Mackerel (mackerel) (Scombridae)

The word “Mackerel” is a generic term for the whole family skumryev, which includes a lot of fish.

Elongated torso and a massive jaw with big teeth triangular shape are distinctive features mackerel, a little larger in size than a mackerel. The most frequent habitats of this fish are the rocky coast and coral reefs of warm seas.

The size of the fish family skumryev, all of them predatory, varies from 60 cm to 4.5 meters.

On the coasts of the Indian ocean, Western Pacific ocean and in the Mediterranean sea is home to the largest sample of this species – striped mackerel, so called due to the strong kink bands in your color and light abdomen.

There are also Japanese mackerel a meter in length, living in the waters of Northern China, Korea and Japan, and 60-inch Indian mackerel, whose house became the coast of Southeast and South Asia.

The main source of nutrients for the predator – plankton, coastal fish, eels, various shellfish, and so on.


In flocks of makrela not commonly found impurities of other fish.

Mackerel is the most valuable fish in fisheries.

To meet that predatory fish far from the coast is impossible, since key places for habitat of mackerel is a pelagic zone. Schools of these fish are considered to be quite a common sight near coral reefs and rocky shores, and the mouth and closed the harbour is typical of the location of the young.

Bait for mackerel

Most often fishermen catch mackerel on any artificial bait that is not even necessary to buy and easy to do yourself, but along with this, it is possible to catch mackerel on freshly caught small fish. For example, to the Wahoo is a true delicacy is the Sargan or, otherwise, the fish-needle, often used as natural bait when fishing for mackerel.

To catch a Gar in coastal surface areas, as the main food of this fish – small crustaceans and fish. You need to remember that for bait for mackerel garfish must necessarily be small in size, not more than 30 inches, although fish is found needle length to five feet. To stay on the hook the billfish will help its large powerful jaw.

As a natural bait used and also some fish meats and shellfish.

Ways of catching mackerel

Very often anglers fishing mackerel used method “track”, the most effective work during Jora mackerel . At this time, the water appears very dark shaky strip, which is very different from other areas of the surface.

Spinning can be a helper in catching the predatory fish, excellent feeds on simulation voblerov and small curved pen or esperava spoon. In this case, for fishing you will also need a high rocky shore or boat. Resisting mackerel, caught on a hook, trying to swim to the side, severely bending the rod spinning, so a good solution would be to use spinners.

Shore anglers also fish a float rod, it brings a big catch when passing large flocks.

Catch mackerel and the usual gear, like a tyrant. Can be used here as a classic jewelry and Mahallesi

When is the best time to catch a mackerel?

To catch mackerel can be from early spring to the onset of cold weather, that is until the beginning of November. The season of catching this predator is very high.

Fans of coastal fishing is better to choose the spring, the season of capturing fish in coastal pack for the intense and prolonged feeding. Knowing the migration periods for mackerel, can greatly facilitate the fishing process.

Tackle for mackerel

Fishing for mackerel is simple, but requires additional training. Despite the fact that the snap-in does not require much wisdom, many anglers prefer to catch mackerel by the method of fly fishing, by which has the ability to throw the gear far enough. Boat or yacht is probably the best place for fishing for mackerel.

Bait can serve all shiny and conspicuous, for example, sparkly foil and bright feathers. All of this serves as a magnet for such flashy mackerel.

Before you throw suitable for a fishing match rods, equipped with tackle with several leashes, need to know depth for a correct posting.

Remember the right weight sinkers ( 50 to 80 grams). After it falls to the bottom, the angler remains only to cut the line, right operating rod.

If there are concerns that the anchor might get stuck at the bottom, you should not lower it until it stops. Work a rod and pulling cord should begin as soon as it will be in the water. The process is not complicated, but the result will exceed all expectations.

You should also not increase the number of leads, four would be sufficient. Of course, the more hooks, the greater the catch, but time untangling them will also increase significantly. Greed in this case – not an assistant.

A suitable choice of space for fishing catch is very generous even with the three leashes. This tackle is used when fishing from the pier.

In the presence of a boat no need for the long rod, the main thing to keep in mind the wind direction and right to make a throw from the back for accurate achievement of the target sinker, periodically changing tactics and not being fond of dolgorukim.

Search for mackerel that are not long in one place, it may take some time.

When finding fish in the current, care should be taken heavier the sinker, as light can carry from the bottom. Not to be left without prey, you need to use the effect of breakers.

Mackerel and mackerel: similarities and differences

In stores mackerel and mackerel are often close, sometimes even under the same name. Some argue that these fish are one and the same, others say the opposite. Even typing the word “mackerel” in the search Wikipedia, we read that mackerel is mackerel.what is mackerel fish

But with a serious approach to tackling the issues can sooner or later stumble upon the conclusion that the mackerel and mackerel – fish are two completely different biological birth.

Its share in bringing such confusion is often made incorrect trade name.

As in English, these fish have the same name, in stores now can be seen as mackerel, called mackerel, and mackerel, which they call a mackerel, and it happens that under the name of “mackerel” generally sell almost all of the fish of this family.

Differences mackerel and mackerel

The size of mackerel is much larger than the mackerel, and its stigma acute.

Abdomen mackerel – pure white as stripes and spots dorsally it does not have, while the abdomen mackerel, gray, or slightly yellow, may be striped or spotted, although this is not necessarily so. Maybe it will help to distinguish them on the shelves, but this symptom may be completely wrong. Because southern mackerel, for example, is completely spotty, making it difficult to correct definition.

Fat and tasty mackerel meat with a nice pink shade gives it great value in comparison with mackerel, ugly grey meat which are dry enough and suitable mainly only for salads. But people who have rickets, and suffer from memory loss, seizures and problems with the nerves, mackerel can be very useful. Its meat improves heart and blood vessels and retards aging of the organism, and the protein contained in it are absorbed almost instantly.

Eating mackerel, can boost your immunity, settle your hormones and reduce the risk of diabetes. It, like other fish should not be consumed if you are allergic to marine products, as well as in diseases of the liver and kidneys. It is not recommended to eat this type of fish is in excess of Selena and problems with the gastrointestinal tract.

Until they start catching young mackerel on the shelves gets adult fish, large and plump, encouraging buyers to make the wrong choice in their favor. Fish salad – it’s certainly not bad, but for BBQ and Ambassador should choose mackerel.

General biology of the family skumryev

Will focus on more detailed consideration of common fish in this family.

One of the characteristic signs is a bony ring around the eyes. Also, to avoid turbulence in the development of high speed, mackerel, tuna and mackerel – some of the fastest ( speed up to 70 km/h) in the world , these fish have a set of small fins from the second plavica on the back to tail and from it to the anus. Vast distances at such a speed it helps to pass the body temperature is able to rise a few degrees.

Enemies of these predatory fish – dolphins, sharks, birds that feed on fish and people.

Scombridae have a preference to move schools.

All the basic life processes of the young occur near the coast. Stumblebee on average live about 25 years.

So, remember the differences between fish families skumryev:

Mackerel and more mackerel.

The stigma of mackerel sharper than the stigma of mackerel.

Abdomen mackerel clean, without spots and stripes, in contrast to the striped – spotted abdomen mackerel. There are exceptions.

Mackerel meat is much fatter.

As mackerel, and mackerel belong to the family sumberawan. They are similar to each other in appearance and size. But in the store you may be asked to pick the carcass of different sizes under the same name. If bird fish less, then with confidence you will buy mackerel. And if the fish is fat and big, then it’s mackerel. This is due to the fact that the supply of this fish in the ocean is too large, therefore many fishermen prefer mackerel.

When importing fish to the shops quite often, there is confusion. All products that are imported, masked in English. It is noted that both fish have the same markings. Fish something similar. In order to distinguish them, you need to know all the features of each of them.

In order to understand the difference, you need to see the mackerel in the photo. Or learn photo mackerel, for example, in the fishing magazines and books. The external features of fishes are as follows.

South mackerel – photo of fish in natural sideone fish are silver and green.
They are both the same shape.
Mackerel has tiger stripes on the back, which are clearly located.
Mackerel has stripes and dark spots.
Fishing occurs only in the period from April to October and fishing boats.
What is interesting in fishing for mackerel
Mackerel the mackerel is a fatty fish that is rich in saturated and various omega acids. They are important for maintaining human health. It is actively used in food, but taste characteristics she loses her relative. Meat mackerel can be harsh, and during heat treatment becomes dry.

Mackerel butchering the meat has a soft pink color. In turn, the mackerel has a greyish tint of the meat. To cut the fish just enough. For cutting fish without removing the scales. Fish fillet easily separates from the ridge and it can be cleaned with a knife in the case of small bones in it. Mostly the fish is prepared on the grill, bake it with lemon juice or lubricating with olive oil.

The mackerel is a large predatory rubitel English speaking countries quite often confused mackerel with mackerel. Fish family skumryev something similar to each other. But they often differ in size. It can be fish from sixty centimeters to meters, and sometimes more. Any fish of this family relates to predatory fish. Mackerel is much larger in size unlike true mackerel, elongated body and powerful jaws, fishes have large triangular teeth. The fish distributed in warm seas around the rocky coasts and coral reefs.

Striped or Spanish mackerel is a major representative of this species. It lives in the Indian ocean and West Pacific ocean. Color striped fish is kink stripes and light belly. Mackerel is quite common in Asian countries. In this habitat it can reach one meter in length. In the southeastern part of the mackerel slightly smaller and reaches not more than sixty centimeters in length. Fish, mackerel belongs to the predators. It lives in natural conditions and feeds almost exclusively on shellfish and eels. The Royal fish has a dense white meat and also has useful properties and good taste.

Choose fish mackerel only if there are clear and transparent eyes and pink gills. With pressure on fish should not be dented. Fresh fish has a mild and sweet smell. This species has no strong fishy flavor. It should be moist and shiny and may also be traces of blood and stains on the carcass.

Mackerel Pacific – photo ulovov our country mackerel rarely sell. Basically if you do this, under the guise of mackerel. And in many other countries, especially in Central Europe prefer it as a main dish. For example, in England it is roasted. In France, it is baked in foil. In the Eastern part of it a little stir. In some countries it is even eaten raw in food, and also seasoned green horseradish, or soy sauce.

Mackerel is associated in humans with the open ocean, and mackerel often comes to mind is smoked or frozen. In any case, is a different fish, though of the same family that mackerel that macrel. Their closest relatives are the tuna and pelamida. Despite the distinctive external differences in appearance, they have many similar and main is a family.

It turns out the family is huge, and it includes fifty-one fish. While Kazdoa of them has its importance. It should be noted that mackerel is a fast swimmer. For consideration and preparation there are three groups of fish from this wonderful family.

Mackerel is a shoal fish which has a fusiform body, but also thin and strong tail with a powerful tail Crescent-shaped. Rarely it can grow up to sixty centimeters. It is characterized by a large number and takes a major role in oceanic fisheries. It feeds exclusively small fish. Life mackerel is not more than eighteen years. She lives with an average temperature indicator and migrate further.

Today it is possible to allocate two kinds of mackerel is the Atlantic or Australian.

Mackerel – sizes, habitats, other osobennostyakh fish lives in the Mediterranean sea. It can be found off the coast of Europe and in the cores. Quite often, she lives in Israel where it is called mackerel.

Spotted mackerel or Australian lives on the Pacific ocean, in Australia and New Zealand. Its weight can reach up to three and a half pounds. It should be noted that the catch of this fish is one of the biggest.

There are other types, for example, Japanese mackerel. Regardless of its habitat, to us it gets only a frozen. The biggest fish is the Atlantic. It weighs three and a half pounds. Australian can weigh up to one kilogram. A Japanese fish of about three pounds.

Fish caught in the spring period, the fat content is 3%. In the autumn the fish reaches up to 30% fat. The fat mackerel is great source of fatty acids and vitamins. Its use is necessary for the human body. It should be noted that to cook the mackerel is only recommended, baking or frying on the coals.

Both fish have a high percentage of fat, but despite this they contain a high percentage of vitamins and minerals. So cooking or frying of this product can spoil all the necessary for the body useful trace elements.

It is recommended to cook the fish while baking it on the fire or in the oven. Regardless of whether you choose mackerel, or mackerel both fish will do you good!

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