What are snowmobile stickers for?

When hunting or fishing in the winter and moving on a snowmobile, you can often find equipment that stands out among other models. Bright stickers give it unusualness, complement the design of the machine itself, give it a unique look.

You can distinguish your equipment from the rest not only by power indicators, stickers on the Ski Doo snowmobile will help you do it quickly. The quality of such features can be different, the main thing is to understand why you need it.

You can buy a wide variety of stickers in stores, they are sold both as a kit for each individual model, and in single segments.

The variety is simply amazing, but most often this decor is used with intent:

  • stickers for the Ski Doo Summit 800 snowmobile are bought and placed to improve the design of the snowmobile;
  • reflective options will help to avoid collisions in the dark;
  • some will help hide imperfections or dents from damage.

Some stickers prevent the ingress of snow on the working surfaces of the equipment during movement, but it is worthwhile to understand that it is impossible to seal the holes in any case.

Sticker Manufacturers

In each region there are manufacturers of stickers from different materials, including equipment. They are made from different materials, it is from them that the price of the finished kit will depend to a greater extent.

Ski Doo Freeride glues to snowmobiles are also produced by brand companies that manufacture the equipment itself. The most famous products can be presented in the form of a table:

manufacturer sticker set single segments
Arctic FX Yes Yes
Bulletbro.Pro Yes no
NakleikaShop no Yes

In addition, almost all companies will custom-make stickers for your snowmobile in the given sizes.

Variety of colors and ease of use

Manufacturers offer a variety of color labels.

The most popular are:

  • red-blue;
  • blue white;
  • White black;
  • red-black.

Bright acid colors are used little, but reflective elements are present on almost every option for the above models.

By order, private manufacturers will make a sticker of almost any color, the main thing is to determine the combination and size.

It is not difficult to use finished products, first you need to degrease the surface, then stick the purchased goods, then apply a protective layer of a special preparation.

Online store for purchase

The easiest way to order the decoration of this type for a snowmobile in an online store. Specialists will advise and help you choose the product specifically for your model, taking into account all the wishes.

Important points when ordering will be:

  • the exact name of the snowmobile;
  • correct model indication;
  • color preferences.

Most often, a set of tools for installation comes with stickers. Some sellers may offer to buy them for a fee. You should not refuse them, this will greatly simplify the process of placing the selected product on the technique.

Price range

The pricing policy of the stickers varies greatly. Depending on the manufacturer and the quality of the base, the cost can vary greatly.

For a full set of stickers for ArcticFX Freeride snowmobile they will ask for from 40,000 rubles, single segments of the picture will cost differently, on average from 5,000 rubles and above. Less well-known manufacturers have lower pricing policies, single segments can cost only about 200 rubles, and a set will cost 10,000.

Stickers for a snowmobile are not only a spectacular decoration element , with their help you can hide many defects and stand out among the total number of similar equipment.

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