TAYGA PATRUL SWT 800 Snowmobile

Economical “workaholic”, will provide comfort when traveling alone, will I stop in the wilderness and drag him pyatisotletny trailer.

When you create TAYGA PATRUL SWT 800 we have listened to our customers and have made Snowmobiling is not just a “workhorse”, a machine where you can travel and make many kilometers runs in offline mode.

The designers rethought the ergonomics of the driver’s and passenger seats, did above the steering rack. For the convenience of the passenger in the base set, split-level seat with removable backrest and heated grips for the passenger.

From TAYGA PATRUL SWT 800 – V-shaped four-stroke engine with a volume of 800 cm3 (60 HP). Liquid cooling, dual. One radiator is situated in front, the other in the tunnel. Injection fuel supply system is a good savings. From PATRUL SWT 800 fuel tank capacity 55 litres. It is enough for 250 kilometers.

When you create TAYGA PATRUL SWT 800, special attention was paid to the adaptation of the power plant under operation in heavy climatic conditions: regular snowmobile heated coolant. This allows you to run the engine even at extremely low temperatures.

The installation of a four-stroke engine demanded a radical modernization of the suspension. We have strengthened and reconfigured to give priority to softness and comfort. Heavy-duty front telescopic suspension with increased stroke – 150 mm. adjustable rear suspension – with a stroke of 190 mm and podmanivaya heel.

The model is equipped with a large capacity battery (45 Ah), hydraulic brakes, 12V outlet, tow hitch, multi-function dashboard Display, a new steering block with buttons of heated handles and throttle, switch near and far light of headlights, electric start.

You cost-conscious consumer who appreciates the technique of cost-effectiveness and practicality? Then TAYGA PATRUL SWT 800 – snowmobile for you.

Model ODES V800
Volume, cm3 / Cylinders 800 / 2
Power, HP 60
Type 4-stroke
The cylinder diameter × piston stroke, mm 91х61,5
Fuel system injection
Carburetor / type injection
Cooling liquid
Exhaust system Muffler
Type of issue n. d.
Intake system The muffler-intake
Type intake n. d.
Lubrication system Wet sump with replaceable filter
Maximum speed, km/h At least 105
Transmission CVT, low, high, reverse, neutral
Brake Hydraulic, disc
ELECTRICAL equipment
Starting system Electric
Ignition EFI (injection)
Electric starter There
Reverse There
Heated grips steering trigger There
Headlight Halogen, 2х55/60
Speedometer / odometer There
Oil tank capacity, l no
Fuel tank, l 55
Type micro-suspension telescopic
During the building of the suspension, mm 150
The absorber of a front suspension Hydropneumatic single-tube
Front shock absorber mover
Type ass. suspension slizova
The course ass. suspension, mm 190
Rear shock mover Hydropneumatic single-tube
Track skis (between the centers), mm 960
Caterpillar, D×W×h, mm 3937х600х22
Seats 2
Snowmobile dimensions, D×W×h, mm 2990±30х1130±30х1400±30
The dimensions of the boxes, D×W×h, mm 3080х1190х1200
Dry weight, kg 350
Windscreen There
The passenger seat back There
The trunk There
Tow There
Guarantee, months. 24

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