Spare parts for a snowmobile, Taiga ST 500D Patrol

The catalog for the choice of users offers spare parts for the model Mystery ST 500D Patrol. Before buying products, it is recommended to make sure that the information that is listed on the website of the online store matches the data of the technical equipment passport (PTS).

The snowmobile document must contain all the same data. If in doubt about the quality of spare parts, consult a specialist.

Spare parts for the Taiga 500 snowmobile in a large assortment at affordable prices can be found in the online store, where there is a catalog that offers everything that the owner needs for effective maintenance and repair.

In the online parts store, users can:

  • buy spare parts taiga 500 with delivery to the region of residence;
  • order parts that are not in stock in real time, specialists will quickly purchase them from the manufacturer;
  • buy everything you need for repair and maintenance of snowmobiles at retail and in bulk.

It is important to pay attention to the fact that the company must work with trusted organizations that supply goods and guarantee their quality. Applications for parts and consumables for snowmobiles must be accepted around the clock.

Parts List

The catalogs on the websites of online stores offer components that are available individually, as well as in bundles.

We list some parts that may need to be replaced:

  • piston group;
  • muffler;
  • windshield;
  • cooling cap;
  • caterpillar;
  • spark plug;
  • starter;
  • gearbox housing.

When clients turn to specialists, if necessary, assistance will be provided in finding spare parts for the Taiga ST 500D Patrol model for free.

Consider the following points when working with the catalog: if there is a unique number marked on the diagram, the goods are delivered individually. Be careful when choosing products with a specific size and color. Parts of the power unit, containing different colors, are presented under certain numbers in the diagrams. If you can’t find out the characteristics of the part, you need to seek help from a specialist.

Motors for a snowmobile Taiga ST 500D Patrol are offered in a complete set corresponding to the catalog number: block and assembly unit. The presence of these spare parts is recommended to check with a store specialist by calling the phone number or writing an e-mail.

Piston group

The user will be able to pick up spare parts for the Taiga ST 500D snowmobile. When choosing spare parts for a piston group (GH), it is important to take into account the coincidence of the information that is indicated on the website and in the machine passport. If there are doubts about its compliance, it is recommended to consult with a consultant.

The main spare parts for the gas distribution mechanism are the crankshaft and piston group.

Consider the average prices for all parts that can be purchased for them:

  • tensioner – 201;
  • CPG with different elements: rings, sleeve, piston, gasket, – 1501;
  • rings from the device of the piston (KP) – 201;
  • piston – 501;
  • shoe with a pacifier (two pieces) – 294;
  • sleeve (10 pcs) – 411;
  • the head from the cylinder device – 2201;
  • gaskets of the piston group (3 pcs) – 101;
  • chain – 231;
  • crankshaft – 4301.

A set of steam generators with spare parts costs 6,000 rubles. The cost of each part of the piston group will be approximately 8345 rubles.

Piston for a snowmobile Taiga ST 500D created taking into account the standards established by the manufacturer. These parts are sold with spare parts: rings, fingers, snap rings (SK). All items are interchangeable with spare parts from Japanese, American or Chinese manufacturers.

Piston Installation Features

It is recommended to find out in advance the cause of the breakdown of the part in order to eliminate it later. If it does not work, then buy a new piston group and replace. But it must be remembered that replacement may not resolve current problems if the exact cause of the occurrence is not clear.

Attention! We recommend that you check the clearance in the gearbox locks before installing the piston rings on the piston.

To be able to install retaining rings (SK), you need to use a tool (not a screwdriver, hammer, because they lead to a change in the appearance of the product and other malfunctions). We recommend that you look at the position of this circlip in the groove; it is important that it is fully inserted into it.

Timing 2

This second part includes the following details:

  • camshaft element – 449;
  • head – 2199;
  • PG gaskets (3 pcs) – 99;
  • carburetor spacer – 106; ring – 101;
  • a strip bent by a spiral – 81;
  • hairpins – 51;
  • collector – 230-405;
  • rocker arm – 309;
  • gasoline filter – 48;
  • sleeve – 410;
  • screw with nut – 50;
  • rocker arms (2 pieces) – 215;
  • valve cover – 451;
  • camshaft – 801;
  • hose – 116;
  • valves – 250;
  • two elastic bands bent by a spiral – external and internal – 151-152;
  • kolpaki – 100;
  • cracker – 50.

Total, the cost of timing elements will be about 6350 rubles.

Spare parts for the gas distribution mechanism specified in the catalog should be created at the factories of special companies. If so, then they have high quality, confirmed by the rating and reviews of those who have already used them.

Original spare parts for Taiga ST500 made in Taiwan and other models are usually created using new technologies.

Cooling system

Perform machine diagnostics on a regular basis.

If breakdowns in the cooling system are noticed, then you will need to replace such parts:

  • filter – 291;
  • a hose from a radiator – 3522;
  • oil cooler – 581;
  • covers for cooling the cylinder of a snowmobile Taiga ST 500 price – 1522;
  • a fan, the cooling system of the device – 151;
  • fan cover – 202;
  • grate (decorative purpose) – 161.

Total, the cost of the entire system, taking into account each detail, will be about 6430 rubles.

How to repair a cooling system

Before you buy parts, it is recommended that you learn how to properly repair the cooling system.

Repair steps:

  1. Remove the shell. To facilitate disassembly, pull out the mounting part of the impeller of the ventilation device.
  2. Pull out the handle. starter by completely turning off the connector between the base of the magdino and the switch. Disconnect the ends from the spark plugs and the fan cover.
  3. Clean the devices under a stream in a solvent.
  4. Disassemble and reassemble. Take out the ventilation intake. To remove and install the fastening nuts, mount the impeller with a stopper. The tightening should be with a force of 50 N / m.
  5. Observe the service requirements for adjusting the ventilation device belt: the belt deflection should be nine millimeters.

Tension adjustment: add or remove rings (KTs) 8 between the 2nd drive wheels. belt: 7, 9. Other K must be placed in the center, between the spacer 6 and the element of the wheel 7 (from the cover). Set up CCs that have not been used. To remove the bearing using a punch from the fan housing, apply force to the part of the axle 5 support.

Attention! Save the washers so that you can assemble the product later.

Remove the locking KTs 6 and the second shaft support from the device, which contributes to its rotational actions. For installation, it will be necessary to put one bearing and, in exchange, install a retainer CC with rounded metal plates. Next, do the same with the 2nd from the other part of the housing of the ventilation device 13. Press it in such a way that the bearing is flush with the housing.

Press the shaft of the ventilation device from the engine into the fan housing. Look for rotation. During assembly, lubricate the thread of the screw in the form of a spiral 1. Install gaskets from two parts – 2 and 3, and then mount component 11.

On a snowmobile with a fluid engine. ZhO cooling, for cooling fluid from the system, you need to reduce it from the distribution tank. It is best to use a pump that is installed in the tank for this purpose. With a low level of liquid fuel, lift the rear of the vehicle to pour this fluid from the ICE cooling devices.

This device can protect the device from damage and contamination, and it must contain spare parts:

  • gaskets in the kit – 449;
  • the silent block of the motor in an amount of two pieces – 137 + 139;
  • crankshaft oil seal – 144;
  • the upper part of the crankcase of the left – 369;
  • case right from the crankcase – 2391;
  • case to the left of the crankcase – 6001;
  • sleeve – 411;
  • Starter – 1501;
  • pins m8x195 – 181;
  • o-ring – 176.

The cost of each product of the Taiga ST500 snowmobile crankcase is approximately 12 thousand rubles.


The operating period of this unit is relatively short, so it is recommended to change it sometimes.

The malfunction can appear suddenly, replacement is required. Find out how expensive it will cost.

The starter includes various parts:

  • cork (2 pieces) – 101;
  • hall sensor – 99;
  • gear – 451;
  • probe – 99;
  • the pump is 251;
  • drive circuit – 149;
  • ventilation device – 144;
  • spring – 99;
  • crankcase cover (right) of the engine – 1299;
  • rotor – 1201;
  • stator – 1701;
  • filter – 49;
  • key – 51;
  • bearing – 131;
  • gasket from crankcase cover – 111;
  • a device for connecting cylindrical elements – 1701;
  • Crankshaft lubricating device – 151;
  • sleeve – 409.

The cost of equipment will be on average 8150 rubles. If the starter breaks down, turn on the engine using the “pusher” method. It is difficult to do without additional help, especially when the temperature drops below -20. Better to buy a new device.

Manual starter repair manual

Often this procedure consists in installing new equipment, so it is recommended that you familiarize yourself with the scheme before you begin work.

Figure 2. Electric start system in a section.

If the electrical system fails, a manual starter will help. Find out how expensive such a device will cost.

Figure 3. Manual starter system.

Elements of the manual system:

  • manual starter assembly Taiga – 5 041;
  • spring – 29;
  • cord r / starter taiga – 15;
  • manual starter pulley taiga – 306;
  • bus – 17;
  • wedge – 61;
  • case – 916;
  • cam – 31.

Each component of the manual starter in total will cost an average of 6400 rubles.

After the purchase, the question arises: “How to repair a manual starter on a Taiga 500 snowmobile?” – it is easy if you follow the instructions:

  1. To begin with, the rules require us to remove the equipment. It is necessary to remove the cord element from the passage of the starter handle 14. Then remove the cord, which is located next to the assembly, and the shock absorber.
  2. Make a lace knot next to the starter housing.
  3. Remove the screws and washers securing the starter to the power unit, then remove the device.
  4. Now disassemble the starter. To safely remove the cord from the handle. starter you need to do the following: get the cam, washer, carrier, as well as the spring and ring. Additionally, remove the pulley from the apparatus, the cover, remove 2 elements: the wedge with the cord. Gently tap the wedge.
  5. Proceed to assemble the device. Mount the outer end of the spring into the passage, and then wind it counterclockwise into the guide element and put on the cover.

Attention! Due to the fact that the spring is tightly wound in the inner part of the guide, it can go out. Accuracy is important. Carry out diagnostics: regularly check, clean the manual starter from dirt and grease the system components: carrier, fist, pulley head hole, loop, elastic steel strip (spiral) and mount the equipment in the case. Lubricate the guide spring from the inside. 

For reference! Using other grease may cause the starter motor to malfunction.

To install a new cord, insert it into the passage and finally install it with a wedge. To adjust the tension, wind the cord around the wheel, which gives the belt movement, and place it together with the cord in the starter housing, so that part of the hub is connected to the spring hook. Turn the wheel transmitting movement along the drive belt counterclockwise (FST) until the tip of the cord exits through the passage in the starter housing.

Separate the cord into the outside of the starter housing and fasten the loop to hold the cord. With the cord fully extended, the pulley should include a 30 ° rotation function during rotation. The spring should “give back” the removed cord to the very first position in 5 revolutions of the wheel, which gives movement to the drive belt. The belt tension should be half a revolution or one revolution of the friction wheel.

Follow these steps: mount the carrier, fixing the washer, fist, spring and lubricate it with OKB or TsIATIM. Then mount the ring. Screw on the equipment cord using the cord guide in the friction wheel as shown in Figure 4.

Figure 4

Before installing a new cord in the handle of the starter device, you need to open the box with matches, pull out one, light and heat the tip of the cord with it so that it melts. Be sure to run the cord through the shock absorber, the handle of the starter system and tie a knot at the tip of the cord. Then melt the knot with a match and pull it into place of the handle.

Variable speed drive

This equipment plays an important role in transmission.

Learn about the main elements that go into your device:

  • payment – 800;
  • shaft support promoting its rotation – 60;
  • motor gaskets – 450;
  • pulley – 350;
  • CVT – 2200;
  • drum – 400;
  • cover from the variator device – 4300;
  • cup – 840;
  • rollers (six pieces) – 200;
  • sleeve – 410;
  • belt from the device – 350;
  • CVT front – 980;
  • front variator bushing – 145;
  • sliders – 100.

The main pulleys are often changed if they do not meet quality standards, or there are beats. On average, the cost of products intended for the CVT device with the CVT itself will be 9350 rubles.

Ignition system

Most often, the Baseg flywheel is subject to breakage and wear from this system. For this reason, it is important to have a new product, to know how to replace.

You may also need to replace other parts of the system, so you should familiarize yourself with their prices:

  • BRSN – 811;
  • PickUp Sensor – 900;
  • Harness of a voltage regulator – 2000;
  • Candle cap – 621;
  • Switch – 539
  • Flywheel – 1 600;
  • Mahogany Magnet – 15 199;
  • Establishment Magdino – 1 080;
  • Candle “Champion” – 701.

Total cost will be 23300.

Figure 5. Taiga Snowmobile Ignition System

After purchasing the Taiga ST 500D Patrol snowmobile flywheel, install it on the engine crankshaft. For this, the landing dimensions of 2 elements, a flywheel and a neck, should be the same. The functionality of the ignition electrical system and the power unit are ensured by an absolutely exact coincidence of the polarity of the magnets: (N) is opposite the groove. Check the polarity of the magnet using a compass or other magnet with a clear polarity. Identical poles (N: N) will repel each other, and different (N: S) will attract. When replacing, check that polarity is observed.

A vulnerable part of Taiga Patrol are spark plugs. If there is soot, you need to replace the part with a new one from the official manufacturer.

How to install spark plugs correctly is an issue of concern to many beginners. First make sure that the contacts of the cylinder and the plug are sterile.


  1. Using the probe, you need to set the gap between the main and side electrode of the product, knowing and taking into account the technical data.
  2. To protect the element from sticking, use special grease on the thread.
  3. Install the candle in the cylinder element by screwing it in by hand, then tighten it as tight as possible to the right moment using the socket wrench. The candle tightening torque should be 27 N / m.
 Silencer and exhaust system

A resonator with a silencer are important elements, in aggregate it is not only a device that reduces exhaust noise. The operation of the resonator is based on protection, from the combustible mixture during purging, and the return of useful fuel to the combustion cavity.

Name Price
Exhaust DD system on the Taiga 18 thousand
Muffler 17.5 thousand
Muffler spring (extended) 55
Silencer Spring (Short) 20
Spacer 450
Branch pipe 1400
Support 100
Spacer 800

By installing a branded silencer, you can increase the power by more than 30%, which is quite a lot.


This glass is a complete analogue of the original, made of frost-resistant polycarbonate! This material cannot be broken into small parts, which are the main cause of injuries to passengers and the driver. The texture of the glass and other parameters are identical to the original.

The price of a windshield Taiga ST 500D Patrol is 1150 rubles. A small price is associated with its own production of windshields for Taiga. The customer, ordering from ten pieces of the same type, can get a discount.


Modified and reinforced tracks of the Taiga ST 500D snowmobile tracks are endowed with good traction in difficult, snowy and icy places on the road. This model can provide convenience and safety when traveling. Well suited for use in severe frost conditions. The price of the caterpillar is 15 210 rubles.

Track Characteristics:

  • type of engagement – pin;
  • steps – 62;
  • weight – 31.6 kg;
  • length – 3.937;
  • width – 5.0.0;
  • step – 63.5.

All geese have a lug, and it is created according to a special technology using a cord, with a three-fold safety factor that can withstand any ultra-high loads, and several special types of rubber compound, which includes silicone. In addition, the tracks manufactured for foreign snowmobiles have rubber, which is used to form the lug. A powder element is added to it, which gives the caterpillar special properties.


The gearbox (KP) of the Taiga snowmobile includes a cover and a housing that includes shafts from the variator, drive and brake. The equipment contains two axles, track bushings and other elements.

The gearbox housing for Taiga is delivered without a top cover; the average price of a part is 6000 rubles.

The shell of the box contains 2 holes: the first with a cork, and the second for draining the liquid. The oil level is controlled by a dipstick.

Buying parts in online stores

If you want to buy spare parts at affordable prices, it is recommended to do the following:

  • perform registration and log in to the site;
  • look at the price list and make the choice of a suitable offer;
  • use the search function on the site;
  • add the product to the basket and go to the page for subsequent clearance;
  • provide information and place an order;
  • wait for the call and confirm the order;
  • pay for the purchase and accept the order at the place of delivery.

Through the online store, users will be able to place an order in a short time. The main advantages of the service are: prices from the manufacturer, the ability to deliver spare parts throughout Russia.

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