Estrenos (Liza saliens)

A marine schooling fish. Found in the brackish waters of estuaries, where the sometimes comes in, tolerates increased salinity.

Found in the Eastern Atlantic from the Bay of Biscay to Morocco, Mediterranean and Black seas, Suez canal. In the Black sea astrono in significant quantities marked in the Western part. Summer comes to the sea of Azov. In the Caspian sea after acclimatization conducted in the 30-ies, multiplied and became the target of fisheries.

Prostranno snout, devoid of scales ahead of the front nostrils. Eyes without adipose eyelid. Lopatinski at the base of the pectoral fin no. Coloring from dark gray to dark brown, the second dorsal fin and lower caudal fin is black at the edges of the pectoral and pelvic fins are black. In the Caspian sea length reaches 40 cm.

The main supply of fingerlings of 5-10 mm are small planktonic organisms. The growth of the fry begin to consume the larvae of molluscs, and after the approach to the shores of the switch to food of benthic animals: Chironomidae, gammarids, larvae of shrimp. With a length of 6 cm fry that bottom food. Adult astronomov in the stomachs dominated by detritus.

Adult Caspian estrenos winters in the South Caspian. In February, starts moving along the Western and Eastern shores, reaching by may desalinated areas of the Northern Caspian sea. By November, returns to the southern Caspian. By the end of autumn all juveniles are concentrated in the southern Caspian sea, continuing to eat and winter.

In the Caspian sea estrenos spawns from may to October when the water temperature from 20 to 29° C. the Mass spawning in the southern Caspian sea occurs in the dark at the end of July – beginning of August at a water temperature of 27-29° C. Fecundity is on average 1300 thousand eggs. The eggs are spherical, floating, oil drop. Egg development lasts about a day. Scales at the fry appears when the length of 11-11,5 mm. By September, the average length of 34 mm. sharp-nosed sharp-nosed Females begin to Mature in the third year of life at a length of 22 cm and males in the second year at 19-20 see

The length of an adult fish reaches 20-40 cm, weighing up to 2 kg.

You’ll be estrenos from other species of mullet tail fin, which has a deep recess and a long and pointed snout.

Astrono a great swimmer, but prefers to find food on the bottom and like all brothers, eats silt sand and all that it inhabits. All food is digested and assimilated, and the rest comes naturally and is again at the bottom. The so-called detritus feeders fish feeding in this way.

Winters astrono at a depth of 50 m, below the steep cliffs of the Black sea. Only when the water has warmed to 10°C, it approaches the shoreline.

Breeds in the period from July to September. Eggs and larvae pelagic. It is quite prolific fish, one individual can lay up to 2 million eggs. The sharp-nosed fish prefer to live in river mouths and in shallow waters where they are not dangerous predatory marine fish.

Have a sharp-nosed high gustatory quality, the fish you can braise, bake and brew very useful ear.

Almost all the Black sea coast suitable for fishing sports sharp-nosed. You can catch from the pier, shore, and large boulders.

Before you throw a tackle knead the bait. It is very useful if the sluggish bite, when the fish are not active or their number is minimal in the area of fishing. Take the bait with the addition of minced seafood and worm Nereis.

As estrenos floats in the water, bait make a bit of a liquid consistency that the ball did not go right to the bottom, it will be good if he will crumble into layers of water forming a column turbidity.

From good equipment depends on the effectiveness of the catch. For fishing, use a sharp-nosed common flywheel rod without rings length of 6-9 m. In good weather, the fishing rod needs to be longer tackle more easy, in bad weather, respectively Vice versa.

Estrenos loves bad weather and biting actively in the storm, so the float use capacity from 1.5 to 4 grams. When ogruzka use the main sinker and 2-3 of the shepherd boy.

If the waves are coming get one herdsman, and in a storm, and remove the second shepherd boy, the float rises and due to the fact that he was twitching in the Wake of biting very well seen. And when the weather improves, it is best to return the undershepherds in place. Fishing line 0,20 mm ordinary monopolowa, hook No. 14-18, it pushed the sea-worm.
But remember, the colder it is outside, the worse astrono will bite on the worm, in this case, as bait is better to use bloodworms. The bite of sharp-nosed careful and notice it to the beginner angler is difficult.

The basic rule of anglers when fishing in the sea with a slight unusual movement of the float, set the hook! Besides the constant twitching of the bait provoke inactive fish to take strong action.

Be aware that playing bait, estrenos will definitely be interested and will bite, and for you to hook in and pull out a curious fish. So, with such a skill and our tips without a good trophy just will not leave!

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