Flir Scout TS24 thermal imaging camera

The FLIR Scout TS series thermal imaging cameras reliable manual that has been specially designed to observe the wildlife and for hunters.

Thermal imaging cameras for obtaining image absolutely does not need light. They will help You to see all around at night and in almost any weather conditions (including fog and smoke).

After sunset, many animal species remain active. With the help of FLIR Scout TS series you can watch them. The device will help You to see not only the dark but also in daylight.

Thermal imagers make visible objects with a minimum temperature difference on the surface. Based on this difference creates a clear image. Furthermore, thermal contrast is practically impossible to disguise. This means that in the daytime You will also be able to clearly distinguish the animals hiding in the foliage of trees or shrubs. Natural camouflage is no longer able to help them escape.

Package contents:

  • Imager with display modes and InstAlert, BlackHot, White Hot
  • Removable Shoe mount to connect the video cable and charger
  • 4 rechargeable AA alkaline battery
  • Adapter/charger for AC
  • Neck strap
  • The manual
  • USB cable
  • Video cable
  • Carrying bag
  • Memory card SD 1 GB
The resolution matrix
Additional options The 2x extender (all models except TS32r/TS32r Pro), carrying Bag
Detector type The matrix in the focal plane for the uncooled microbolometer vanadium oxide (VOx): 240 x 180 pixels
Spectral range 7.5 to 13.5 µm
The field of view 24° (h) x 18°(V) with 19 mm lens
The field of view with 2X extender 12° (h) x 9°(V) with 19 mm lens
Temperature sensitivity <50 MK at f/1.0 at +25°C
Refresh rate 8.3 Hz Pal / 7.5 Hz NTSC
Focus TS24, TS32: DC – TS24, TS32 with a 2X extender and TS32r: Manual
Digital zoom
Signal processing Digital image enhancement Digital Detail Enhancement (DDE)
Viewfinder Built-in display – color QVGA LCD
Video output Composite analog video signal NTSC or PAL; RCA connector
Palette White hot / black hot/InstAlert; switchable
Requirements 4 AA batteries; rechargeable NiMH, non rechargeable Li-Ion or Alkaline
While working > 5 hours on NiMH batteries – 120 hours in stand-by with NiMH batteries
Operating temperature range -0°C to +50°C
The storage temperature range -0°C to +50°C
Humidity (operation and storage) 5% to 95%
Resistance to impact Withstands drops from a height of 1 m onto concrete
Weight including lens and batteries
Chamber size (l x W x h) 256 mm x 84 mm x 66 mm
Shipping weight (camera+ packaging)
Shipping size (camera + packaging) (l x W x h) 420 mm x 155 mm x 250 mm

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