Types of snowmobile repairs

In order to maintain the snowmobile in good condition, to eliminate the causes that accelerate the wear of the elements, all maintenance requirements must be fulfilled. Maintenance is prevention, therefore, any work in this area should be carried out periodically in full, regardless of the state of the snowmobile.

To get full assistance with a service or repair item, you should contact your dealer most often.

Types of Maintenance:

  1. Regular (daily) – before departure and upon return.
  2. After running in – after a run of 300 km.
  3. Periodic (TO-1, TO-2, seasonal when put into use after storage).

Daily maintenance includes inspection operations. It is necessary to press and release the gas control lever several times to check the serviceability and smooth operation of the throttle damper wire. During release, the lever should return to its original state, which corresponds to the idle speed of the power unit.

Other control operations:

  1. Press the brake lever, see that the mechanism engages until the lever touches the handle of the steering column. After that, the lever should return to its original position.
  2. Check the steering wheel for correct operation. He, together with the skis, should turn without problems, smoothly.
  3. See fuel level.
  4. Check the quality of the bonnet and shell attachment.
  5. Check the condition of the filter.
  6. Check the track and suspension.
  7. Inspect the towbar.

Start the engine so that it warms up, in the process check the quality of the headlights, press the button of the emergency stop switch to check the operation.

Modern snowmobiles are a popular form of equipment designed for off-road driving in winter. To ensure operability, competent care of the product is needed, a specialized workshop is ready to offer a range of services for maintenance and repair. Guaranteed efficiency and good quality of work, the use of spare parts from the manufacturer, an individual approach to customers. An important task of the service center is to provide quality services at the best price.

The list of main works includes repair and maintenance of various models, as well as modernization, a procedure to ensure high-quality storage of the product. Before deciding on the need for repairs, specialists must conduct computer diagnostics.

These include:

  • clogged filter;
  • moisture in a gasoline pump;
  • breakdown of spark plugs;
  • malfunction of the switch.

These and other breakdowns can be easily fixed with the help of a specialist, the transmission, power unit, and runners, track tracks, and shock absorbers are also being repaired.

Standard snowmobile maintenance includes prevention.

In the process of these activities is carried out:

  • antifreeze replacement;
  • oil renewal in gearbox and engine;
  • setting parallelism of runners;
  • setting the track tension.

Work related to tuning involves improving the basic parameters of a particular model of a snowmobile. Therefore, the center’s specialists can, on the recommendation of the owner, modernize the chassis, engine, transmission, making the device more powerful, better, safer to drive and intensive maneuver.

The category of minor repairs includes the replacement of burnt fuses and lamps, as well as filters and batteries. These works can be performed manually, because their implementation requires a small set of knowledge and tools.

In addition, the tuning program includes improving the appearance and installation of additional products. Extensive experience of specialists allows us to carry out the necessary solutions to the problems of maintenance of models of almost any brand. It is recommended to choose exactly those companies that are ready to offer good specialists, as well as services: diagnostics, tuning, repair of snowmobiles of different brands.

Track replacement and stitching

Caterpillar repair is carried out in a manner familiar to all tire fitters: you need to stick a rubber cord patch on the damaged area, which is processed by a special composition, followed by heating under high pressure. To do this, it is better to use a special device or improvised means. So you can fix the peeling of rubber, tears.

Before stitching a caterpillar on a snowmobile, you need to determine the degree of damage. For small breakdowns, automotive boiler patches are used, and for large ones, tape segments and high-strength adhesives are used. You can sew a short caterpillar by cutting out parts of it, sometimes the glued layer is protected with rivets with large washers made of metal.

Replacement will be required in the following situations:

  1. Strong wear, which leads to loss of adhesion, which is especially noticeable when driving on soft snow.
  2. Caterpillar hood (HUS) to the extent that tension cannot be adjusted. Most often with cheap models.
  3. Wipe the surface with sklizami, occurs with regular driving on dry snow cover and due to poor lubrication.
  4. Peeling rubber and its separation from the cord. Riding with this gus can cause destruction.
  5. Large tears that touch the cord, their development can lead to rupture of the product, which cannot be fixed on the road.

Recent requests are especially suited for powerful Sport-type snowmobiles. When riding on them, the load on the HUS is greater compared to the normal operation of the utilitarian apparatus.

In some cases, the caterpillar of the snowmobile can be repaired, it has been tested empirically – by the owners. Despite the fact that this spare part for some models of snowmobiles costs several times cheaper than for new imported equipment, replacement takes the same time.

When should I go to the workshop?

You should soberly assess your capabilities if you want to replace the track yourself, the list of work performed may be special.

The usual order is this:

  1. The rear half of the snowmobile is hung on a lift.
  2. HUS tension is weakened, the cart is unscrewed.
  3. The main variator pulley is removed, the cover is removed.
  4. Dismantling the spring of the chain tensioner, gears of the gearbox, chain is carried out.
  5. Twisted bearing cap pref. HUS shaft.

After that, you can pull out the drive shaft of the HUS and remove it, then start a new track and assemble it in the opposite direction. Before installation, the inside of the product must be covered with water for lubrication. The tension of the new track is carried out after the engine rotates it on a raised snowmobile.

Exhaust gas sensor setup and installation

Installation must be done with the engine and battery turned off. Mount the reading unit in such a place on the snowmobile so that the device does not get damaged when tipping over. Pass the wires into the hood, having pre-drilled a hole.

The sensor installation is carried out as follows: first, mark the place behind the hemisphere so that the parts of the clamp do not touch the springs, then do the following:

  1. Drill a hole in the silencer.
  2. Align the holes and tighten the clamp.
  3. Put the nut on the sensor and cone. Place the latter with the tapered part to the muffler.
  4. Insert the sensor so that the sensor wires do not touch the moving elements of the space under the hood, tighten the nut. If the sensor is in free rotation by hand, after tightening, you need to cut the sleeve from the 1st part. Before connecting, it is recommended to measure the voltage on the wires from which it is planned to supply voltage to the device.
  5. Connect the red wire of the device to the main wire (+) of ignition, the white (-) to the mass of the power unit. Solder and close each connection, and place the wires in a cambric or corrugation. It is necessary to lay the wiring far from the moving parts of the snowmobile, it can be installed on the wiring harnesses.

After finishing work, align the wire connectors with the data block and the sensor. If there is no electronic circuit, but there is no main (+) wire, then it can be determined using a tester or a simple wired lamp.

Temperature setting

Before you start using the device, you need to configure the exhaust gas temperature sensor on the snowmobile. Set the appropriate value yourself, taking into account the manufacturer’s recommendations, fixing the temperature, the device gives a signal.

To control the temperature of each cylinder, make the necessary settings:

  1. In the main window, click on both buttons: “Mode”, “Set” to enter the settings window.
  2. By pressing the first button, select the temperature value.
  3. By clicking on the second, confirm the selected temperature.
  4. After selecting, press “Mode” 2 times to return to the main window.

If necessary, press “Set” for 3 s to reset.

Engine and gearbox

As an example, consider the power unit RMZ-640 snowmobile Taiga. This model is inherent in strong vibration, unstable operation due to unequal weight on all cylinders. To balance the weight of the pistons, you need to remove the additional aluminum layer from the inside of the skirt, connect the diameter together with the cylinder windows. During the work, it is necessary to align the radii at the ends of the windows and upgrade the chamfers of half a millimeter in size. To reduce vibration, adjust the operation of the cylinders, it is necessary to establish the exhaust and intake phases of the mixtures.

Power increase

To improve this engine parameter, do the following:

  1. Change crankshaft oil seals to those taken from Moskvich 412.
  2. Change the packing case for an updated one, made of an alloy of aluminum, magnesium and copper.
  3. Add holes to allow ventilation.
  4. Between the middle flywheels, remove the shaft support, replace with 2 medium.
  5. Where air comes out, install baffles between the cylinders.
  6. Balance the pistons with a difference of 1.5 grams.
  7. Asbestos cord to improve the thermal insulation of the collector.
  8. To match the phases of the air discharge on two cylinders, install the cylinders connecting the extreme parts of the windows with the bottom and ends of the skirt.
  9. Introduce the pipe with a screen into the structure.
Crankcase modernization

A common cause of crankcase deformation on Buran and Taiga is weakness in rigidity, increased cantileverness of the crankshaft between the 3rd bearings. These shortcomings lead to the appearance of a high load on the shaft bearings, there is a strong heating and expansion of the crankshaft. To solve this problem, place two bearings and insert an oil seal between them.

Vibration consoles tend to vibrate, so check lubrication. In another case, without lubrication, wear, overheating of the oil seals and their sealing can occur.

Transmission and chassis

There are various signs of a fault in the Taiga Varyag transmission, so check them out and the solution methods in the table.

Sign of breakage Ways to solve the problem
Slow speed dial A) Check the belt. Replace if the width is 3 mm less than the new model. B) Look at the distance between the outer diameters of the pulleys and see the deflection of the variator belt. If the belt deflection is large or the distance between the pulleys is small, refer to the instructions and adjust. C) Inspect the drive pulley disk, if it is jammed, replace. D) Inspect the tension of the spring of the disk of the main wheel, which imparts movement to the drive belt – adjust the tension.
It is impossible to accelerate to high speed at the highest engine speeds A) Inspect the snowmobile for the first item (shown above). C) Inspect and adjust the tension of the head wheel that imparts movement to the drive belt.
Vibration Centrifugal Regulator A) Look at the variator belt. Deterioration and uneven width can cause vibration. Replacement will help repair the problem. B) Check the tightness of the bolts of the upper part and the centrifugal regulator, quality removes vibration. C) Assess the wear of the sleeve in place of the cover of the centrifugal regulator, bushings. Replace the last if they are worn out.
CVT sharply reduces transmission under the same operating condition A) Adjust the tension of the spring of the head pulley. B) Inspect the centrifugal regulator bushings for dirt or damage, clean if there is any dirt. If the bushings are worn, replace them to eliminate incorrect operation.
Difficult gear shifting Adjust according to specification. Possible misregistration.

In the chassis often change the slots. Replacement is not difficult and takes only 30 minutes of free time. The main requirement is the correct choice of length and profile. The necessary holes have already been made at each slope. There is almost never a need for drilling holes or cutting parts.

Step-by-step method of replacing sklizy:

  1. Put the snowmobile on the side. His slides consist of 2 parts: on the front there is a bolt fixed with a Phillips screwdriver. The locking screws next to the rails should be unscrewed, and then the device should be returned to its original state.
  2. Raise the vehicle by the hitch so that the HUS is 10-20 cm from the floor.
  3. Loosen the track tension and rear shaft completely.
  4. Gradually tighten the slides by means of the caterpillar window, knocking on them with a mallet.

To replace sklizy you do not need to have any skill, just select the appropriate elements and dismantle the worn ones. For convenience, the snowmobile needs to be raised, the tension loosened, then clean the fastenings of the old rails.

Fuel system

The section will help to find out the cause of the malfunction and make repairs.

Frequent breakdowns and methods for their correction:

  1. Fuel tank leaking or fuel passing through the pump with the engine running – replace the pump.
  2. The tightening of the main nozzle has loosened – tighten.
  3. High fuel level in the chamber – adjust according to specification.
  4. Other particles obstruct valve closure or seat is worn – clean them.
  5. The carburetor is tuned for a very rich fuel mixture – adjust the device.
  6. Fuel tank leaking – replace.
  7. Leaks through loose connections – eliminate leaks.
  8. Damage to the diaphragm and gasket – replace.

The main symptom of a breakdown is the interception of gasoline at high speeds. When starting a cold engine, fuel system outages occur most often. If there is a problem, it is necessary to sort out and clean the pump or change it, depending on the condition. It is also recommended to pay attention to the correct placement of the diaphragm. Field repair of the system is inconvenient, but possible. It is advisable to have an assembled pump.

Electronics and cooling systems

To repair the cooling system, tt needs to be removed, cleaned and the fan air intake removed. To remove or install the impeller nut of the venting device, the impeller must be secured with a stopper. During assembly, the nut tightening force should be up to 50 N / m.

Adjusting the belt tension of the ventilating device: add or remove the adjusting rings 8 between the pulley halves (ШВ) 7, 9. Other adjusting rings must be installed between the spacer ring 6 and the half of the ШВ 7 (from the housing side).

Under the pressure of the press, remove the fan shaft 4. To remove the bearing (PS) from the body of the ventilating device, you need to apply force to the cartridge PS 5 using a punch. It is recommended that the washers be stored for later assembly.

Take out a lock ring 6 and press out 2 PNh. Next, press 1 bearing into place and install the ring with washers. Pressing another bearing from the opposite part of the housing of the venting device 13 is necessary until it is even with the housing. The fan shaft from the power unit side must be pressed into the device body.

To repair the electronics, it is recommended to consult a specialist, he can offer diagnostics and subsequent work to fix problems. Most often there is no spark, so replacement of the switch or coil is carried out independently, but quality will not be guaranteed.

Brake system

To repair the brake disc, do the following:

  1. Release the brake cable – unscrew the lock nut, remove the ring and pull out the spring.
  2. Release the bolt, remove the washers, remove the disc with the brake, leave the bracket in place.

To disassemble the snowmobile brake, you need to refer to the schematic representation of the device: remove the pin (marked with the number 5 in figure 3), unscrew the bolts 22, remove the pads from the body, unscrew the ratchet 8 and bolt 20.

To clean the brake from dirt, you need to remember that it is allowed to wipe the elements of metal with a solvent. Before returning the parts to their place, they are well dried.

Plastic repairs

Plastic is a durable material, but not enough to withstand strong impacts, especially when a snowmobile collides or falls. Scratches, chips – minor defects that can cause problems. It is not recommended to fix them yourself using a soldering iron, wire mesh or staples. The strength of plastic deteriorates, the material becomes brittle, less pestic, and the risk that it will soon be necessary to change the material increases.

It is impossible to independently adjust the welding temperature – if the seam is very hot, it will be uneven, and the plastic will become brittle. Therefore, it is recommended to contact the specialists in the service, they will fix the damage with special technology equipment.

Repair of a snowmobile with departure of the master

It is carried out at the place specified by the customer. Cost is calculated from two criteria: fixed and variable parts. An approximate estimate for maintenance of snowmobiles with departure is pre-negotiated taking into account the cost of consumables.

Fixed part: a mechanic arrives and works with diagnostics. If it is impossible to repair, the equipment is taken to the service.

Variable part: payment is made for the work carried out by the mechanic. It is calculated taking into account the time spent on repairs and the cost of the standard hour. A preliminary estimate of the service is agreed in advance, taking into account the cost of expenses. materials.

Snowmobile repair in service

The duration of work varies with respect to the model of the snowmobile, its condition and the complexity of the work performed. It is recommended to familiarize yourself with the prices of work by contacting the site or by calling a specialist at the number indicated on the service.

It is better to entrust the repair of the snowmobile to specialists who have been professionally engaged in this business for a long period of time, performing difficult repairs, as well as scheduled service, tuning.

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