TIKSY 250 Snowmobile

Due to the low weight and ease of control TIKSY 250 can be a stage from the children’s snowmobile to full-size. The ability to carry loads up to 150 kg in the sleigh making Snowmobiling attractive for commercial purposes and hunting or fishing.

No one manufacturer of snowmobiles in the world like model. A significant part of components and assemblies TIKSY 250 borrowed snowmobile TAIGA. Technical equipment, management, ergonomics and off-road properties TIKSY 250 – a snowmobile without any exaggeration or qualification.

The snowmobile has excellent manoeuvrability due to low weight (180 kg) front suspension arm ski track of 875 mm and a narrow track width of 380 mm.

The model has a single-cylinder two-stroke engine PM3-250 (power 22 HP air cooled) and a Mikuni carb.

The maximum speed of the snowmobile is 60 km/h it is possible to learn the initial stage of boondocking and make the first step to understanding the basic principles of management of mountain Snowmobiling.

TIKSY 250 conveniently control both sitting and standing due to the high handlebar and the seat.

Have two snowmobile fitment: TIKSY 250 and TIKSY 250 Deluxe (electric start, heated handles and throttle lever ).

Model RMZ-250
Volume, cm3 / Cylinders 249 / 1
Power, HP 20
Type 2-stroke
The cylinder diameter × piston stroke, mm 72х61
Fuel system carb
Carburetor / type Mikuni / float
Cooling air
Exhaust system Muffler with resonator
Type of issue n. d.
Intake system The muffler-intake
Type intake n. d.
Lubrication system Joint
Maximum speed, km/h At least 60
Transmission CVT transmission forward and reverse electronic
Brake Mechanical, disc
ELECTRICAL equipment
Starting system Manual/ Electric and manual
Ignition CDI (capacitive programmable ignition)
Electric starter There Is / There Are
Reverse There
Heated grips steering trigger Option /
Headlight Halogen, 55/60
Speedometer / odometer There
Oil tank capacity, l
Fuel tank, l 28
Type micro-suspension single lever
During the building of the suspension, mm 160
The absorber of a front suspension Hydropneumatic single-tube
Front shock absorber mover
Type ass. suspension slizova
The course ass. suspension, mm 300
Rear shock mover Hydropneumatic single-tube
Track skis (between the centers), mm 875
Caterpillar, D×W×h, mm 3170х380х17.5
Seats 1
Snowmobile dimensions, D×W×h, mm 2900±30х1060±30х1400±30
The dimensions of the boxes, D×W×h, mm 2960х1060х1200
Dry weight, kg 180
Windscreen There
The passenger seat back No
The trunk There
Tow There
Guarantee, months. 24

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