PULSAR Apex XD75 sight imager

Thermal sight for night hunting. Great lens with a focal length of 75 mm and a sensitivity of 1.4, a high frame rate of 50 Hz.

The sight is designed based on the matrix of 384 x 288. Lightweight shockproof and freezeproof design allows you to use the sight in harsh environments, operating temperature range -25…+50°C. can Withstand the recoil of large calibers with muzzle energy up to 6000 joules. The image on the display 640×480 pixels are displayed in various shades of green, as in night vision devices. Green picture more contrast in the contrast of black and white tones, better pririsovyvat detail.

Replacement of the reticle

The label is entered on the display electronically and is always in the plane of the target image. Memory Apex contains 10 different configuration and purpose of the reticles. Reticle color change from black to white.

Remembering the three points of adjustment

The software allows saving the sight the point of impact for three various distances (types of weapon, ammunition), and in each case can be applied separate of the reticle.

The function of “picture in picture”

The function of “picture in picture” gives arrow the ability to display an extra area which contains twice magnified image of a target and a reticle. This allows for closer examination of the image in the field of sight. Additional area (the frame particularly precise aiming) is on the display at the top center, above the aiming mark. Taking only 1/10 of the total area of the display, the additional area allows simultaneous use to monitor the full field of sight.

High shock resistance

The original scheme of protection for microbolometer array from shock and vibration loads allows to use sights, Apex heavy (with Eo up to 6000 J.) rifled hunting weapons and smooth-bore guns and air rifles.

Safe removal of the exit pupil

Eye relief scopes Apex is 67 mm is one of the best indicators in the class. This significantly reduces the trauma of using the sight on a large caliber hunting guns with strong recoil.

The display off function

Apex has the option of turning off the display, which is advantageously used in cases of short pauses in the observation process, to prevent unmasking an arrow of light from the eyepiece of the scope. If you disable the display all other systems that makes it possible to quickly bring the sight in fully working condition.

Full waterproof

Having a class of moisture protection IPX7 (IEC 60529), Apex sights can be operated in precipitation of any intensity and withstand a short immersion in water.

Zeroing with Freeze function

Standard for Pulsar digital riflescopes “zeroing one cartridge” is supplemented in the Apex Ah even more convenient zeroing function “Freeze”: making the sighting shots, is enough to save a “snapshot” of the target in the memory of the sight, and actions to align reticle with point of impact of the bullet to produce, focusing on the image without the need to maintain complete immobility of the arms.

Different modes of calibration

Apex gives you the opportunity to choose one of three modes of calibration of microbolometer – silent manual (“M”), automatic (“A”) and semiautomatic (“H”). Mode “A” implies that the calibration algorithm is performed fully automatically and without user intervention (the start of the process (the time of lowering of the blind calibration mechanism) is defined programmatically). In the “N” the observer, based on the image quality, decide on the necessity of the calibration matrix, starting it by pressing “Cal”. Manual calibration (“M”) by pressing the button when the lens cap is closed. The “M” mode it is recommended to use while hunting due to silent operation.

Modes of observation

The Apex program gives you the option of choosing the mode of observation, providing optimal results for specific conditions. The program of the thermal imager provides three modes – “Rocks” (enhanced contrast), “Forest” (low contrast) and “Identification” (improved detail warm objects).

Wide temperature range of operation (-25…+50°C)

Ability to work in normal mode at sub-zero temperature conditions is provided by the application in the design of frost-resistant OLED display, which is characterized by short response time and delivers crisp, consistent image when observing dynamic object.

External power
Significantly increase the time of operation allows the use of succinct external power sources (for example, Pulsar EPS3 / EPS5). Prolonged use in cold weather, the power supply can be stored under the clothes.

Sights Apex comes with a video output which allows to record images to the external device in real time.

Wireless remote control
Allows you to perform basic operations without resorting to the use of the main controls.

Installation on the weapon
Choose the location of the mounting bracket allows the installation of Apex considering the anthropometric data of the user of weapon design and to provide the most convenient operation of the complex “weapon – sight”.

  • Microbolometer resolution: 384×288
  • Display type: OLED
  • Display resolution, Pix.: 640×480
  • Optical characteristics: Magnification, x 3 … 6
  • Digital zoom, x: a smooth zoom 2x
  • Lens: F75/1.4
  • The field of view, °, horizontal/vertical: 7.2×5.4
  • Eye relief, mm: 67
  • Limit refocus the eyepiece, diopter: – 4…+ 3,5
  • Range of detection, m (object 1,7*0,5 m): 1600
  • Supply voltage B: 4 ÷ 6
  • The type of elements of a food: 2xCR123A
  • External power supply: DC 8.4 ÷ 15
  • Physical and operational data: protection Class (according to IEC 60529) IPX7
  • Waterproof: Yes
  • Operating temperature range,°C: -25 … +50
  • Dimensions: 381x80x75
  • Weight (without e-ing power), kg: 0,77
  • The reticle: the default Type of replaceable electronic label
  • Price click, the mountains. / Vert., mm@100m 20/ 20
  • The reserve label, the mountains. / Vert., mm@100m 4000/ 4000

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