7 tips on how to catch tench

Fishing for tench – the process is quite time-consuming and energy-consuming, but it causes unrealistic interest and excitement among fans of fishing. Statistics show that in most cases the capture of this inhabitant of freshwater occurs at the coincidence, when to plan for the hook has to catch completely different fish.

For those who are tired of trying their luck in the fight for the right to obtain this trophy, you must learn more about its habitat, habits and taste preferences. In order to make sense of all this, it is enough to find out some helpful tips and recommendations of experts in this field.

Tips fishermen

To fishing was successful, you should keep to some basic rules:

1) Extensive thickets of underwater vegetation, a perfect place to catch. in this case, your chances increase significantly. Of course, to catch Lin can and in open space, but the result is quite different. The best solution is to throw the gear in the window between plants. If they are small, it is always possible to expand independently. The alternative – the boundary between the bushes and clean the bottom. The choice is yours.

2) Far not always effective. The maximum depth of the fish varies from 0.5 to 1.5 meters, so you can just forget about your skill to cast the line in the far distance.

3) Absolute silence – the key to successful fishing. It is worth remembering that the tench is one of the most fearful and cautious members of the family Cyprinidae. To implement the supplementary feeding is desirable only after the successful capture of another instance. Remember, the less noise the better!

4) Search linevych trails – not a waste of time. The presence of the Lin can be determined by stirring water plants and of the characteristic chain of bubbles rising to the surface. Once the path is discovered, then half the work is already done, because the fish prefers to travel a proven way. It remains only to place the hook with the bait and wait paklava.

5) the Abundance of bait – one of the basic requirements. Lin, by nature, very voracious, so the foods you need to be clear. Timely update will help to hold the fish in place and will increase the chances of catching large representative.

6) Bait – a powerful and effective tool when fishing. If it is possible to implement the feeding daily (preferably at the same time), then necessarily its use. The probability of successful fishing in the future will grow exponentially.

7) Bright and coarse bait is not for gourmets. If you are fishing for tench will use in their Arsenal massive float saturated colors or excessively heavy sinker, your mission can be crowned with failure. All these excesses will certainly wary of suspicious fish and forced her to give up on your suggested “treats.” Don’t forget that the right kind of fishing equipment – half success.

How to catch tench on the pole?

Traditionally, the fishing line is on a standard float rod. Its equipment is characterized by optimum combination of lightness, strength and functionality. Fishing line is applied the most common. Its diameter is 0.2 mm. it is necessary to select and mount two suitable technical characteristics of the leash different lengths. First, the leash should be approximately 50 cm, and the second about 2 times longer. The important point is the color scheme used is a snap. Give your preference to green or brown shades as close to natural.

Why these two colors? Everything is very simple. As you know, Ling fish is quite cautious, so the white line its just a scare. Connoisseurs and experienced anglers, taught by long experience, I prefer to take the hooks No. 6 is a neutral black color. For maximum effectiveness, use a sliding type floats made from foam. Their coloring should be inconspicuous.

What to catch tench?

After selection of the main fishing snap, it’s time to think about bait. Anglers came to the unanimous opinion that the most effective lure is a meal. Will also fit the common earth worm. In some cases, the fish starts to be choosy. But the experiments has not been canceled. Replace worm maggots or a loaf of white bread, soaked in drops of anise oil.

Where to catch tench?

It is worth noting the fact that even at full combat readiness the probability of successful fishing small. So you need to choose a trusted space in which Lin hundred percent usual. This does not necessarily to go to distant lands in uncharted territory and to obtain the dubious title of pioneer.

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