Flir Scout РЅ24 (matrix 240*180) 9 imager

The thermal imager FLIR Scout PS-24 makes visible objects with small temperature differences on surfaces.

Even if in the frame there will be objects with a difference of 1º in temperature, you will still see their footprints.

Due to this and the result is clear image.


Detector type: the matrix in the focal plane,TS24_big
uncooled microbolometer on vanadium oxide (VOx): 240 x 180 pixels
Spectral range: 7.5 to 13.5 µm
Field of view: 24° (h) x 18° (V) with 19 mm lens

Work time: > 5 hours on NiMH batteries – 120 hours in stand-by with NiMH batteries
Operating temperature range: -20°C to +60°C
Weight including lens and battery: 720 g
Chamber size (l x W x h): 256 mm x 84 mm x 66 mm

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