A favorite delicacy is horse mackerel anchovy, but the hunt for a pack of this fish are not always successful. Discovering the danger, anchovy astray in a dense pack. The mackerel, in this case, nothing remains how to split this cluster into several disparate groups.

Only then it could be robbing. Protection from predators by churning in a dense pack used by many fish. In particular the mackerel itself uses this technique to protect against larger predators that have hunted her. This is the pelamida, and bluefish. Course horse mackerel coincides with the run of mackerel is not accidental. This voracious predator is not always achieves victory. He needs to break the pack.

Mackerel is a fish species. This is understandable as meat is very nutritious. It contains up to 20 % protein, fat – 2 to 4% , vitamins a, D, B2, B12 and minerals, which are very useful for our body. In the home of Jack mackerel you can cook some delicious dishes. It is good as boiled, and stewed.

Catch as mackerel on a float with the boat as a ground rod from the shore, if it comes close to the shore. It is believed that a good time for fishing is fishing in the evening and in the first half of the night. In the course are chunks of fresh fish, Nereis, and the like of the nozzle.

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