Yamaha Venture Snowmobile Benefits

Yamaha is a popular company that carries out serious work; it has opened salons in the European Union, Finland and Russia. The manufacturer supplies its products to customers with different needs, regardless of their location.

The Yamaha Ventura snowmobile is a relatively new car, which has adopted proven technological developments from other models, has significant improvements.

Other features: Ventura standard equipment includes: a passenger seat; track track (Raipsef) measuring 3658 x 406 m; reliable front bumper; extended skis holding the front half of the snowmobile in deep snow and a new addition, the seat can now be quickly converted and used for luggage.

Yamaha Ventura snowmobile has a four-stroke engine “Genesis” 80FI, which provides high power and torque. A 406-millimeter caterpillar and wide skis are built into the device, which will help not to drown even in the most fluffy snow.

Features Description
Easy to increase speed Take advantage of Yamaha’s fifty-year experience in improving the technology for developing 4-stroke engines containing 2 Genesis 80FI cylinders. Advantages: throttle response, instant response to the throttle stick, optimal torque, increased efficiency.
Offset landing An updated forward landing protects the driver and passengers from shock, establishing new quality standards.
Comfortable ride A special travel pendant is configured to ride alone or together. Adjusting the stiffness makes it possible to tune in to a different driving style – sports or for travel.
Windproof Protection against oncoming air flow is ensured by a wide windshield. Its special feature is the reflective protrusions on the sides, which create a convenient cocoon.
Easy start No need to strain, pulling the cord, turn the key and act. Electric starter is the standard for most 4-stroke Yamaha models.
Large instrument panel The wide, easy-to-read panel contains instruments for controlling the speed and power unit operation data. The exceptional reliability of the new 4-stroke engine is ensured by a special “knock sensors” system that monitors and compensates for poor-quality or unsuitable octane rating fuel.
Yamaha Ventura Rating

This model is a competitor to the popular SkyDu snowmobiles, which are rightfully leaders in this category of vehicles. When considering the tourist model ACE900 Expedition, it can be noted that the 2015 Ventura has a less voluminous, but not as powerful 4-stroke power unit, which is highly reliable. This engine has such features: slow start, high performance at low speeds, low noise. The motor is mounted on utilitarian, sports and tourist models Phazer RTX.

You won’t have to wait for big power from such a device, but Ventura can accelerate a heavy snowmobile with 2 people and a heavy load to normal speeds. Ventura has a center of gravity that is balanced by the low position of the engine. This feature gives the motor stability during maneuvering.

The 114-inch Camoplast Ripsaw caterpillar begins to move with its 2-cylinder injector engine. The height of the ridges is 32 mm, and the width of the HUS is 406. These dimensions provide good traffic and a high degree of convenience.

Technical equipment

The car was equipped with various elements that add convenience and peace of mind. A cozy fit in two places is one of the best. The passenger part of the seat is easily removable and a simple luggage rack is put in its position. A reliable towbar provides towing a loaded sled. All new technology developments are designed to improve practicality, but inconvenience.


  1. High speed glass is always the best protection against the oncoming air flow at speed, which may slightly limit visibility, but its presence is necessary for safe movement.
  2. A nice toggle switch switches the configurations of the finger heating function by different methods. To turn back, just click on the appropriate button.
  3. The snowmobile starts very quickly by turning the key in the ignition system lock. When changing the oil in this vehicle, there are no difficulties.
  4. From the front of the machine mounted several levers, which are presented on sports devices “Phaser”. This design can be controlled by lightweight high-pressure springs, which are made of aluminum.
  5. Suspension travel increases to 206 mm. Experts have created creative adjustable skis with a keel – it is forked.
  6. The dimensions of the suspension at the rear are increased to accommodate tracks of size 16 by 144. The shock absorber increases its travel by 312 millimeters.
  7. Yamaha Ventura is equipped with a Genesis power unit, the volume of which is almost 500 (without one) cm3 with a crankcase, an easy exhaust system, and an additional seat is also equipped on the device. High-strength bumper and high windshield give originality. The rear suspension with a stroke of 313 mm, and the front – 208.

For reference: a test drive conducted by experts showed that the Yamaha Ventura suspension is of good quality, it showed high capabilities on the roads. Even with three or more passengers, Ventura easily fits into relatively sharp turns and can cope with any bumps on the road.


  • width 1230;
  • length 3155;
  • height 1340.

The model is equipped with an outlet, with which you can connect various electronic devices. The function of heating the handles and the lever is equipped with 9 adjustable positions. The manufacturer advises using Yamalube 4s oil. The brake system has a hydraulic drive, lightweight disc, caliper.

Specifications Yamaha Ventura Multi Purpose
  1. Four-stroke engine with a volume of 499 cc / cm; bore and stroke
  2. 77.0 x 53.6 mm.
  3. Fuel system with fuel injection and heating.
  4. Intake system – three valves per cylinder.
  5. Ignition System – Transistor Digital TCI w / TPS
  6. Transmission – CVT with low and high gear.
  7. The brake system is hydraulic, the two-piston caliper, lightweight disc, parking brake.
  8. Multi Purpose Gearbox – YVXC, Low and High


  1. The volume of the tank is 36.
  2. Caterpillar Camoplast.
  3. Height – 1380.
  4. Length – 3160.
  5. Width – 1260.
  6. W x D x H tracks: 406 x 3 658 x 32.
  7. Track – 1080.
  8. Independent suspension, on 2 levers.
  9. Front shock absorbers 36.
  10. Rear shock absorbers 36.
  11. Front axle travel 208.
  12. Rear suspension ProComfort.
  13. Turn 313.


  1. Reverse.
  2. Heated steering wheel and gas control knobs.
  3. The function of setting the heating temperature.
  4. Lamp power in the headlight 60/55 watts.
  5. DC socket.

Today it is not difficult to choose additional elements on the market, in particular, oil and most other devices. The equipment will be in normal condition longer through these types of accessories.

Tilters are one of the most high-quality devices with which the Yamaha Ventura snowmobile can be easily moved without much difficulty.

Lineup Yamaha Ventura

Before buying a Yamaha Venture snowmobile, we recommend that you familiarize yourself with the different versions.

The most popular are the following:

  • TF;
  • GT;
  • 700;
  • 500;
  • 600;
  • 1000.

Each variation has its own specific features, which can be found in more detail.

RSVenture TF

This model is the most advanced tour among the available models. class, it is equipped with a 3-cylinder four-stroke power unit, the volume of which is 1,049 cm3. Liquid type cooling system. At the front suspension, the stroke is 219, and at the rear, 351. The manufacturer suggests using Yamalube 4s oil.


  • height 1380;
  • length 3215;
  • width 1245.

An electric amplifier, which is installed in the system, facilitates convenient movement. The back in this unit is adjustable relative to the angle of inclination. The integrated panel makes this feature; it displays the level of parameters: oil and fuel. A large luggage compartment is available in the front panel.


This Yamaha Venture has a four-stroke engine with three cylinders with a volume of 1,049 cm3. It has liquid cooling and EBRS braking, as well as an advanced injection system.

The dashboard includes a multi-function screen. The snowmobile provides wide racks with a covering from sliding. Front suspension with a stroke of 219 mm, and behind 315 mm. The manufacturer advises using Yamalube 4s oil.


  • height 1380;
  • length 3215;
  • width 1245.

Driving a snowmobile has become much more convenient due to the EPS system. An updated development provides electric power steering, which facilitates the control process. The electronic amplifier, which has the features of the front suspension design, is simple and easy to control. Therefore, the Yamaha Ventura GT is not just a crawler all-terrain vehicle, but a complete unit.


The model includes a two-stroke three-cylinder engine with a liquid type of cooling. Its volume is 698 cm3. At the front suspension, the stroke is 229, and at the rear 295. The manufacturer advises using Yamalube 2s oil.


  • width 1200;
  • height 1330 mm;
  • length 2990.

The simplicity of a quality vacation in the winter is ensured by streamlined windshield forms, comfortable mirrors, a seat, an electric starter and a reverse gear. Heated handles for passengers and the driver, backrest adjustment, a 45-liter tank, tracks and adjustable suspension make this vehicle a good impression.


This model is called “folk.” This status is explained by the fact that the machine has everything that is needed. To reduce the total weight of the device, the manufacturer equipped it with a power unit that has air cooling.

Like its main brothers, the machine has all the necessary devices in the standard version:

  • painted chassis;
  • rev counter;
  • reverse gear;
  • electric starter;
  • rear mirrors 2nd;
  • adjustable backrest of the passenger seat.

The machine has gained great popularity because it has elements of good quality. It is easy to operate and comfortable, including a long distance trip. New this year are plastic skis with enhanced driving performance. Together with the ProAction chassis and high-quality suspension, the 500 model shows good driving and road performance.


In this model, powerful power units with three cylinders having high torque are introduced. They are low noise and almost do not vibrate. The Venture snowmobile has a suspension that can be adjusted, as well as an electronic starter, reverse gear, heating and other elements to ensure the convenience of the owners.

Yamaha Venture 600 Snowmobile Specifications:

  1. Size and weight: ski base – 1070, caterpillar 3460/380/28, oil tank – 3, weight – 256, fuel tank – 45, number of seats – 2.
  2. Engine: Yamaha model, power – carburetor, electric starter available, number of cylinders 3.
  3. Transmission: reverse available.
  4. Case and equipment: temperature and fuel sensors are available, ski material is carbide, and frames are steel. Heated, profile high, there is a speedometer, there is a back, there is a tachometer.
  5. Independent suspension, chassis – 292, 229.

Big mirrors are built into the Yamaha Ventura 600 snowmobile for safety, a new long seat with an adjustable backrest is installed. The owner will be able to appreciate the convenience of the device, spending free time behind the wheel.


A multi-purpose snowmobile that has become popular with professional snowmobiles. The Ventura RS model is balanced in several ways:

  • design;
  • good handling;
  • reliability;
  • spaciousness;
  • convenience and more.

The car showed itself well as a transport for athletes and staff. Its feature is a good cross, which is supported by high-quality handling and smoothness. The model in its characteristics is not inferior to other options from the same model range. Particularly noteworthy was the long chassis, due to which it is possible to maintain control by running into dangerous obstacles.

How much is

Depending on the modification, the price varies. The average cost of a Yamaha RS Ventura snowmobile on the market in the Russian Federation is 1 million 200 thousand rubles. The price is for the new 2017-2018 snowmobile.


Changing the oil is easier if the car has small luggage compartments for storing various things that will be needed on the road. Only reliable material is used to create these accessories. Overlays should help protect the skis from any deformation. The duration of the motor always depends on the size of the variator belts. A snowmobile can quickly become unusable if you underestimate the importance of using such accessories.

Maintenance and storage:

  1. No need to leave the snowmobile for a long period on the side. Fuel may come out of the hose.
  2. Modifications that are not performed by a specialist can make the snowmobile unsafe for use, resulting in personal injury.
  3. Do not store a snowmobile with fuel in a tank in a room in which there are sources of fire, for example, water heaters, heat devices, flames, sparks, dryers. Before starting storage, allow the engine to cool.
  4. It is recommended to use the information indicated in the “Storage” category of the instruction manual.
  5. See the status of safety information tables.

There are types of maintenance that need to be considered before starting operation: daily, after break-in, periodic. When carrying out those. service you need to fix all the malfunctions.

Perform daily maintenance of the snowmobile, the main purpose of which is to prevent the faulty snowmobile from leaving.

For long-term operation of the engine and increase the operating life, experts recommend choosing the right oil. Spare parts that are similar in terms of their performance can be installed on the machine, they can be serviced and adjusted in the garage or in the salon, which has a large list of all the necessary components for replacing defective parts.

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