The best models of the all-terrain vehicle HUNTER

Before choosing a specific model for yourself, you need to study articles, reviews of video and photo materials, as well as visit thematic forums where people share their opinions after purchasing an all-terrain vehicle.

Whether to purchase a mini-amphibian and snow and swamp vehicle from this manufacturer or not, it is up to each potential user to decide.

Since the Okhotets snow and swamp vehicle is not just bought, but also in demand, the reviews on it, and for the most part, are not only positive, but also enthusiastic.

So, the reviews of the owners on the snow and swamp vehicle “Okhotets”:

  • The Hunter is an excellent snowmobile, and it is quite suitable for paving the road for passenger cars.
  • Various obstacles are overcome, including thick logs along the route.
  • Dirt and wetlands are not a significant obstacle for an all-terrain vehicle.
  • Good maneuverability.
  • Easy to climb.
  • Low fuel consumption.
  • It is possible to deliver goods to places where there are practically no roads. The delivery of doctors, for example, to patients during the period of snowdrifts or thaw, is also possible.
  • An air-cooled engine starts easily in any weather.
  • Available fishing and hunting, anywhere.

Our country is vast, and the roads are far from perfect. Although taiga, impenetrable swamps, rugged terrain do not please most people, it is a real expanse for hunters, fishers, and just those who prefer outdoor recreation. It is they who acquire the technique to which these obstacles are not terrible. The Okhotets all-terrain vehicle made in Krasnoyarsk has a reasonable price and excellent cross-country ability, a review of which deserves special attention.

Why choose the hunter ATV

It is impossible to answer unequivocally to the question, why choose the all-terrain vehicle “Okhotets”, because there are several reasons and they are all significant enough:

  • High traffic.
  • Four-wheel drive.
  • Excellent maneuverability.
  • Compactness.
  • Mobility. It can be transported even in a car trailer.
  • Profitability.
  • Simplicity of design.
  • Durable body (alloy steel).
  • Available spare parts and units.
  • Reasonable price.
  • Ease of controls. This is done with just two levers, like in a caterpillar tractor or on a tank.
  • Simple disassembly. Made of necessity without the use of special tools, complex fixtures and expensive equipment – just two ordinary wrenches.
  • The possibility of repair in a garage do-it-yourself. This is facilitated by inexpensive, simple components and assemblies that are familiar to millions of people throughout the former post-Soviet space. As for the motor, in addition to its high reliability, there is such an important factor as maintainability and simplicity of its design.

The all-terrain vehicle gained recognition of fishermen and hunters. However, this is not his only purpose, since it is used with success, for example, in construction, when the delivery of materials is difficult due to mudslides or snowfalls.

Ideal for fishing

Successful fishing involves a good catch, and this is only possible where not only a lot of fish, but also few fishermen are an axiom.

To get to places where there are good conditions for hunting or mountain lakes for perfect fishing, you can only use special equipment, such as the Okhotets snow and swamp vehicle.

On it, the owner can overcome almost any obstacle:

  1. The river.
  2. Swamp.
  3. A terrain that does not imply any roads.

In the end, you can fish from it. As sitting on the shore, thai from the water – this mini-amphibian is quite possible to carry out such a thing.

Easily accessible spare parts from VAZ

Available spare parts are a big deal, and especially when the components, parts and assemblies are suitable for VAZ cars, which can be purchased anywhere – both in stores and in markets.

All of the models listed below have a reliable and time-tested four-speed gearbox from the VAZ-2107, the rear axle from the Kopek – the VAZ 2101, and almost fail-safe disc brakes are borrowed from the G8 – the VAZ 2108, the components of which are very cheap.

As for the wheels, a budget option is also provided here – a size of 13 inches.

The clutch is centrifugal, dry type reliable enough and maintainable, and belt – even more so.

All-wheel drive

Permanent four-wheel drive exists so that the all-terrain vehicle can more confidently drive on the road due to the fact that they “row” all the available wheels at the same time. If this function did not exist, as on ordinary cars, then the harmful effect (in this case) of the differential would interfere with normal movement through mud, wetlands, snow, etc. Thus, the wheels would spin on one side and not on the other . This, of course, would worsen the patency of equipment at times.

The best models of the all-terrain vehicle HUNTER

Which model of the Okhotets all-terrain vehicle is the best is a matter of preference of any potential buyer or already held owner.

Most popular models:

  1. HUNTER 6×6 13 h.p. RED.
  2. HUNTER 6×6 15 h.p. BLUE.
  3. HUNTER 6×6 15 h.p. GREEN.
  4. HUNTER 8×8 15 h.p. BROWN.
Technical characteristics of the all-terrain vehicle HUNTER

Technical characteristics of all the presented all-terrain vehicles are very similar:

  • Air cooling system (forced).
  • Disc hydraulic brakes.
  • Steering is carried out by levers (two).
  • The load on the hitch (tow hitch) is 90 kg.

As for the transmission, two options can be applied regardless of the model:

  1. Belt clutch.
  2. Automatic centrifugal clutch, dry.

More detailed data are given in the table below.

Model / Parameters Length / Width / Height in mm Lifan engine, volume, power Max. Land / water speed in km / h Track Width in mm Dry weight in kg Ground pressure in kg / cm2 Fuel tank capacity V l Fuel consumption in l / h Number of passengers land / water
HUNTER 6×6 13 h.p. RED. 2450/1570 or 1870/1320 1 cylinder. / V: 389 cm3 / 13 h.p. 25/2 250 or 400 480 or 530 0.06 or 0.041 6,5 2,9 4/2
HUNTER 6×6 15 h.p. BLUE 2450/1570 or 1870/1320 1 cylinder. / V: 420 cm3 / 15 h.p. 25/2 250 or 400 482 or 532 0.06 or 0.041 6,5 3,2 4/2
HUNTER 6×6 15 h.p. GREEN 2450/1570 or 1870/1320 1 cylinder. / V: 420 cm3 / 15 h.p. 25/2 250 or 400 482 or 532 0.06 or 0.041 6,5 3,2 4/2
HUNTER 8×8 15 h.p. BROWN 3160/1570 or 1870/1320 1 cylinder. / V: 420 cm3 / 15 h.p. 25/2 250 or 400 693 0,054 or 0,037 6,5 3,2 6/2
Engine Lifan

All presented models are equipped with a simple, reliable, economical and unpretentious Lifan motor from a very famous Chinese manufacturer, which is the undisputed leader among manufacturers of gasoline engines.

Motors from this company are so popular that they equip any equipment and not only all-terrain vehicles.

All Lifan engines, without exception, deserve special attention, given their widespread use in various fields.

They are completed with:

  • Cars of various capacities.
  • Motorcycles, mopeds.
  • The press.
  • Pumps
  • Gardening, snow removal and household appliances and much more.

The parameters of Lifan engines comply with international standards, and as regards price-quality ratio, this circumstance quite allows this company to withstand competition with the best manufacturers of this product.

The price is fully loaded

Any potential buyer is interested in the price of the Okhotets snow and swamp vehicle in a complete set, which is somewhat different.

HUNTER 6×6 13 h.p. RED


  1. Engine – Lifan.
  2. Without electric starter, generator and battery, without extended tracks.
  3. Clutch – belt.

Wheel formula – 6 × 6.

Price – 220 thousand rubles.

HUNTER 6×6 15 h.p. BLUE


  • Engine – Lifan.
  • Starter.
  • Battery.
  • Generator.
  • Parking lights.
  • Headlights are ordinary.
  • Clutch – centrifugal automatic, dry.
  • Wheel formula – 6 × 6.

Price – 280 thousand rubles.

HUNTER 6×6 15 h.p. GREEN


  1. Engine – Lifan.
  2. Starter.
  3. Battery.
  4. Generator.
  5. Headlights – LED
  6. Electric winch with a pulling force of 4000 lbs.
  7. Towbar.
  8. Clutch – centrifugal automatic, dry.
  9. Track expanders.

Wheel formula – 6 × 6.

Price – 367 thousand rubles.

HUNTER 8×8 15 h.p. BROWN


  1. Engine – Lifan.
  2. Battery.
  3. Generator.
  4. Electric starter.
  5.  Headlights – LED.
  6. Parking lights.
  7. Track expanders.
  8. Power bumpers – rear and front.
  9. Clutch – centrifugal automatic, dry.
  10. Electric winch with a pulling force of 4000 lbs.
  11. Drain plug provided
  12. Towbar.

Price – 367 thousand rubles.

The Okhotets snow and swamp vehicle, with a capacity of four people on land, allows for the presence of additional cargo. As for loading on water, in addition to two people, you can also transport up to one hundred kilograms of cargo. These are the features of caterpillar mini ATVs and amphibians from the Krasnoyarsk manufacturer.

So what to choose

As can be seen from all of the above, the price of the “Okhotets” varies significantly depending on the capabilities of the machine and its configuration.

The attractive price of the first model (HUNTER 6×6 13 hp) bribes, but given its “ascetic” configuration, not every potential buyer will be happy with it.

As for the eight-wheeled “Hunter”, its advantages over the cheapest option are quite obvious, as well as a rather large difference in price. However, not everyone needs a winch, reinforced bumpers and LED headlights – most can do without it. Yes, and it may very well be that such “bells and whistles”, as well as reduced pressure on the ground, are not needed at all, taking into account the peculiarities of the operating area.

The manufacturer took into account all sorts of options for consumer requests, so after weighing the pros and cons, it is quite simple to make the right choice.

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