Yamaha Viking 540 V snowmobile

The technique is suitable for a joint holiday with the family, opens up new opportunities for fishermen and hunters. For lovers of this pastime, new routes become available, and there is a place for the accompanying equipment on the snowmobile.

With technology you can easily overcome difficult obstacles, enjoy your vacation in any weather.

The snowmobile has positive reviews, it is recommended to buy 86% by users.

The following characteristics are positively evaluated:

  • security;
  • comfort;
  • running properties;
  • reliability;
  • decor.

The latest requirements of the time force to perfect the most reliable technique. Yamaha vk 540 – a new, economical, environmentally friendly, having a powerful engine and a track with lugs. Operation of the vehicle is not possible without studying the instructions.

All snowmobiles of the Japanese brand sold in Russia from authorized dealers are certified, with a factory warranty. Service centers provide the opportunity to receive quality service.

Japanese “Viking” will provide the necessary power, speed, controllability, this technique will be appreciated by those who understand what freedom is when the first snow falls. Yamaha gives confidence and comfort, which is the key to positive emotions.

Particular attention should be paid to safety rules. The manufacturer recommends to study all warning labels on the case as the first item. It is necessary to familiarize yourself with the management functionality.

It is worth considering that the equipment is not intended for movement on the streets. This can lead to a dangerous situation. It is forbidden to drive a snowmobile in an alcoholic state, as well as after using narcotic drugs. Safety is closely linked to proper care.

Before operation, it is worth checking:

  • spark plug;
  • oil level;
  • oil filter;
  • fuel level;
  • fuel hose;
  • oil hose;
  • carburetor – nozzle adjustment;
  • fan belt
  • manual starter;
  • engine switch;
  • exhaust system;
  • drive casing;
  • drive caterpillar.
  • brakes;
  • drive chain;
  • lighting;
  • battery;
  • clutch.

The manufacturer recommends taking tools and spare parts with you on a trip. This will allow you to quickly and independently carry out repairs in the event of a minor breakdown.

The most important phase of operation is running a new snowmobile. During this period, the engine must not be subjected to high loads. Approximately the first 200 km of run it is necessary to exclude movement in wet snow. When running into the fuel tank, it is necessary to fill in a mixture of gasoline and oil in a ratio of 50: 1. This is approximately 10 liters of gasoline will have 0.2 liters of oil.

Technology management skills are acquired in practice and over time. At the beginning of training, you should not perform complex maneuvers. Movement speeds should be small, you can go to high only after mastering the skills.


The snowmobile is very strong in technical specifications. The modified version is the most reliable, but affordable. This version is the most adapted for the territories of the Russian Federation.

Dimensions (weight, width, height)
device height 136 cm
device length 307 cm
width 114 cm
W * D * B caterpillars 20 x 154 x 1.5 inches, 50 * 392 * 3.8 cm;
caterpillar type Cfmoplast Cobra WT
ski track 96 cm
fuel tank volume 44.0 l
  • Working quantities and type: 535 cc / 2-stroke;
  • cylinders – 2 pcs;
  • cooling system – axial fan;
  • the size of the cylinder and piston is 7.3 * 6.4 cm;
  • carburetor system – Mikuni TM33 * 1, with a pair of heaters, flat throttle;
  • inlet – flap type valve;
  • ignition – electronic DC-CDI;
  • exhaust – silencer with resonator;
  • transmission – a variator with up and down gears;
  • brakes – mechanical disc type.

The front suspension is a telescopic stand. Shock absorbers mounted in front of the hydraulic type, -15 cm travel. Rear suspension – ProComfort with raised ends of the rails. The rear shock absorber systems are a pair of gas-filled parts. Rear suspension travel 27.8 cm.

Snowmobile Benefits

VK540V is ready to show performance in the harshest conditions, owner reviews indicate that the model is characterized by excellent cross-country ability in deep snow. The Viking snowmobile is famous for its smooth steering, it is possible to tow loads. With all the technical advantages, the product is environmentally friendly, economical and reliable.

The updated equipment received new suspension settings, appearance design. The engine of the Viking 540V is very powerful and responsive. The transmission consists of two steps, has a reverse gear. Caterpillar updated look, there are new running boards. All innovations are under a good level of protection. Comfortable conditions are created for both the driver and the passenger.

A reborn model can be purchased in all regions of Russia, where there are Yamaha dealers.

What is the price of the new model

In addition to the Russian Federation, snowmobiles of a new series can be purchased by residents of neighboring countries. In Moscow and Moscow region delivery is free. Snowmobile can be issued on credit. For example, the equipment is available from an authorized dealer of the Japanese brand, which operates in Moscow, Novosibirsk and Krasnodar. “DiMC” declares the cost of a snowmobile 749 thousand rubles.

In addition to the snowmobile itself, you can purchase suitable spare parts and accessories from the company, as well as equipment.

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