Lasker (Diplodus annularis)

Redfin (Lasker) – marine fish, found mainly in the waters of the Black sea, less common in the Azov (also common in other waters of the World ocean). Sizes sea carp are not big. For the life (lives 4-7 years) reaches the maximum weight and size respectively of 2 kg and 45 cm, But usually end of Lasker 15 cm in length.

Sea bream belongs to the family sparovek. His body elongated and slightly compressed laterally, a color light-yellow on the sides, passing into darker with a Golden tint on the back. In front of the tail fin of a bold, conspicuous black spot. Front teeth sea fish in the form of wide cutters. These outward signs allow you to without difficulty distinguish lascera from other types of fish.

Lasker – heat-loving fish. She lives in the Eastern Atlantic, common in the Mediterranean and Black seas.

Appearance and habits of Lascari inhabit the coastal areas of the seas. They prefer seagrass beds, often gather in small flocks near the rocks and boulders, overgrown with sea grass. For the winter go to great depths. Feed on benthic invertebrates and algae. Due to the fact that this fish is extremely thermophilic, its activity increases with the heating of water, often Lasker is fed in the daytime.

Body lascera rounded, slightly elongated, flattened laterally. Scales are bright, although the color can vary depending on habitat conditions. On the sides of lascera several more or less prominent vertical bars near the caudal fin is a dark spot. Dorsal fin long and located almost across the back. A distinctive feature of this fish is the structure of the teeth. Front have the shape of incisors, there are more lateral teeth for grinding the food. On the palate the teeth are missing. Lasker can grow to a length of 30cm and weigh up to a pound. Spawning Spawning in lascera runs from June to September. Caviar is kept and matured in the water column.

Redfin is very heat-loving fish and are caught, it is only in the warm season. And even at noon when the temperature reaches its maximum, the bite much improved. Holds at such time at a depth of about 2 meters, but the shore is not particularly suited, holding at a certain, seeming him safe, distance. Selects places which are overgrown with algae, rocks, stones, or piers. Such places are usually rich favorite food lascera small crustaceans and molluscs. Well caught this fish at night. Usually after dark to catch sea bream with pier, beach when the life stops and the fish do not bother. At night, the carp rests at a depth of about 3-5 meters. Redfin goes in flocks, so if he fell, ready for a stable bite and often bites

Redfin fish is very cautious, so to meet him in the middle of beach season near the pier or the beaches themselves except that night. So during the day it is better to seek for more quiet places, where people bathe and not noisy Motorboats and boats.


Flocks of large sea carp come up to the confluence with the sea of mountain rivers. Usually they bite in places aktiviziruyutsya at 8pm and the best showerhead here will serve as cancer a hermit.

Caught sea bream from the bottom. This files most often for fishing using bottom gear, but not a small part of the fishing of this fish uses a float fishing-rods, and no less success. Often it is necessary to choose the gear based on the location of fishing. When fishing from piers or steep banks, of course, will be more convenient to catch on the float and when fishing with gentle beach shore, can not do without the bottom gear.

This fish often refuse to eat in a calm and begins to respond to the bait only with the emergence of waves. Especially good biting redfin after the storm, when the water is still turbid. Under such conditions it is very likely to catch a big specimen, weighing in at 500 grams, and even larger. Biting sea bream as well aktiviziruyutsya a couple of days before the storm, if the sea is already beginning to worry and blowing a good breeze.

When summer crosses over the middle, comes the best time for catching sea bream. Since the end of July of Lasker comes closer to the shore and starting to actively feed. Such a good bite continues throughout September. After, with the arrival of cold air masses and the cold water, he sinks deeper into the sea and its fishing ceases until the next season.

Of course, for sea bream, the most natural and usual bait, will serve shrimp or mussel meat. He also caught on Nereis or worm of pescarola. A good account of himself as bait, pieces of fresh fish. Shrimp and mussel can catch directly on fishing, which makes them even more popular bait. Moreover, the bite on these baits is excellent and the fish love them without fear. In order to catch enough shrimp to have easy mecoacan the net. Having passed with him along the shore, you can easily catch a few shrimp for bait. More shrimp can be found among reefs or near piers. Mussels are also not hard to find. They usually cling to the underwater parts of piers and groynes or rocks. It is necessary to split the shell and remove the meat. Good nozzle for large sea bream is cancer a hermit. This bait often catches big Lasker that cancer hermit, apparently, has very much to taste.

In sea bream sturdy tackle is required because fish this though, and stubbornly resists when they are on the hook, but size is not particularly left. Fishing line to catch this fish used is usually 0.15-0.2 mm, no more. The hooks on the domestic standards No. 5-7, better if they are with long forend. To put the necessary tackle so that the bait is not lying on the bottom, and was from him, at a distance of about 20 cm Float to put as easy as allows sea.

If in a few days to lure the fishing spot of crushed mussels, and this must be done several times a day, then there can be no doubt a good catch. Sometimes, such an prevajanje have to spend up to five days, but it’s worth it if you really want to catch some fish. On lured place gradually begin to approach the flocks of small carp, and in the late afternoon and odinokie larger specimens.

Remember that redfin is a very cautious fish, it may scare off not only noise, but also the silhouette of a human body, so to catch it in silence and without sudden movements. It is desirable when fishing to stand to be less visible to fish. Take care and good fishing to You!

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