Vento Arctic FOX snowmobile

The snowmobile is light and economical, but the power is enough only for a single person. The technique has comfortable footrests. The Arctic Vento Fox accelerates quickly enough uphill, rides well in deep snow on non-icy areas.

The cross-country ability has been improved due to the rear suspension, which keeps impacts of almost any force without consequences. The snowmobile is reliable for the driver and passenger. Safety with hydraulic brakes

The Arctic Fox snowmobile is equipped with a disc brake for efficient braking. There are two ways to start the engine: electric starter and manual starter. The handle heating function is built in for a comfortable ride at any air temperature. In the design of the snowmobile, a large trunk holds everything you need for outdoor recreation.

Snowmobile Maintenance Rules

Arctic Fox snowmobiles are assembled from high quality parts that will last a very long time if the owner regularly performs diagnostics according to the instructions. Therefore, it is important to familiarize yourself with the recommendations from the manufacturer in order to prevent a malfunction in the very first days.

Snowmobile Diagnostics

Battery Cooling system Shock Absorber Check Checking the alignment of the variators
When servicing the battery, follow these guidelines: Position the power source from open flames. Wear safety glasses. Protect skin and clothing. Some models are equipped with a closed engine cooling system. Every day you need to inspect the system for leaks and breakdowns. Every damper needs to be watched daily for smudges and cracks. If damage is detected, the shock absorber is replaced. If there is premature wear of the belt, or it is twisted, then it is necessary to check the alignment of the variators. To do this, show the dealer (official).

Also check the fuel pump and track regularly according to the instructions. Warm up the engine before driving. While riding, do not maneuver, do not tilt the chassis, and avoid traveling through terrain that has not been explored. It is clear that the operation of snowmobiles is carried out in different conditions, but movement on ice is especially fatal for this type of transport.

User manual

The user can find all the necessary information in the attached instructions, namely how to perform maintenance of the snowmobile. Spend time servicing equipment by replacing broken parts and diagnosing. This will ensure the snowmobile is ready for long trips over long distances and for performing various tasks. The instruction manual also includes information on the frequency of maintenance, as well as a diagram of how to operate correctly.

Attention! To service Arctic Fox Vento, contact your dealer or an authorized service center.

Skills in professional equipment management come with time, so it is recommended that you read the instructions and carry out repairs in accordance with it to reduce the risk of malfunctions. The main recommendations relate to the technical part, but some companies warn that there are dangers that arise when driving.

The suspension is reliable and able to withstand heavy loads. But you still need to avoid overload – it is important to feel it. With a good diagnosis and timely replacement, the snowmobile will last a long time.


The power of a 4-stroke engine is 10 liters. sec., and the working volume of 200 cubic meters. cm.

Type of air cooling.

  • Engine Type GY6 200cc
  • Maximum Torque 10.2 / (5000)
  • Fuel Consumption 5L / 100km
  • Tank Volume 4.5L
  • Type of clutch automatic
  • Brake System (Rear): Manual
  • Drive system: chain and rubber track
  • Maximum speed 45-50km / h
  • Overall dimensions (L * H * W) 2400 * 980 * 1140mm
  • Dry weight 170kg
  • Maximum load 170kg
  • Brake System (Rear) Disc brake
  • Possible elevation angle 30 ° -35 °
  • Track Length Full 2400mm
  • Track Width 310mm
  • Track Width 5-8cm
  • Track Length 880mm
  • Ski length * Width 920 × 135m

The hitch is included in the package. There is an electric starter, an integrated emergency engine stop system. The design is not collapsible.

Benefits and test drive a snowmobile

The Arctic Fox snowmobile is priced right. It is powerful and effective, and also suitable for all kinds of activities: relaxing with family and outdoor activities, to engage in fishing and hunting.

A test drive of the Vento Arctic Fox snowmobile was carried out, according to the results of which it became clear that the unit really maneuvers easily on loose snow. This is reported by the bike18 service. The small size of the equipment provides the ability to easily and quickly transport it. The snowmobile is delivered without a technical passport.

The main advantages of the snowmobile:

  • high maneuverability;
  • maximum angle of attack is 35 degrees;
  • original design;
  • large rear trunk.

The average price of Vento Arctic FOX 200 is 124 thousand rubles. It is available in different colors. A powerful engine makes it possible to ride in the snow and climb the mountains at an angle of up to 35 degrees. The hitch included in the package makes it possible to attach a sled to a snowmobile and carry luggage.

The basic equipment of all models of the new Arctic Cat snowmobiles includes such elements: heated handles and seats, protection, windshield.

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