Fishing jigs in the snags

And this somehow has to be reconciled. But you should always try to reduce the possibility of breakage of the hook and bait to a minimum. And you need to reduce the cost of bait, you will catch where her life is quite short, and without prejudice to ulovistost.

About how I tried to rationalize when fishing in snag pits Kokshagi, I would like to tell in this article.

So our goal is as cheap bait with performance minimally affected zatsepu and breakage. To start, calculate the cost of the most commonly – Twister on the offset hook. Take the minimum of cost components: leash is 10 rubles, Cheburashka 10 roubles rubles opsitnik 8, Twister 12 rubles. That is, the leash and potentially unreliable, and Twister simple and not edible. In the end we have 40 rubles. It seems to be little especially when compared with the cost of crankbaits. But… For half a day’s fishing on Kokshaga I leave it on the driftwood to 15-20 baits. Out in any case expensive. Will reduce the cost.

Instead purchase a leash to take the field cable to untwist and get out the steel wiring, there are 3 pieces. Cable this you can get almost free and leads from it are very good to pike teeth are opposed, and reliable.

Instead of the Twister alone will cut out foam fish. To make it easy, ask size, that is, to taste.

For parronki we will need a special double with appressed tips. He stands in our stores 15-20 rubles. But you can cheat, buy cheap and good quality double for 8 rubles and with a pair of pliers to squeeze both his stinger. The original double angle between the tips is 90 degrees, we need to reduce the angle by half, up to 45-50 degrees.

Spring trout on spinning

Some (I assume very large) percentage of hooks in the remote snags can sometimes be at fault Cheburashka. The design of the lure with the Cheburashka very cumbersome. If we use Twister opsenica, we have to put clockwork ring. In addition fuss, we get another very impenetrable bait. Cheburashka is often stuck among the branches, stones and other obstacles. As we suggest fishing the primers, in this case it is better to use a sinker with a bullet form.

The original “bullet” in the store costs 10 rubles, and the donkey, so to speak, the price is justified. So it is better to buy heavy sinkers in the form of olives (they cost 5 rubles) and divide them in half, getting from one clueless angler to “olives” are two very relevant “bullets”, especially at a price of 2.5 rubles apiece!

When you divide the olives in half you will need a secret. Before half the “olive” with a knife and hammer, you need to insert something into the hole (I used a straightened paper clip), not to then look for the hole. If you do not, you can simply spoil the sinker, as the hole will close and it will be extremely difficult.

Then, using field cable do for bullets “ears” for attaching to double and leash, too, of “vole”, by the way. Insert into porolono double, making sure that sting is not sticking. Very porolono need to fix on the double. To do this, the front of the bait you need to wrap the thread and fix it all glue. Now the bait is ready!

Comes at a cost of 10.5 rubles – 4 times cheaper than the same Twister on opsenica. And while the lure gives a very passable in snags, much less zatsepistye the same Twister with Cheburashka and offset. Fish detects and holds up better than the same opsitnik. The predator responds to her very positively. On the last fishing trip on the Kokshaga, I had the opportunity in all this to make sure. Catch began at the morning dawn, the biting lasted exactly one hour, from 7 to 8 am.

During this time there have been 10 strikes, in eight cases, the predators spotted. Of these, only one (pike 2-3 kg) failed to deliver to shore – gathering, and 5 perch up to 2 kg and 2 pike to 1 kg was successfully removed. Consumption of the baits for 5 hours (I decided to watch the bite before dinner) – 6 lures, which is very little for coregister Yam Kokshagi. So the result can be considered quite decent. And if the Twister on opsenica I tend to not call as much nezatseplyayki as natsukashi, something about poranki with appressed tips twins complete with the bullet. I can not say this.

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