Whiting fish (Merlangius merlangus)

Small fish whiting, which has a length of half a meter, belongs to the family of cod. The main places of its habitat are considered Northern, Black and Barents sea, and the Mediterranean. Back fish the whiting are painted in reddish-brown color with a purple tinge, the flanks silvery and the belly and lower head are white.

Whiting – pack deep-sea fish, a distant relative of cold-water cod, widespread around the Black sea. At ease feeling in areas with large depths to 150 meters and the icy water up to 10 degrees. Like any black sea fish, has a number of aliases: merlinka, Mizgir, pebble, haddock. Without further ADO, though it is the wrong name, in our area they call the fish just haddock.

Fishing for whiting fishermen coincidental rather than meaningful character. Anglers, on the contrary, the news of the presence of whiting, especially a decent size, always greeted with great enthusiasm and sometimes do not hesitate to switch from catching one type of fish to another, leave their homes and rush to catch whiting

The length of this fish is most often less than 25 cm and 300 grams of weight, but despite its not very impressive size, whiting is considered to be quite worthy to have caught him purposefully. The more that it is different kind of courage: even when approaching dolphins, prowling in search of horse mackerel are everywhere, the pack rarely leaves or favorite places.

Whiting does not like calf tenderness: warm water and shallow water. Consequently this fish is caught year-round in the bottom layer on a solid deep, almost icy water. The shoals of whiting occupy vast areas and come across on such sites from morning to midnight without any breaks for lunch.

Mainly catching whiting is conducted from boats at sea, although we can not exclude the possibility of active fishing in the early spring from the shore. After a protracted winter storms that violate the natural direction of currents, whiting’s massively suited to the coast, migrating in cool water.

Features of the life cycle of whiting and his environment directly determine the type of tackle for catching him. Whiting adheres to the deep areas of the sea, so catching this fish is the most efficient use of bottom gear .

Spinning rod, designed for fishing, with a powerful inertia or instantaneous models of reels with spool capacity of at least 150 meters, colorless solid scaffold – 0.16-0.22 mm, one bead, a carabiner with swivel and tyrant. Because of the urgent need for a long pole, no, then it will come down heavy three-meter class.

Bait and bait for fishing this saltwater fish is not necessary, since their delivery to you are interested in the depth is very problematic. From whiting’s appetite, and to tame it quite difficult. He equally eagerly grabs hooks, whether baited or completely naked.

Of course, as bait can be used fresh or cooked shrimp, slices of squid and even bacon, lovingly prepared you for a snack with your family members, but all of it is irrational. Why waste so much precious bait? Better leave her for a more suitable occasion.

In our case, the running head is the meat along the way you have caught any fish, sliced. It turns out that the whiting are cannibals, and if they are happy to eat animals of their species, to say nothing of the young of other fish

Finding a pack of whiting, the boat must be anchored. Otherwise, unbeknownst to you, your craft will slowly drift under the influence of wind and currents, which in the end may lead to loss of places of a congestion of fish. The whiting bite is not very noticeable, the rod is observed as a weak twitch of the tip down and the line – like a gentle tapping. Though the bite of this fish ugly, but true.

Sometimes they don’t even wait during the next isolation of the tyrant from the soil curious whiting often it is attached to the hooks. The fish this fish does not cause much difficulty, but requires some skill and strength, after all, to raise whiting, and even not one but five things weighing 1.5-2.0 kg from a depth of 80 meters is not easy.

At the culinary qualities of fish, the whiting is not particularly important, as meat of this inmate of the seas, although fairly tasty, but a little dry due to the low fat content. That is why it is great as a dietary food that will enrich the diet of people seeking to live a healthy lifestyle.

Basically, that sea-fish is used as raw and cooked forms. Seafood experts say that keeping fish whiting should not be long, so better to use it in the near future, and prepare some nutritious and healthy dish. Often whiting suggest a stew with ham or bacon, with the fat which are a little dry fish meat gains richness and becomes softer.

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