STELS 600L Ermak Snowmobile

Snowmobile Stels Ermak suitable for any environment, able to move on different surface types and to perform complex tasks.

ERMAK snowmobile designed specifically for those regions where traditionally used the snowmobile with one ski and two tracks.


2 stroke (air-cooled, a volume of 565 cm3, with a capacity of 50 l, equipped with a silencer with a resonator and two carburetors)

Gear transmission with reverse, high, low and neutral gear. The shift pattern is like a car with an automatic transmission.

Telescopic front suspension with a stroke of 150mm (plastic ski with a dilator and ridge carbide insert).

Rear adjustable suspension – track rollers for free movement on ice and on other surfaces without snow cover. Equipped with two shock absorbers with stroke 190 mm, has better self-cleaning.

  • Contemporary modular frame with tubular load-bearing structure, steel middle and edge with aluminum painted tunnel prevents namerzanie ice.
  • New lightweight track with increased grantization and nozzles in internal parts of the caterpillar, which improves self-cleaning of the tracks from snow and sludge.
  • Plastic reinforced bottom plate of a special form (prevents sticking of snow) for gliding in deep snow.
  • Dual-mode heated hand grips and throttle.
  • Modular seat “Viking” allows you to increase the Luggage compartment of a snowmobile. The passenger seat can be removed entirely together with the base and backrest, and the backrest of the passenger set the driver’s seat.
  • Fuel tank 58 litres ensures long trip without refueling. Autonomous reserve of not less than 200 km.
  • Additional fuel tank on 32L.
  • Modern instrument panel and lighting fixtures ensure confidence and comfort.
  • Additional equipment allows to take into account the individual requirements of different drivers. Snowmobile ERMAK can be equipped with such options as:
  • Power front bumper;
  • Led tail lights;
  • Searchlight;
  • Electrical fuel level sensor;
  • The exhaust gas temperature sensor;
  • External temperature sensor.
  • Engine: 565
  • Volume, cm3 / Cylinders 565/2
  • Power, HP 50
  • Type 2 stroke
  • Fuel system carburetor
  • Carburetor / mikuni type / float
  • Cooling air
  • Exhaust system muffler with resonator
  • Intake system muffler-intake
  • Transmission CVT, low, high, reverse, neutral
  • Brake hydraulic disc
  • Starting system manual / electric and manual
  • Ignition contactless ignition
  • Lubrication of the joint
  • Type micro telescopic suspension
  • Move TRANS. suspension, 150 mm
  • Type ass. two independent lever suspension with shock absorbers gethydrocodone
  • The course ass. suspension, 190 mm
  • Front shock absorber gatherplace
  • Rear shock gatherplace
  • Caterpillar, l×W×mm 2 × (3737×380×28.5)
  • The dimensions of the snowmobile (without videotronik), D×W×h, mm 3035±50 × 1020±20 × 1550±30
  • Dry weight, kg 320
  • Fuel tank (main/supplementary), l 58 / 32
  • Seats 2
  • Maximum speed, km/h not less than 90
  • The electric start is
  • The reverse is
  • Heated handles steering and the throttle is
  • The windshield is
  • The back passenger is
  • The trunk has a
  • The tow bar is
  • Headlight halogen 55/60
  • Speedometer / odometer is

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