Carp. Fishing for carp

Carp is the most capricious fish living in our waters. Many generations of fishermen, this feature was observed in different regions of the country. In the course of intensive fish he can instantly stop taking the nozzle and, as cut, more than one bite.

This behavior no one really explained. Although it is known that the choice of his food he is unpretentious. Everything he finds on the bottom goes to him for food, his nose buried in the muddy bottom and digs, exposing the tail.

Carp. Description.

In appearance very similar to the crucian carp. But a broader body and no mustache. All carp are divided into two types: the first is gold (Golden in colour); the second type – a silver (dull silver with a dark back). As a rule, the Golden carp is slightly larger than silver, which is often found in rivers.

Carp. Where to look.

Carp prefer quiet places of the reservoir. It meanders, bays of lakes and rivers, old abandoned quarries filled with water. Importantly, the bottom was with Tina and other water vegetation. By the way, Tina helps the carp to do deep hole to survive the harsh winter (even with the freezing lake to the bottom).

Carp. When to catch.

The best time for catching carp all summer months and one week of time from awakening it from hibernation until the beginning of spawning. Fans of crucians waiting for this week, try not to miss, because I know that I will be rewarded handsomely for waiting, and are guaranteed to be on the Desk of carp in sour cream. Remember, stagnant water good green fishing line, but if fishing is in the flowing water, appropriate light brown elastic thread.

Bite carp cautious, quiet, but the jerk it is strong and decisive (as, for example, a small sasanika). As is now customary for the company, Coinbase has released a list of the latest assets it’s considering. The latest batch are being mooted for its institutional platform, Coinbase Custody, and thus are for storage only at this time, though future trading cannot be discounted.

Carp. What to catch. Nozzle for carp. Bait for carp.

Favorite food carp are maggots; various worms (rain, manure, podlistnikov, etc.); bloodworms; steamed cereals; bread dumplings; various cereals (oat and semolina); semolina Prater Park; pastry; slices of the normal pancakes and cubes of cake – sunflower cake. As for the homemade pancakes, the head of them is made by carving pieces of pancake tube with a diameter of 0.5-1.0 see the Dough is made with the attachment of the yolk of a chicken egg and a spoon of honey.

Then do the peas, lay them in boiling water, surfaced catch, dry and flavored with a small portion of sunflower oil. As noted above, the crucian is whimsical and absolutely reliable lures him there. He takes the worm, cake, porridge, etc. in Short, it is necessary to frequently change the nozzle, achieving acceptable on this day. But practice proved that carp love maggots. So carefully take care of while fishing. The fact that the maggots pupate (especially in the heat). To slow down the process, prikapyvayut a jar of maggots in the damp cool earth.

Carp. Than to catch.

Catching this fish fascinating and interesting process. It is necessary to choose a good tackle to the conditions of fishing. Since most of the places where you have to do the casting rods is a small window among the vegetation, the usual float fishing rod to make an accurate throw out of the window very difficult. Therefore, it is better when the float attached to the fishing line (nipple or a plastic tube), and slides on it.

When the sinker to sink to the desired depth the float will stay on the water and rested in the stopper (make it from a lump of rubber, is placed over the line). Productive carp fishing on zakidushki (spinning), after casting the fishing line to be above the bushes and plants on the shore. Fishing a bottom bait with a rubber band was previously prohibited, but since the early 1990s lov it allowed (provided that the number of hooks does not exceed the allowed number in the region).

In some places carp (like carp and common carp) caught on an interesting tackle the so-called “pacifier.” At the end of the spinning zakidushki attached jar (diameter 4-5 cm, height about 2 cm), its bottom weighted with lead. The main line passed through a hole in the side of the jar and tie a ring comprising 5-6 posadochka with hooks. Score a jar of food (oat, semolina or millet porridge with cake), and the hooks stick in the feed. Carp (carp or carps) begin to suck the contents of the jars and pinpoint hooks. It is possible to catch bream and big roach.

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