What is the maximum speed of the snowmobile

High-speed snowmobiles are now more than enough. Each manufacturer strives to create such a machine, which also makes the adrenaline stand out in huge doses over the snow cover.

Vehicles of this type from other manufacturers are not far behind the leader, BRP has begun developing a model of a snowmobile, the speed of which will reach 500 km / h. But these are only intentions, perhaps in the near future representatives of the well-known Canadian company will demonstrate their achievements to us.

Now the Canadian company G-Force Division is walking in absolute record, the last two achievements of which have not yet been beaten.

unit year of manufacture title MAX speed
2013 G-Force-1 340.38 km / h
2016 G-Force-3 402 km / h

The maximum speed of the snowmobile is achieved in sports models, other types have lower performance.

Most people buy a snowmobile to move around the snow to places that cannot be reached by car. For some, the speed of the snowmobile is not important, the main thing is to get to the destination. Others, on the contrary, want to ride with the breeze, and even conquer the top of the mountain slope. It’s not possible to select a universal model for everyone, high-speed snowmobiles will not be able to transport cargo over long distances, and the speed will not be exactly maximum.

Maximum speed largely depends on its technical indicators, some species will be able to move no faster than 20 km / h and this is the norm for them.

Utilitarian look or working

On this subspecies of the snowmobile, it will not be possible to accelerate much, this is the main purpose of transporting goods over long distances. Due to the wide caterpillar of 50-60 cm, cross-country ability is greatly increased, it is not problematic for him to move in deep snow both in an open area and in the forest. Such models are in demand among fishermen and hunters who need to transport personal items and trophies sometimes over considerable distances.

The snowmobile is additionally equipped with a hitch and a large trunk, which, of course, will steal the high-speed capabilities of the machine. In the process of movement, it can reach speeds of up to 120 km / h, but this indicator is not available for all models.


Snowmobiles of this type are distinguished from the rest by a short caterpillar, this gives not only speed when riding, but also adds maneuverability. On such a machine, only one rider can travel, that is, the driver himself, but his skills must be excellent.

The absence of a rear-wheel drive and an electric starter significantly reduced the weight of the snowmobile, which is why the maximum speed of a sports snowmobile reaches 200 km / h. It should be understood that for a deep snow cover a snowmobile of this type will not be able to achieve such indicators, it develops such speed on special tracks.


This type of vehicle in the snow is designed for comfortable walks, most often they go double. Almost all have a four-cylinder engine and many additional features that will give comfort when moving. A decent weight of the unit will significantly reduce speed indicators, however, foreign manufacturers equip snowmobiles with a powerful engine of 170 horsepower, which allows you to develop speed almost like a sports version.


This type of snowmobile is considered universal, they have good performance in deep snow, and on the tracks show good speed capabilities. On an aggregate of this type, it is possible to climb a hillside without problems, this is achieved due to the elongated track and special hook elements.

Nevertheless, the speed indicators of the mining machine are slightly inferior to the sports version, as much as possible such a snowmobile can go up to 170 km / h.

Kids class

Such vehicle models are designed for children from 8 to 13 years old. It is dangerous to drive hard at this age, so everyone has a gas limiter on the trigger. It is thanks to him that a children’s snowmobile can move at a speed of no more than 20 km / h.

What are the ways to increase speed

Some craftsmen independently modify existing snowmobile models, in particular, increase their speed. This can be achieved in several ways at once, while each of them will be equally effective.

As an example, let’s take a Buran snowmobile of domestic production, whose speed performance is worse than that of the Taiga.

To do everything it’s not necessary to go to the workshop and pay money to the master, you can also remake it yourself:

  1. Establishment of a centrifugal regulator from Taiga. First, you need to make a conical adapter, while the internal dimensions are taken from the Buran, and the external ones are measured from the Taiga.
  2. Increase the number of purge valves. To increase the power of the motor, it is necessary to mill the channels on the crankcase, remove all unnecessary from them. Next, mount a Mikuni carburetor, as its diameter of the diffuser is best suited. All this can be done due to the fact that the crankcase of all manufacturers is universal.
  3. Remove the native silencer, change the air filter in the same way. It is best to put a grid with a small cell on the carburetor for this.
  4. A significant change in speed will be made possible by replacing the bearing with an analogue with marking 205. Such a replacement will maintain the highest torque due to lubrication.

Replacements are possible not only with domestic snowmobiles, imported models are also often improved by our craftsmen.

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