Biological characteristics fish Buffalo and main fishing methods

More fish species are spreading far beyond its homeland. This also applies to Buffalo, inhabitants of major American rivers such as the Mississippi, but still adapted to the conditions of a different climate of the middle band.

It is often confused with carp, and somewhat less – with the carp, while the similarity does not end with one appearance. The habits of these fish also similar.

Bigmouth Buffalo, as well as related species prefers quiet water and muddy bottom, but it has less resistance to disease and greater demands on the purity of the water. Also in comparison with carp and carp, this fish requires a higher temperature in the pond where lives, so the farther South, the more successful attempts of breeding this species in ponds.

Description of fish behaviors

This genus of fishes includes 5 types, but the most common are 3 of them:

  • largemouth;
  • Smallmouth Buffalo;
  • black.

They all like the usual carp, however, the body somewhat more elongated, and the scales has a different color and is much easier separated. Different and sizes. At home, these fish can weigh more than 30 kilograms, although in unusual circumstances Buffalo and grow to impressive sizes, but in Central American can be more serious compared to local water inhabitants dimensions.

Conditions that prefers Buffalo, almost the same as carp or carp. The most comfortably he feels in the water without currents, with muddy bottom and overgrown banks. While fish straying into flocks, composed of individuals of approximately the same size, allowing the angler to find such a conglomeration of Buffalo to return with a good catch. But the temperature of the water American guest prefers higher.

Important! The activity of this fish, like most other species, is highest in the morning and evening hours. It was at this time the fishing will be most productive.

Spawning and food

The ability to reproduce Buffalo gain about 3-4 year of life. Spawning of these fish begins with the rise of water temperature to 15 degrees and above, and extended in time – can occur throughout the summer. Eggs while females lay on aquatic vegetation.

The basis of the diet of fish is zooplankton and a variety of aquatic insects and their larvae. Food in Buffalo may look like on the bottom of the pond and foliage of aquatic plants and in the water column.

The reason is that this view is not ubiquitous lies not only in the fact that fish require higher water temperatures than the local representatives of the order cyprinoid fishes, but much less resistant to diseases and water pollution.

The main difference from a carp

This fish is very similar to the more familiar inhabitant of ponds of Central – carp, but there are notable differences:

  1. Scales the American guest to be separated much easier by the return from fishing, you may find that Buffalo lost on the way from the pond almost all scales.
  2. The body usually has a more elongated shape (although the shape of the body and carp from different waters sometimes much different).
  3. Buffalo meat have more fat, it contains fewer bones. And the fish itself is often superior to carp size.
  4. Different and head shape – this body part is Buffalo more like a carp and not carp.
Bait and nozzles

Habits and food preferences have a Buffalo almost the same as at carp. The composition of the bait mixes can include:

Fit and shop universal feeder bait, or mixture, intended for catching of a carp or carp. To increase the intensity of biting can and flavors. Suitable such well-known local water inhabitants flavors like coriander and cinnamon, anise and vanilla, dill and garlic. It is possible to experiment with sweet smells, such as honey, strawberry, plum. Such additives can be added to the water while mixing the mixture and treating their head before each cast.

To select a bait on the bottom you can use colored crackers bastoncini, but a number of fishermen tend to believe that bright spots at the bottom can discourage careful Buffalo.

Important! Too much monkey when fishing with a feeder is better not to use, as the mixture will be too viscous and will very long remain in the feeder – this option is more suitable for market or feeder type flat.

This inhabitant of ponds compared to a fish loves the nozzle of animal origin. As bait you can take:

Pure plant tips show the worst results, but in combinations, the so-called “sandwich”, the result can also be good.

Suitable tackle

To catch Buffalo can float tackle, feeder and market, it all depends on the personal preferences of the angler and the characteristics of the particular reservoir.

The market requirements are minimal – will fit any rod with a suitable value of the test. The reel for this rod is also take cheap. The diameter of fishing line should be selected based on the estimated size of the catch. As snap-in suitable as a variety of nipples and “killer carp”, and the feeder trough. But keep in mind that when using such a rough tackle not all careful bite will be able to see.

Feeder rod is better to take from those who have a certain margin of safety. Though Buffalo in the rivers of the American continent and reaches much larger than in the reservoirs of our middle band, but its size can be comparable with a decent carp. This means that the best choice would be the rod with medium or slow systems, since such forms do well with sudden strong jerks of fish. The length of the rods is selected depending on the size of the reservoir, and the size of the coil is based on the length of the rod. The trough is used as a classic type and “flat”.

Important! When feeder fishing for Buffalo is to add to the bait is more coarse fraction, as well as animal components.

Can fish Buffalo and float tackle. Depending on the particular circumstances of the pond, preference can be given the usual centrifugal rod, the plug or match the rod. Mach perfect for fishing at close range, plug-in forms could not be better working in cramped riparian or aquatic vegetation conditions, but the match is simply indispensable for float fishing at long range. Lapdog to apply not make much sense, as the period for which it is intended and, Buffalo just is not usual.

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