TAIGA VARYAG 550 V Snowmobile

The flagship of the “clan,” “the Vikings” – TAIGA VARYAG 550 V with advanced specifications No. 12 and No. 13 . Snowmobiling combines high performance utilitarian “workhorses” and comfort of the tourist cars.

From TAIGA VARYAG 550 V powerful air-cooled engine RMZ-550 (55 HP) carburetor Mikuni, joint lubrication, two-stage gearbox with a lower gear. Programmable ignition system DUCATI CDI is responsible for optimal engine operation in all modes. The use of a flap valve on the intake manifold increased the output of the motor at low and medium rpm.

Front suspension models with telescopic stroke 150 mm Rear suspension stroke 385 mm – unique index for utilitario – for the comfort of pilot and passenger equipped with hydro-pneumatic shock absorber installed in the horizontal plane. The design of the rear suspension allows you to keep maximum grip even when towing a heavy load. The model is equipped with two-level seat with removable backrest with arms for the passenger, heated handlebars and throttle, hydraulic brake, tow bar.

For high level of cross-country snowmobile is equipped with a caterpillar with a width of 500 mm and a grouser height of 32 mm.

Do you often go on trips with a companion and take a lot of extra baggage? You prefer a machine with a maximum of smooth running? Regularly travel on difficult terrain with deep snow? A lot of maneuvering in the forests and coastal zones of water bodies, with a loaded trailer? TAIGA VARYAG 550 V will cope with all tasks.

Differences from TAIGA VARYAG 550 V (set No. 5):

Increased capacity by 10% (55 HP).

Two-carburettor power supply system provides the optimum engine operating temperature. This reduces the risk of overheating the engine when operating equipment in difficult weather conditions, including ambient temperature – about zero.

Canadian CVTech CVT ensures smooth movement of the snowmobile at low speeds when accelerating allows you to travel at higher speeds without increasing fuel consumption, accurately dosing capacity.

ENGINE comp. 12 ; comp. 13
Model RMZ-550
Volume, cm3 / Cylinders 553 / 2
Power, HP 55
Type 2-stroke
The cylinder diameter × piston stroke, mm 76х61
Fuel system 2 carburetor
Carburetor / type Mikuni / float
Cooling air
Exhaust system Muffler with resonator
Type of issue n. d.
Intake system Petal valve
Type intake n. d.
Lubrication system Joint
Maximum speed, km/h At least 80
Transmission CVT, low, high, reverse, neutral
Brake Hydraulic (or mechanical on request), disc
ELECTRICAL equipment
Starting system Electric and manual
Ignition CDI (capacitive programmable ignition)
Electric starter There
Reverse There
Heated grips steering trigger There
Headlight Halogen, 55/60
Speedometer / odometer There
Oil tank capacity, l
Fuel tank, l 40
Type micro-suspension telescopic
During the building of the suspension, mm 150
The absorber of a front suspension Hydropneumatic single-tube
Front shock absorber mover Hydro-pneumatic twin-tube
Type ass. suspension slizova
The course ass. suspension, mm 385
Rear shock mover Hydropneumatic single-tube
Track skis (between the centers), mm 960
Caterpillar, D×W×h, mm 3968х508х35
Seats 2
Snowmobile dimensions, D×W×h, mm 2990±30х1050±30х1380±30
The dimensions of the boxes, D×W×h, mm 3080х1200х1200
Dry weight, kg 280/285
Windscreen There
The passenger seat back There
The trunk There
Tow There
Guarantee, months. 36

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