Chinook salmon (Oncorhynchus tshawytscha)

This fish belongs to the family of Pacific salmon.Their taste, as well as external indicators, this fish is known all over the world.

Japanese fishermen dubbed it “the salmon Princess”and the Americans call the”Queen of fish”, so every fisherman, whether he is an American, Korean or Russian, wants to catch a specimen of this fish.

Living both in salt and fresh waters, in rivers, this denizen of the fish fauna included at the beginning of may. Entering fresh water, the fish change their diet, moving from planktonic crustaceans, squid and small fish for nutritious larvae, juvenile fish and river shrimp.

The life cycle of Chinook salmon in some cases up to 7 years, with some of the fish becomes sexually Mature at 3 years old.

After the release of caviar shell fish develops and grows in fresh river waters, and only reaching adulthood, goes to sea, and then, becoming Mature is returned to its former habitat for mating and laying eggs. This is the life cycle of the fish, the Chinook salmon.

The habitat of this representative of the fish fauna – the Pacific sea water. With the beginning of the spawning period, the fish goes from salty seas to freshwater rivers.

The main centers of accumulation in the population of fish are the rivers:
• Cupid;
In Anadyr;
In Sacramento;
• river system of British Columbia and Washington Bay.
Along the shores of the American coast fish inhabit water segment: Bay Kotzebue southern California, including the Coppermine river and the Aleutian Islands.

Asian water rich with the Chinook in places:
• on the Kamchatka Peninsula;
• along reaches of the river Anadyr;
• in the waters of the Amur river;
• off the coast of the commander Islands;
• Northern Hokkaido.

Speaking of the Chinook, it is impossible not to mention that it’s beautiful with the swiftness of the fish, with large head the division and a strong body, shaped like a torpedo.
Chinook salmon living in the sea – flea. In the color of the back of adults is dominated by dark tones, combined with a greenish olive tint. The sides and belly are silvery in color. Some individuals have observed dark spots on spin and tail sections behind the fins.

The head from the body separated typical of the salmon dark stripe.
An interesting feature of all fish, rock salmon, did not pass and Chinook salmon: with the onset of spawning, it radically changes their color: the dorsal transverse dark stripes practically disappear. Breeding plumage of red-brown tones attracts males.

The change in body proportions during spawning in fish is not observed, only males have noted a slight curvature of the jaws. Females appear klinovidnye teeth. Chinook salmon compared to salmon or keta at spawning season “dresses” the not so bright.

Among its relatives, this fish reaches the largest sizes. Statistics confirm that catch individuals weighing up to 60 kg Adults reach an average length of 90-100 cm
After analyzing the practice of catch in the Kamchatka region, it is easy to track, catch a Chinook salmon weighing about 30 kg. Russian fishermen have noted the standard in catching the fish: 5-15 kg – normal.

Us officials are able to grow to half a meter in length. Officially registered a case of catching trophy instance fish, the weight of 61,2 kg.

The Chinook salmon is considered not only the largest representative of salmon, but the overall freshwater fish species in North East waters.

Chinook salmon – a very beautiful and large fish. She’s got a pretty big head and body shaped like a torpedo. When the fish is in the sea, it is not evident. She has a dark back with a greenish olive tint. The sides and belly are cast in silver. A distinguishing feature of the fish are dark spots of small size on the side surfaces of the body and fins. No less characteristic dark band at the transition from the body to the head.

When the individual arrives at the river, following the path to the place of spawning, it gets its bright breeding plumage. This change appearance is a feature of all representatives of the salmon family. The body of this sea dweller acquires a reddish-brown tint, and the back becomes almost black. Disappear transverse bands on the back. This does not change the proportions of the body. There may be some curvature of the jaws in males and appearance of the teeth, and individuals of both sexes.

Compared to other members of the family salmon – keta or pink salmon – colour of a marriage of this kind seems not so bright and expressive. Young individuals of small size are very easily confused with the coho. Distinctive features are the dark spots on the back and the black gums of the lower jaw.

In Russia it is found in the North-East coast. Here it is considered the largest of all known freshwater fish. On Kamchatka usually catch individuals weighing 6 to 17 kg. body Length can range from 70 to 100 cm.

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Like all representatives of the salmon family, this species born in fresh river water. One female can lay up to 20,000 eggs. When the juveniles grow up – they go in the cold ocean waters.

In recent years this species began to breed artificially in New Zealand and the United States. It happens in natural freshwater reservoirs.

Grown-up individuals heading to the sea or the ocean and spend there about 7 years. Mostly they feed on smaller fish, or marine molluscs and crustaceans. In the future Chinook salmon returns to fresh water to reproduce.

Today there are many ways to increase your catch. One of the interesting options – Dry blood. Dry blood is used to provarivanija peaceful fish, such as carp, crucian carp, roach, tench. Well it responds and predator – catfish, perch, pike, perch, ruff, burbot, Chub.

Return to the river occurs, as a rule, in may. Usually the fish spawn in small freshwater rivers. She is able to rise against the tide on huge distances – up to 4 thousand km In Russia, the spawning period of the summer months. In America, spawning occurs in the autumn and winter months.

The Chinook salmon is large, delicious eggs, resembling those of chum salmon. In freshwater the juveniles live for about 2 years. They begin to feed on small fish, insects, larvae. At sea the diet of Chinook salmon has some differences. After 3 years, the fish reaches sexual maturity.

There is a special dwarf breed Chinook. As a rule, it is represented by males. These fish reach sexual maturity in sea to 2 years. At sea, these individuals do not go, always being in fresh water. They participate in the spawning, similarly to all the others. Chinook salmon – fish is rare, it is of commercial importance for Russia is not a serious matter.

It is impossible to overestimate the benefits of this fish. It contains a lot of vitamins and minerals. Their quantitative and qualitative composition depends on the age and life cycle of each individual fish, habitat and gender.

In addition to these elements of the periodic table in the body of Chinook salmon contains polyunsaturated fatty acids that are beneficial to the brain and vessels. Using these substances can improve the condition and prevent the development of the following diseases:

  1. Ischemic and hemorrhagic strokes, atherosclerosis.
  2. Heart attacks, myocardial ischemia, arrhythmia.
  3. Depression.
  4. Senile dementia.

100 grams of meat contains 148 Kcal of energy. The calorie content of eggs is 250 Kcal per 100 grams of product.

In addition, regular consumption of dishes of Chinook salmon will avoid the development of diseases of joints and bones, thrombosis and thromboembolism, disorders of vision.

The cost of fish depends on the form of preparation – fresh, frozen, salted. In addition, the value season of the year and area where fish is sold. On average 1 kilogram fillet is from 650 to 750 rubles.

According to gourmets, Chinook salmon is the most delicious in the salted form. In this form it is widely used for salads as one of the ingredients. Besides salads, it is widely used as a component of the cold appetizers.

Can be smoked red fish fillet and it turns out very tasty salmon. Several California restaurants offer special gourmet dish – a fillet of king salmon, which is baked on bricks.

In the trading network , the Chinook salmon can be detected in frozen, smoked, salted. To prepare the salmon is very easy – how to cook and to fry. Smoked fish can be used for sandwiches.

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Some gourmets disagree about what kind of delicious fish – the Chinook salmon or the salmon. Palatability of these fish very close. However, ceteris paribus Chinook salmon contains less fat. It was the Chinook salmon is far superior in its taste most salmon varieties. The most delicious way of cooking is considered to be salted fish. Canned fish is as tasty and healthy. If the fish is salted, it needs a good pre-soak.

The best way of storing Chinook salmon is the so – called shock freezing. Fresh fish just caught, cut up and frozen directly at sea, on floating plants. As such, the salmon retains its useful properties to the maximum.

Because Chinook salmon is quite rare recipes cooking with her so much. And if you are lucky enough to get a good bite of Chinook salmon, it is possible to prepare in a special way.

Fillet of king salmon for starters, marinated in a special blend. It is prepared from honey, soy sauce and mustard. Each component of the marinade must take 2 teaspoons. 300 grams fillet cut into small cubes and pour sauce, then sprinkle with sesame seed. The resulting mixture is put into the refrigerator for 20 minutes. Then fillet removed the light, strung on small wooden skewers. On the bottom of the form filled with water in order to avoid overdrying. Cooking time in the oven is about 8 minutes at a temperature of 180 degrees. To the table serve with fresh green salad and sauce.

Spawning fish is medium-sized rivers with fresh water. In search of optimal conditions the fish can go distances up to thousands of kilometers. Spawning Chinook salmon begins in the summer, in the period from June to August. In the Northern rivers with the onset of cold weather: in the autumn or late winter.
Caviar Chinook salmon is considered a delicacy. It is large, and in appearance resembles the ROE.

This is because the ratio of balance of nutrients and macronutrients are prone to change, which depends on the characteristics of:
• the age of the fish;
• life cycle;
• habitat;
• sex.
But all in all, the fish contain beneficial vitamins, only varies their level.

This fish is rich in vitamin A, b, C, E, K and microelements in the form:
• zinc;
• selenium;
• manganese;
• calcium;
• phosphorus;
• sodium;
• potassium.
Special benefits for humans lies in docosahexanoic and eicosapentaenoic acids that support coordinated activity of the cerebral cortex positively influencing the state of vascular system.

These two substances make the fish so valuable, and their effect on the body helps to prevent the appearance of:
• stroke;
• a heart attack;
• development of atherosclerosis;
• heart arrhythmia;
• dementia;
• depressive disorders.
Calorie fish the equivalent of 100 grams of meat is 148 Kcal.
People who use the eggs of Chinook salmon, will never suffer diseases associated with:
• defeat of bones and joints;
• formation of blood clots;
• violation of the circulatory system;
• loss of vision.
Caviar has a calorific value of approximately 250 Kcal per 100 grams of product.

Fish Chinook salmon reviews

Opinion 1.
About fish the Chinook salmon often say, with her cuisine, its caviar is considered a delicacy. Is this fish not much much in the range of 1400 rubles per 1 kilogramof smoked fish, but the beneficial properties and taste of fish fully justify this amount. Sometimes it is possible and poshikovat, diversified menu, young Chinook salmon. It is worth saying that the cost of fish in different regions of the country is different.

Opinion 2.
This fish, which is pleasant to work. As a cook I say this with dignity. Always nice to make spicy sauces for baked fish or serve smoked fish with this sparkling beer. Meals of Chinook salmon in our restaurant one of the most requested. Clients appreciate not only the skill supply, but also a great taste of fish that with proper preparation becomes even brighter and richer.

Opinion 3.
We buy eggs Chinook regularly. The kids love her. It is not only tasty, but also useful. So this is a real jackpot. Despite the inflated price for a product with the beneficial properties of caviar Chinook salmon will not argue. It is indispensable in the diet of an adult. Our grandparents arrange a delicious snack with sandwiches with caviar, Chinook salmon, thereby encouraging us with his presence: good health and excellent memory.

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