Taiga Varyag 550 v, spare parts for a snowmobile

Spare parts of a snowmobile differ from other motorized equipment. This is due to the fact that this technique is used in low temperature conditions. High-quality materials increase their operational life, which avoids the frequent replacement of consumables and spare parts.

In a trusted online store that has received a high reputation and good reviews, you can find a large assortment of quality items from different manufacturers. All consumables and spare parts are thoroughly tested, and can be purchased in the online store. The product is durable and affordable at affordable prices.

Even high-quality snowmobiles, such as Taiga Varyag 550 v, require regular diagnostics and sometimes repair. We recommend that you familiarize yourself with the catalogs of spare parts from the manufacturer and, if necessary, purchase them. Customers must be sure of the quality of spare parts, for this it is necessary to use only branded parts.

What parts to install on a snowmobile Taiga Varyag 550 v

The catalog offers a choice of spare parts for the Taiga 550 v. When choosing products, look at the correspondence of the information given on the official website of the manufacturer and in the passport of the technical equipment (PTS), it is important that the snowmobile document contains the same data. If there are doubts about the quality and mismatch of spare parts, then consult with a specialist.

Stores offer different components, both individually and ready-made kits that need to be installed on the Taiga Varyag:

  • Flywheel Baseg;
  • spark plug;
  • starter (ST);
  • suspension shock absorbers (AP) front and rear;
  • cylinders and tanks;
  • electronics;
  • accessories.

Specialists are ready to assist customers in finding spare parts for a snowmobile model Taiga Varyag 550 v for free.

It should be noted that if all of the elements have a unique number marked on the diagram, then the goods are delivered individually. It is important to be careful when choosing products with dimension or color. The components of the Taiga Varyag 550 v engine, which contain different colors, are presented under the number in the diagrams. If you can’t find out the characteristics of a suitable part, then you need to contact a specialist on the site.

Motors for the Varangian are available in the configuration corresponding to the catalog number in 2 components: short block and assembly unit. Specify the complete set of the element you have selected with the manager by calling the phone number indicated on the site, or by writing by e-mail, online.

Ignition system

The Baseg flywheel is damaged and worn, so it is recommended that you have a new product in stock and know how to replace it.

You may also need to replace other parts of the ignition system, so check their prices:

  • BRSN Taiga – 800;
  • pick-up sensor – 900;
  • harness from the voltage regulator – 1 800;
  • candle cap – 630;
  • switch – 540;
  • flywheel – 1 570;
  • magneto mahogany – 15 200;
  • founding parsley – 1 100;
  • candle – 700.

As a result, the cost can reach 23210 rubles.

Ignition system Taiga Varangian

After the purchase, you need to put the flywheel of the snowmobile Taiga Varyag on the crankshaft of the power unit. For this purpose, the landing dimensions of two elements – the flywheel and the neck should be identical. The functionality of the electric ignition system and the motor is ensured by the exact coincidence of the polarity of the magnets: (N) the pole of the magnet is opposite the keyway. Check the polarity of the magnet with a compass or other magnet with the polarity you know. Identical poles (N: N) of magnets will repel, and different (N: S) will attract. When replacing, check polarity.

Another vulnerable part of the vehicle is the spark plugs. If there is soot, replace the part with a new one. How to install spark plugs on a snowmobile model Taiga Varyag 550 is a question that excites all beginners. First you need to make sure the contacts of the cylinder and the plug are clean.


  1. Using a feeler gauge, calculate the appropriate gap between the main and side electrode of the candle, taking into account the technical data.
  2. To protect the element from sticking, apply high temperature grease (PFMS-4C TU 6-02-917-74) on the thread.
  3. Screw the candle into the cylinder by hand and tighten it tightly to the right moment with the socket wrench.

The candle tightening torque should be 27 N / m.


There are two engine start systems for Taiga Varyag – manual and electronic. The period of active operation of any of these devices is large, so the device is rarely changed when only in the event of a breakdown. Most often mount it when assembling the device.

The starter consists of various spare parts:

  • battery – 7 050;
  • crown of the electronic starter – 1,300;
  • battery harness – 630;
  • electronic launch harness – 1,700;
  • terminal “+” – 400;
  • contactor – 1 900;
  • bracket – 250;
  • adapter – 500;
  • relay – 315;
  • electronic start gear – 2 800;
  • electric starter – 9,500.

The cost will be 26,050 rubles.

The starter is the most important part of the device used to turn on the engine. In the event of a breakdown, you can start the engine “from the pusher”. But it will be difficult for the driver to do this, especially if on the street -20. Therefore, it is better to purchase a new CT.

Electric start system

If the electronic system fails, use manual. We will find out how expensive it will be to purchase such a CT.

Manual starter system

Details of the manual ignition system:

  • Wedge – 60;
  • Guide – 16;
  • Cam – 32;
  • Case – 915
  • Spring – 30;
  • Manual starter – 5 050;
  • Cord r / starter – 14;
  • A pulley r / starter – 310.

For all elements of the manual starter, the buyer will give 6,352 rubles.

After the purchase, a reasonable question will appear: “How to install the starter on the Varyag 550 v?” – it’s easy if you follow the instructions.

First you need to remove the old CT. Pull the knot from the cord (ШН) from the passage of the handle CT 14. Separate the ШН near the knot, as close to it as possible and remove the shock absorber.

Next, do the following:

  1. Make the ШН knot near the CT case.
  2. Remove the screws with washers that secure the manual CT to the motor, then remove the device.

Now proceed to disassemble the CT.

To extract the SHN from the manual ST device, the following steps must be taken:

  • pull out the cam, washer, carrier, ring, spring;
  • remove the pulley from the shell of the device and the cover;
  • disconnect a wedge and ShN.

Gently tap the wedge.

Assembly; install the outer end of the spring into the spring hole, and then wind the latter counterclockwise into the guide and put on the cover.

Due to the fact that the spring is most densely wound in the inner part of the guide, it can go outside. Always work carefully. Also carry out diagnostics: regularly check, clean the manual starter from dirt and lubricate.

Lubricate several components of the system: carrier, fist, main hole of the pulley, assembly, spring and mount in the shell of the CT system. Coat the guide spring inside.

Use of a different grease may cause poor starter performance.

To install a new cord (ШН), insert the cord into the pulley passage and secure with a wedge. To adjust the tension, you need to wind the SHN on the pulley and place it together with the SHN in the starter shell so that the protrusion of the hub is connected with the spring hook. Turn the wheel, which gives movement along the drive belt, in a counterclockwise direction until the end of the ШН is brought out through the passage in the shell of the CT.

Disconnect the SHN to the outside of the CT sheath and secure the assembly to hold the cord. With a fully extended cord, the pulley should have a function of rotation of 15 … 30 degrees during rotation. The spring should return the extracted SHN to its original position in about five turns of the pulley. At the preliminary stage, the SHN tension should be 0.5 … 1 revolution of the friction wheel.

Follow these steps: install the carrier, cam, washer, spring and lubricate its elements: OKB or TsIATIM. Then mount the ring. Wind the equipment cord through the cord guide in the friction wheel, as in Figure 4.

Installation: before putting a new cord into the ST handle, you need to heat the end of the SHN with a hot match so that it melts. You should pass the cord through the shock absorber, the passage of the handle of the CT system and tie a knot at the end of the ShN. Fuse the knot with a match, and then pull it into the handle area.

Front and rear shock absorbers

There are various modifications and prices. It is recommended that you familiarize yourself with them in more detail in the table.

Table. Shock absorbers

Suspension shock absorbers (AP) Model SS202 Price
Rear (front lever) 62 2340
Rear (rear arm) 63 2340
Front suspension 64 2660
Front 1 65 2440
Front 2 70 1800
Rear part 71 2450

The average price of shock absorbers is 2200 rubles.

APs operate in harsh conditions at low temperatures. Ice often forms on product bodies and parts. Therefore, shock absorbers require a special fluid to give them stable operation at very low temperatures. Viscosity remains within the normal range, so the shock absorber works even in severe frost.

Advantages of shock absorbers from the manufacturer Taiga:

  • In snowmobiles Taiga Varyag 550 AP SS20 glands retain their properties, namely, good elasticity in frosty weather and provide stem sealing.
  • AP Taiga Varyag 550 have some differences from automobile. The front shock absorbers, as a rule, have weak damping forces and travel, while the rear-end AP (in the caterpillar engine) have increased damping forces and a small stroke. The increased damping forces of the rear suspension explain the excessive loads in the hydraulics of the AP, which leads to foaming of the liquid at low impacts and an increased frequency of vibration. To eliminate foaming of oil in the unit, the oil in the SS20 shock absorbers with two pipes has a high concentration of foaming agents.
  • Taiga Variag 550V APs are made with gas support to ensure stable operation. Nitrogen support along with an anti-foam additive prevents foaming of the oil in explosive environments.

SS20 shock absorbers are tested and tested at the factory, and then delivered to assembly lines.

Cylinders and tanks

Fuel and oil tanks usually do not need to be repaired, but if the snowmobile decided to assemble the machine on its own, then you can save money and buy an original fuel tank for 2,800 rubles and an oil tank for 3,145 rubles at an affordable price.

Snowmobile cylinders require diagnosis and replacement. Prices vary and range from 7,000 to 12,000 rubles, on average, depending on the manufacturer: RMZ-550 VARYAG will be released at a price of 7,500 rubles, and the model C40500470 (pair) – 1,200 rubles.
Only purchase branded snowmobile cylinders to prevent early wear and damage.

After buying a cylinder, it is advisable to learn how to remove and install it. To make repairs, you need to contact the Taiga manual. Disassemble the engine.

First remove the sheath and coupling sleeves, and other elements:

  • air intake
  • lower shells and fan housing;
  • cylinder heads.

Install a rubber pad on top of the crankcase to protect the rings from penetrating into the crankcase. With a sharp tool inserted into the gear element of the piston, remove the lock from the piston. Use a puller to remove the piston pin.

Perform the action in the following sequence:

  • unscrew the puller handle;
  • insert the end of the puller into the piston pin;
  • screw the extractor nut (left thread);
  • hold the puller firmly by turning the handle of the removable device counterclockwise to remove the piston pin.

The left cylinder on the side of the variator device and the shell of the ventilating product must be removed so that access to the piston pin of the right cylinder is from the side of the magdino arrangement for the puller. You may need a piston with rings of “repair size”.

Assembly device. To center the piston pin with the support of the connecting rod shaft, use a special tool that is designed to center. The retaining rings should not rotate in the ditch after installation; replace them if there is one. Check that the chamfer is restored in the area of ​​all cylinder windows (TsL).Before installing the piston in the CL, lubricate the latter with new oil. When placing the piston in the cylinder, use forceps to compress the shaft support rings.

Check how straight the manifold connecting flanges are. When installing the CL and / or heads, use a centering device or a manifold to ensure a snug fit, the suction and exhaust manifolds before tightening the nuts of the head of the CL of the Varyag snowmobile 550 v.


Familiarize yourself with the elements of the ignition system in the diagram. Most often, such devices fail: switches, sensors, magdino.


Ignition system components can be changed. We recommend that you familiarize yourself with their prices:

  • emergency switch – 200;
  • engine switch, stop button with wire – 1200;
  • flywheel nut – 50;
  • Hall sensor – 1100;
  • tourniquet – 1500;
  • electronic launch harness – 1500;
  • ignition coil – 700;
  • candle cap – 100;
  • switchboard – 1050;
  • flywheel – 2500;
  • magneto – 15500;
  • handle heater – 800;
  • lever heater – 400;
  • founding magdino – 1600;
  • voltage regulator – 2100;
  • candle – 250;
  • flywheel puller – 750;
  • puck – 30;
  • a pulley – 700.

The owner for the entire ignition system will spend, on average, 32,000 rubles. Some parts can be used to provide additional convenience to the driver, for example, handle and lever heaters. They may not be included, but they can be purchased.


When diagnosing a snowmobile Taiga Varyag 550 v, it may be necessary to change the oil and install additional elements that are not included in the package:

  • synthetic oil 4 l. – 1700;
  • liter gear oil – 550;
  • exhaust gas temperature sensor – 9500;
  • case from the manufacturer baseg for a snowmobile taiga varangian 550 – 3000;
  • tackles – 4850;
  • ski extension pad – 1350.

A kind of “tuning” will cost 21,000 rubles.

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