Dedal-T2.380 Hunter sight imager

Series scopes “Dedal-T” is designed for hunting, surveillance of the terrain and ensure precise shooting under any lighting conditions (day, night, twilight) and in all weather conditions (rain, fog, snow, etc.).

The sight can be adapted to most types of hunting weapons with the help of rails manufactured by JSC “Dedal-NV”, and other manufacturers.

The principle of operation of the sight is based on the conversion of infrared radiation from objects and presenting it in a readable form.

Thermal sight Dedal series Pro series used the original Russian software, where, unlike many competing devices are implemented:

fully automatic system for calibrating the sensor without “blind” to optimise sight in different conditions and do not require any additional manual settings;

the system of dynamic contrast enhancement allows to obtain optimal image quality: more clear outline of the objectives, detail the goals and background that in the end more accurately and quickly allows you to identify the target and its position on the ground;


Automatic calibration system of the sensor (without a curtain)
Fastest inclusion (2.9 sec.)
Dynamic contrast enhancement
Automatic brightness and contrast
Original methods of digital image processing
Various options reticle
Up to 8 persistent pristrelit weapons
The rapid movement of all grids on a ballistic data (input range)
Internal focusing, precision-preserving the aiming point (D-T2, -T4)
Built-in passive rangefinder
The ability to use the device in conjunction with an external rangefinder (the rangefinder indicator labels)
The possibility of using external battery
Video recording capability (connector for video output)
Large exit pupil distance
Digital zoom 2x / 4x / 8x
Pre-entry ballistic mesh
Adaptation to different types of weapons
Hermetically sealed
Impact resistance
Low power consumption (4 hours)
Compact/light weight


Night observation
Search / Hunting
Special version for law enforcement agencies

  • Resolution, pixels 384×288
  • Frequency, Hz 50
  • Step detector, 17 micron
  • Type Uncooled microbolometric array (FPA)
  • Spectral sensitivity range from 8 to 14
  • Temperature sensitivity (NETD), MK <70
  • The principle of calibration Without shutter
  • Focal length 50 ммF/1,2
  • Range manual focus from 5 to ∞
  • Optical zoom 3,5
  • The spacing of the mesh, cm/100m distance of 1.7
  • Angle field of view, ° 7,4×5,6
  • Exit pupil distance, mm 50
  • Diopter adjustment, DPTR. 3, +3
  • Type of display AMOLED
  • Resolution 800×600 pixels
  • Type CR123 battery
  • The number of batteries, 2 PCs.
  • Overall dimensions, mm (LxWxH) 273×71×73
  • Weight, 640 grams
  • The operating temperature range, °C from 40 to +50
  • Relative humidity, % to 98
  • Continuous operation time, h 4

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