Spark plugs on snowmobile Buran 2t

Without high-quality spark plugs, not a single internal combustion engine will work – both four-stroke and two-stroke. This obvious fact is well known.

Spark plugs have the most important function – they ignite the working mixture in the engine cylinder, and, as a result of this, the thermal energy passes into mechanical

LF for a snowmobile is absolutely necessary, as well as for any other petrol equipment, starting from a scythe and a chainsaw to a scooter or a car.

No gas technology will work smoothly if low-quality gasoline is used in it, the carburetor is poorly adjusted, the ignition is incorrectly installed or the wrong glow plugs are installed. And, for example, what are the best spark plugs on a snowmobile Buran 2t – those that are recommended by the manufacturer or more expensive, corresponding to the passport data of the mentioned unit.

Description and specifications of spark plugs

Many users often ask themselves: what candles to put on a snowmobile Buran?
From the factory, the machine is equipped with part A17DV.


  • The heat number is 17.
  • The presence of a resistor is not.
  • Thread length and diameter, in mm. – 19/14.
  • Thread – M14x1.25.
  • The gap between the electrodes, in mm – 0.5.

Decoding of letters:

  1. A is the symbol for the thread M14x1.25.
  2. In – protruding thermal cone of the insulator from the skirt into the combustion chamber.
  3. D – the length of the threaded part is 19 mm.
What are the best spark plugs for snowmobile Buran

“Correct” glow plugs are the key to the normal operation of the internal combustion engine (internal combustion engine).

This affects the following indicators:

  • The dynamics.
  • Profitability.
  • Power.
  • Stable (stable) engine operation.
  • The durability of the engine.
  • Duration of the run until the next motor repair.
  • Easy start up. Especially in severe frosts.

If the candle is defective or incorrectly selected, then all of the above indicators will not correspond to the passport data for the snowmobile.

What are the best candles recommended by the user manual?

Here are the data from the official website:

  1. A17DV-10.
  2. A17DV-1.
  3. А17ДВ.

However, there is no limit to perfection, and many users put different candles, including more expensive ones:

  • NGK BP6ES.
  • BR 9 EVX.
  • BR 9 ElX.
  • BR9.
  • Champion.
  • DENSO W20EP-U (3043).
  • BOSCH, etc.

Given the difficulty of accurately identifying the manufacturer, you can simply give a lot of money for a very mediocre quality. Simply put, the same Japan or Germany turns out to be the most banal China. However, this does not mean at all that their products cannot be exploited.

As for the DENSO W20EP-U (3043), NGK BP6ES, they are an analogue of A17DV-1.

Most owners use parts recommended by the manufacturer, and which spark plugs are best to install should be decided by the user based on personal preferences, financial situation and personal experience.

Candle service

No matter how good the candles are and expensive, you still need to monitor them and set the gaps required by the management.

How correctly the candle works can be judged by the appearance of the electrodes of the same and also the thermal cone of the insulator.

A malfunction of the engine or the wrong choice of a candle can be based on the following symptoms:

  1. Oily, black soot. Correct evidence that the candle is “cold”, that is, the glow number is incorrectly selected. However, this may be a sign of wear of the piston group of the engine.
  2. Dry, black soot. Exploitation occurs at low speeds and abuse of the snowmobile idling.
  3. The cone of the insulator is clean, and the electrodes are almost white. Too hot a candle or ignition too early.
  4. The brick shade speaks of poor-quality fuel.

Candles need to be brushed from time to time, and the electrodes should be cleaned as necessary. This “grandfather” method is more suitable for simple candles, but not for those belonging to the platinum or iridium group – it is so easy to erase the layer of a special coating.

Many users use special tools, or even completely, the usual washing analogues, designed to clean rust and limescale.
It is also important to monitor the correct clearances between the electrodes – 0.5-0.6 mm.

The adjustment is performed by bending the side electrode without resting on the central one, and if you do it differently, it is very easy to spoil the candle. The clearance should be checked with a stylus, not “by eye”.
Normal color is light gray or light brown without significant carbon deposits.

If the candle is not cleaned from time to time, then its performance worsens by 10-15% or more. This leads to such negative phenomena as loss of power, the appearance of detonation, incomplete combustion of fuel, etc.

Where to buy and how to install the spark plugs for the Snowmobile snowmobile

Our 21st century is the century of leftist goods. In order not to be a victim of fraudsters and not to take a frank marriage, it is best to purchase SZ in specialized or online stores. Not the best choice would be markets and hand-made purchases, with the assurance of sellers that this is the “original”.
It should be noted that in online stores, delivery, as a rule, is not included in the price.

Sooner or later, the candle breaks down – the guideline should be done on the passport data, because it indicates the recommended mileage. Nevertheless, this spare part does not always take care of its time as expected, and it happens that this happens much earlier.


  • Bad fuel.
  • Poor candles.
  • Faulty high voltage wires, etc.

How to determine without instruments and diagnostics:

  1. The engine may run intermittently.
  2. The power and dynamics of the snowmobile are lost.
  3. Increases fuel consumption.
  4. Startup is getting worse.

To replace the old candle and install a new one, you need a special candle key, which should be equipped with each snowmobile. Installation Order:

  • Open the hood.
  • Disconnect the high-voltage wires supplying voltage to the candles.
  • Unscrew the old part.
  • To wrap a new hand, more precisely, with two fingers, but not with a key. This is done so as not to disturb the thread on the cylinder head, twisting (out of inexperience, of course) in an awkward way.

Failure to do so will result in repair of the engine head!

When connecting the wires, do not confuse their original, correct position. If this is neglected, then this will lead to a violation of the order of the cylinders, and the engine will simply be impossible to start.

After the candle is finally twisted already with the key. The tightening force is usually indicated on the package (20-28 N / m or 2-3 kg / cm2) or, more simply, from half-turn (with effort) to two-thirds with a wrench after tightening by hand. The last clarification is given for those who do not have a personal torque wrench.
The candle twists very easily by hand, and if this does not happen, then most likely it did not go through the thread. In this case, the part is twisted and repeated neat and cautious attempt to repeat these steps.

SZ are changed on a cold engine to avoid damage to the threads of the spark plug well.

When replacing, make sure that no dirt enters the cylinder through the threaded hole. To do this, it is advisable to remove it in the area of ​​the candle well in advance, before replacing the mentioned part.

A too tightly tightened candle will not work effectively, since there is a loss of compression, and the NW vibration threatens to break. The constriction of such almost completely leads to repair of the cylinder head or its replacement.

Prices and customer reviews

Prices for various candles are given below.

Candle / Data Material price, rub.
Denso IU24A Iridium 899
NGK CR8EIX Iridium 650
NGK MR8AI-9 Iridium 1450
NGK BR9ECS Plain 390
A17DV-1 Plain 80
NGK BR8ES Plain 250
BR9EIX Iridium 800

The opinions of customers purchasing these parts are diverse. Someone prefers to purchase NW based on the narrow budget framework, and change them more often, while others pay tribute to reliability and durability.

The general opinion of users comes down to one thing:

  1. Powerful spark.
  2. Virtually no soot.
  3. Work is stable even in severe frosts.
  4. Long term of operation.
  5. Relatively low price.
  6. Japan is a world leader in the production of SZ.
  • Long service life.
  • Substantial fuel economy.
  • Easy start up.
  • Stable work at high speeds.
  1. Normal work.
  2. Attractive price.
  3. Not inferior to many Chinese “eminent”.
  4. Why pay more?

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