Variator device for snowmobile Buran

Snowmobiles Buran are in demand among fishermen and hunters for a long time, many are satisfied with the price. Despite the fact that this snowmobile is already quite old, you can update it with a variator. Several types are installed on this type of equipment, each of which has its own advantages and disadvantages.

At high loads, a high-quality variator will help realize the engine on a snowmobile. For each model, you need to choose the most effective option. The snowmobile variator Buran can be of several brands, which is suitable we will find out below.

The second important function of the variator is to protect the gearbox from impacts due to unforeseen loads, for example, when stones or hemp occur in the path.

The device can cope with the tasks only with a certain design, which can be represented in the form of a small table:

component where is the
drive pulley with centrifugal governor attached to the crankshaft of the engine
driven pulley with cam clutch mounted on the CVT of the snowmobile gearbox

A clinomeric transmission is pulled between them, which combines the efforts of the two components. The principle of operation is based on the fact that the master and the slave.
Next, we dwell in more detail on each of the above components of the variator for a snowmobile.

Drive Pulley with Centrifugal Regulator

The work of this part of the variator is important and consists in the following: the idler drive pulley has a minimum diameter, the wedge-shaped disk is fully unclenched, and the belt practically lies on the shaft during this period. With increasing engine operation, the centrifugal regulator compresses the movable disk and pushes the belt up. Accordingly, the diameter of the pulley becomes larger.

Driven pulley with cam clutch

Its work is carried out exactly the opposite, at idle, the drive pulley disk is unclenched by a load-cam clutch. This causes the V-belt to engage with the upper grooves of the compressed pulley. That is why the maximum engine speed maximizes the gear ratio from the leading to the driven shaft.

Clinomeric gear

It is this part of the variator that serves to further distribute the torque from the crankshaft, which is created by the engine, to the gearbox. Further, it is KP that transfers everything to the driven axis of the snowmobile.

The variator plays an important role, in the automatic mode it changes the gear ratio between the pulleys, which means it evens out the load power.

Which CVT is better on a snowmobile Buran
4-stroke CVT driven

For a 4-stroke, they usually put the old-style driven variator, such as Safari or Alpina, for Buran snowmobile this will be the best solution. The second of the above is quite low-speed, but it starts off perfectly in fresh snow. The first option is put by those who want to make Buran frolic. Their cost will be approximately the same, on average, for a new CVT of this type they ask from 4,500 rubles.

CVT “Arctic”

This type of variator was released relatively recently, right now many choose it for their equipment. The Arctic variator fits the Buran snowmobile perfectly, but has its advantages and disadvantages.

The first include:

  • excellent performance to start gripping the belt, they are 2150 rpm;
  • average diameter;
  • excellent performance when working in different conditions;
  • the ability to customize for any size of belts.

The disadvantage is the relatively large weight of the device, more than 4.5 kg.

CVT Bars

One of the new models that conquers the market quickly and swiftly. Many lovers of fast driving on a snowmobile set this variator for themselves. Technical specifications are as follows:

specifications indicators
weight 3.8 kg
height 206 mm
diameter 192 mm
quantity of goods 4 things.
start of belt grab 2150 rpm

Among other CVTs, Bars stands out for its high torque and the presence of all components, if necessary.

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