Flir Scout LS64 (matrix 640*480) imager

The FLIR Scout LS allow to get crisp thermal image in all conditions both day and night. The resolution of the detector the FLIR LS-64 is 640 x 480 pixels.

The camera is equipped with advanced software, which creates a crisp image without the need for the revision by the user.

An important feature of FLIR Scout LS is that to export these devices do not require export license like the majority of other imaging devices.


  • Powerful lithium-ion battery. Normal working time – 5-7 hours on a single battery charge
  • Kompaktnyi and lightweight, ideal for working in the field under any circumstances
  • Tightness class – IP67
  • Convenient location of buttons at the top of the device
  • Laser designator, allowing you to quickly mark the target in the dark
  • InstAlert feature that allows you to select the hottest place in the image in red
  • FLIR LS – series are extremely affordable device. The price is no longer critical, and now there is no need to use a less effective night vision technology.
  • Uncooled microbolometer thermal LS series does not require maintenance and provides them with a clear thermal images in all conditions both day and night. The resolution of the IR images FLIR
  • LS-64 is 640 x 512 pixels. All cameras are equipped with advanced software that delivers a crisp image without the need for revision.
  • FLIR LS-64 is equipped with a 35mm lens, which is able to detect an object the size of a man at a distance of 1080 metres.
  • FLIR LS-64 performs two – and four-time digital zoom and also feature continuous electronic zoom.
  • The weight of the FLIR LS-series battery 340 grams, due to which the devices are extremely compact and light. Ideal for working in the field at any
  • circumstances, these thermal imaging cameras are sealed to IP67 and operate in temperatures from -20°C to +50°C.
  • Ergonomic and easy to use, FLIR LS-series can be operated with buttons at the top of the device. Conveniently placed the buttons are all right underneath your fingertips.
  • Both the FLIR LS-series have a laser pointer, allowing you to quickly and safely mark targets in the dark.
  • The FLIR LS-series comes with a powerful rechargeable lithium-ion batteries. Normal working time – 5-7 hours on a single battery charge.
  • The unique InstAlert feature highlights in red the hottest place on the image. Thanks to this the objects of interest are clearly visible on the thermal image.
  • SYSTEM: LS-64
  • Detector type: Microbolometer (640 × 512 pixels) on the basis of vanadium oxide 17 microns
  • Focal length: 35 mm
  • Field of view (V × W): 18° × 14°
  • Waveband of 7.5 – 13.5 ám
  • Freeze-frame: Yes
  • Digital zoom: 2 x–4x
  • Start-up time from standby: < 5 seconds
  • Focus: Automatic
  • Optical adjustment: ±2
  • USB port: FOR software Update and charging
  • Backlight: Led
  • Built-in display viewfinder: Color LCD VGA display
  • Palettes for Arctic mapping and detection of objects: Hot objects in white, hot black objects, objects, red when you use InstAlert
  • Video output: Video NTSC, refresh rate 9 Hz
  • Laser pointer: •
  • Weight (with battery): 340 g
  • Dimension (l × W × h): 172 × 59 × 62 mm
  • Protection: IP67
  • Mount: Standard tripod-tripod
  • Battery type: Internal Li-ion
  • Battery charging: USB Cable to charge the internal battery charging stand (optional accessory)

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