STELS S600 Viking Snowmobile

STELS 600 VIKING snowmobile – ski-cheap-tracked vehicles, but its reliability is not affected.

Stealth Viking, specially designed for the harsh Russian winters and the far North, pleases not only its capabilities, but also a good package although snowmobile Stealth that has become the norm. Stealth equipment has high performance and practicality that makes it the most rational decision. Service STELS VIKING unpretentious, it’s no problem to buy spare parts and accessories.

Power moderately powerful and economical 2 stroke motor is more than enough, so the Stealth snowmobile Viking 600 prefer more people. The modern suspension provides a smooth ride ski-track transport, freely absorb the bumps. Universal caterpillar can Wade in soft snow and hard-Packed surface.

This leads to the versatility STELS 600 VIKING and his multi-purpose. A relatively compact double snowmobile you can buy for travel or provide food to the remote areas, as it can easily withstand heavy loads.

  • Frame steel, sheet, riveted and welded
  • Engine 2-stroke, 565 cm3
  • Maximum power HP (about.m.) 54 HP at 7300 rpm
  • Maximum torque Nm (about.m.)
  • The power supply system carburetor
  • Ignition system contactless with electronic control (CDI)
  • Chassis With two control the front skis. Digitalrelease crawler-type front leading stars, supporting and supporting rollers. Caterpillar rubber 3937 / 600(500) / 22mm
  • Starting system electric starter, manual start
  • Suspension front telescopic, spring with hydraulic dampers, move 150 mm
  • Suspension rear slizova (rail) spring with hydraulic shock absorber, stroke 170 mm
  • Brake disc hydraulic
  • Fuel tank capacity, l 45
  • Size of the ski, mm. 1065 / 180, with the extender 1115 / 250
  • Minimum turning radius not more, mm 5550
  • Overall dimensions, mm 3170х1160х1470 / 1090
  • Track on skates, 920 mm, clearance of not less than
  • The mass in running order, kg 325

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