough, the hydraulic settings are often simply not there.

Motors are designed to operate in conditions of lack of oxygen in highlands, so below they feel not the best way from the excess of this gas. At the same time, cooling systems involve a lot of loose snow. With a small amount of snow under the caterpillar or on dense snow cover, the car heats up very much.

All this makes mountain snowmobiles not adapted on the plain. Elongated and narrow cars do not hold the trajectory, run the risk of falling when the direction of movement changes, their suspension breaks on the comb, and the snow control process is complicated because the track of the snowmobile does not completely touch the snow surface. Keeping and managing is difficult. In a forest, it is difficult to turn on a long machine, and on heated tracks it gets very hot. In a word, the mountain type of car is very specific.


Snowmobiles for this category have smaller sizes and power when compared with other models, they are simple to operate, their safety feature. It is possible to limit the speed and automatically turn off the motor using the remote control.

Some other models are equipped with a cord, with which you can turn off the engine if the child accidentally falls out of the snowmobile. During braking, the engine stops quickly.

Children’s snowmobiles are more stable due to the wide distance between the skis. They are controlled with the help of a steering wheel, which is heated and adjusted to the growth of the child. New batteries have an improved gas recombination system; there is no need to fill distilled water. Also, power supplies have the smallest self-discharge – this is facilitated by calcium in the plates.

Gas from the batteries released during operation is converted without going outside. These power supplies are equipped with a safety valve that makes them safe.

Chinese model service

In fact, the maintenance of the snowmobile is carried out from the moment of its sale.

A good seller must pre-sell the machine, which includes:

  • checking all available nodes and connections;
  • track tension;
  • inspection of the structure for the detection of fasteners and fluids of equipment;
  • work on the alignment of skis, cables and the fuel part,
  • inspection of electronic equipment;
  • engine start and its additional adjustment.

Most buyers, according to Motosneg, are not even aware of the implementation of all these works. They only deposit money in the cash desk of the service, transport the Chinese snowmobile to the place of its further operation, after which they sit down and go. However, many people do not even think that the first kilometers should not be driven at high speeds. It is important to break in. This process seems to someone as quiet (no more than 20 km / h) movement on the snow cover. But this is not true. The snowmobile needs to work on each mode included in its device – at high, low, medium engine speeds, but without increased loads. The primary run-in is carried out for 500 km. Some spend on the passage of up to two days, while others spend the whole season.

Features of operation and storage

During the first run-in, the speed of the power unit in automatic mode increases, and the engine works better. But there is a need to change the oil and adjust the valves. A routine inspection is required for stretched tracks and transmission chain, which begins to stretch after covering a distance of 500 km. This is the initial inspection for the new snowmobile. Together with the above actions, in this maintenance, specialists must pay attention to the quality of the suspensions (they are injected), carry out an inspection of the fuel group.

The manufacturer supplies a Chinese snowmobile with a “canned” fuel system. For the first 500 kilometers, the preservative is disposed of independently, and there is a danger of contamination of this site.

When handing over a snowmobile to a service, the mechanic should look at the quality of the following elements:

  • CVTs;
  • drive belt;
  • wire rope;
  • power supply systems;
  • steering and brake system.

These activities take a working day. In general, a lot depends on the quality of this machine.

Note. Not every buyer of snowmobile equipment knows how to ride it correctly. Often, owners think like this: “If I drive a car, I can easily master the Chinese snowmobile” – this judgment is erroneous, and therefore such improper actions can damage tracked vehicles. A run of five hundred kilometers is enough to feel your snowmobile. Someone believes that his suspension is very stiff, or vice versa – this is normal. The point is that on the snowmobile sold, the adjustments are adjusted to the middle (compromise) position. And as part of the first maintenance (MOT), it is possible to adjust the nodes to certain recommendations of the owner of the equipment.

Service Principle:

  1. After completing the 1st maintenance, a successful owner of snow equipment can use the car in any mode and power.
  2. The manufacturer advises to come to the second MOT at the end of the winter season. But not every person rolls the prescribed 100 kilometers for this, and such owners have a question: is it necessary to perform maintenance in this case? Experts say yes. Even if the driver drove no more than a hundred kilometers, the engine would still start, it would warm up and cool down, and condensate would appear accordingly. Any drops of water in a few months will squeeze the oil film and rust will appear. The snowmobile will work, but it will have less resource. Here we come to a procedure such as car conservation for the summer. In principle, it includes the complete passage of MOT, but there are features, for example, it is not the tension of the tracks that is performed, but their weakening.
  3. During the summer storage of the snowmobile, some parts may fail, in particular the caterpillar. It dries when it is improperly tensioned with the start of a new season. Consequences such as damaged rollers may occur.

For long-term storage of the Chinese snowmobile, you need to unload the suspension. To do this, use racks or chock made of wood – choose what is more affordable for you. Of the necessary measures, it is necessary to highlight the oil change in the gearbox and turning off the battery.

If the owner of the Chinese snowmobile drove a lot, you will need to do the extrusion of the suspension. Changing the oil in the engine is carried out taking into account the advice of the manufacturer. On average, an oil change interval is performed every ten thousand kilometers. But it is better if the engine is filled with fresh means after several thousand kilometers (5-6) for 4-stroke units, it is possible to carry out this procedure at the end of the season.

After inspecting the fuel system, it is recommended:

  1. Pour gasoline into the tank until full.
  2. Add a preservative with a fuel stabilizer there and “drive” the fuel through the fuel system. If there is space in the tank with air, this can lead to condensation, i.e. there will be water in the tank. You do not need this, so when the engine is running through the carburetor, you again need to fill in the preservative.
  3. After turning off the engine, you need to unscrew the spark plugs, pour a preservative under them, crank the crankshaft. After that, we can assume that the device is ready, it is mothballed.

There is another feature that only owners who like it pay attention to. It’s about preserving plastics. The structural elements that are made of this material must be coated with wax, which is on them until the onset of new cold weather. After that, wash off the coating with a special solution of alcohol, and the Chinese snowmobile will be like new.

The best snowmobiles and lineup

Most manufacturers of snowmobiles have established themselves in the market on the better side, products have received great demand from buyers.

There are several manufacturers to choose from:

  • Snowrunner;
  • Polaris;
  • Stels;
  • Woideal 300сс.

We suggest you familiarize yourself with the model range of Chinese snowmobiles in more detail.


The size of this vehicle is large, weighs about 125 kg in full gear. According to the reviews of the owners of these Snowmobile snowmobiles, the goods of this brand have advantages.

The manufacturer independently carries out TO – 1, TO – 2. This promotion attracts potential buyers, while the price of this brand is the most affordable. If the vehicle is used according to the rules, there is no overload and good care is provided, then the snowmobile will last a long time.


These vehicles have been popular in the market for over 50 years. The very first ones were most preferable for consumers – ordinary workers who allowed themselves to buy Polaris. Confidence has been preserved today. The Polaris brand is still relevant, although the manufacturing plant was going through difficult times.

In the company, managers often changed, despite the difficulties, the plant is successfully functioning and is ready to please buyers. Now the interest has grown significantly in the snowmobiles of the Chinese manufacturer, not only ordinary workers, but also professional athletes are ready to buy them. The lineup is constantly updated. The latest model is made taking into account all modern standards.

Woideal 300cc

The world market has recently launched this brand.

The new snowmobile offers the following features:

  • four stroke engine;
  • power 17 hp;
  • liquid cooling and electric starter.

The Woideal 300cc snowmobile features such an important function as the heating of the handles and the trigger Hi – Lo – Off. In transport, the CVT device L – N – R is mounted. For convenience, a multifunctional control panel is built in, it displays the fuel level in the tank, the temperature mode in the motor. The snowmobile is suitable for riding in forest areas. According to the ideas of manufacturers, this vehicle can be purchased by fishermen who like to spend time far from the city in their personal “fish” places. Another model will be interesting for young people, then good entertainment in the winter. Of course, the weight of the device is quite large – about 135 kg. It can accelerate to 70 km / h. For stock, the car needs 20 liters. gasoline.

 “Stealth” (production of China and Russia)

This is not only a Chinese brand, but a joint production of two countries. The plant originally produced other products before snowmobiles: bicycles, ATVs and mopeds. Later, the list of manufactured products was expanded; a snowmobile recently entered it. The most popular was one of the snowmobiles – this is the model “V-800”. It was produced by no company. Presented its importance: the domestic company “Velomotors” and the company from China “QianjiangGroup”.

Snow machines of this brand are produced in Russia, that is, in the Bryansk region (Zhukovka). Speaking about the configuration, it should be noted that the “Stealth” is not inferior to foreign models. Transport is even equipped with an additional device for lifting and moving various weights.

Although certain consumers consider this a negative quality, the overall equipment of the model is very convenient and functional:

  • There is a panel for the driver, a seat for the passenger, which is equipped with a back. This is an important advantage because it is less likely to fall during the movement.
  • The “Stealth” has a built-in function of heating the gas control and the steering wheel knobs.
  • There is a fixture for the trailer – a hitch. The price is the same as on the models of other brands in the Russian Federation.

It is too early to talk about high quality and practicality, because the Stealth vehicle has only recently appeared on the market.

The price of Chinese units

The cost is relatively small, while the reliability of the machines can be compared with European models. The difference in price of Chinese-made snowmobiles can be related to the features of a particular model and its purpose.

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