Carp fishing in October

In the fall, hard times are coming. There is not much food in the reservoir , and you have to run after it. Due to the absence of zooplankton in the water column, fewer nutrients get into the stomach of the crucian; it is more and more tempted by insect larvae.

This situation is aggravated by the fact that caviar and milk begin to ripen in the body, and there is still a lot of effort to prepare for winter!

Crucians are of two types – gold and silver. Golden is more common in heavily wetlands where other fish are simply unable to live. Unfortunately, its population is now suffering greatly from rotan, which is able to survive in the same place and feeds on its fry. Silver carp came to us from Asia. He lives in cleaner water, where it is better to provide oxygen, and can occur in the course.

By the way, about reproduction of crucian. In populations, there may be heterosexual individuals, same-sex individuals, and hermaphrodites. This is confirmed by many sources. The author himself catches carp-hermaphrodite regularly with caviar and milt at the same time. Sabaneev also wrote about the possibility of changing the sex of crucians in the population. Apparently, this is not the effect of bad ecology and mutations, but they were originally such.

In the autumn, you can catch both types of crucians with the same tackle. The catch will depend only on the presence of a particular species in the place of fishing. They have very similar habits, they take on the same bait, show about the same activity during the year, and even mixed schools of this fish can be found. Therefore, there are no significant differences in catching this fish, and then we will discuss crucians in general.

In the autumn period, crucians gather in large flocks before becoming hibernating. This process begins in September, and by the winter the flocks increase in size more and more. Packs prefer to stay close to places where there is enough food at all. This is all sorts of silted areas with vegetation, where you can dig and find a couple of larvae. The fish leads a relatively sedentary lifestyle, moving only when there is no feed at the selected parking lot.

In this regard, we can say about the importance of respecting carp in one place. Throwing a sufficient amount of food for them in the water, it is in this place to create a huge population of carp, which will stay here all the time. The quality of feed carp is completely picky – well steamed fodder barley, which is sold in bags for fodder to cattle, will do. Here the quantity is more important for them, because the more a flock – the faster the food ends. The food should be at their side all the time, so the bait should be thrown regularly. As a result, the angler can secure a good catch if other fish lovers do not fly to the desired place and do not occupy the entire shore, sitting shoulder to shoulder.

Fishing methods are highly dependent on the ability of the angler and the habits of the fish in a particular reservoir. Even in neighboring ponds crucian can behave differently. In one place it will stand under the coast to deep frost, and it will be possible to catch it with a short float rod, sitting on a chair. In another carp, at the slightest cooling, they can move to a greater depth, and they can be caught only with the help of long-range bottom gear or from a boat. Unambiguous recommendations on methods of catching can not be given, if the carp refuses to take somewhere on the bait or donku – just look for another place for this method of catching.

You need to search for the entire mirror of the reservoir. Unfortunately, many places where the carp is there are inaccessible for fishing due to the dense carpet of vegetation to the very surface in which the fish live.

It is necessary to recognize that the activity of the biting crucian is the same in autumn and in summertime. In the autumn it takes better large, sexually mature. Small, lively crucian already with the arrival of the first cold weather shows minimal activity. The activity of a large carp can be explained by the fact that this fish does not have a stomach, like most carp fish. Food must be supplied continuously to maintain metabolism. In mature fish, activity is stimulated by ripening caviar and milt, giving hormones. This compensates for a decrease in metabolism from cooling water.

Ways to catch

Use the same methods of catching a crucian, as in the summer. This is usually a picker, float rod, donk-gum, classic donka. Float rod allows you to maintain the best fishing rate, allowing for the time of the activity of the fish to take out of the water one or two more than the bottom gear. In this case, of all the varieties of float tackle, one should prefer the fly rod. It is quite simple, light, not afraid of water and rain, as it does not have a coil. For large crucians, it is equipped with a rubber shock absorber, to which the main line is attached.

Fly rod

In favor of the fly fishing rod goes even the fact that with its help you can achieve an instant reaction to the hooking. If the fishing rod with the coil, the fishing line to the hook will be twice as large as on the flywheel, or even more if abandoned with a coil. When hooking, it will spring twice as strong, it will not be so good, and there will be more gatherings of crucian. Pulling the hook out of the grass with a twitch with a fly fishing rod will turn out faster, and the crucian loves places where there is a lot of grass. However, catching at long range on the fly rod will not work, and here you should give preference to match and Bologna tackle. The optimal length for the fly fly fishing rod is from 4 to 6 meters.

Fishing pole

Often used by lovers of float fishing, when you can not get to the fish short-circuited. This tackle showed itself well when catching any species of pond fish, including carp. The distance of catching it is actually equal to the distance of the piker and is limited only by the visibility of the float. The latter is best painted in yellow. They are better seen on the background of lead autumn water and gray sky than red ones. However, in the fall the weather is different. For a yellow float, a black flush marker should be pripastki, which can simply repaint the antenna, if suddenly at dawn a low bright sun begins to give glare and blind in the eyes.

Bologna fishing pole

Bologna fishing rod is used when fishing for carp relatively rare. It does not allow you to make the same long and accurate cast as a match, about twice as heavy as a fly with the same length of the rod and its quality. It shows itself well when fishing in the wiring, where you need to make a nozzle vacation on the river. It can be used more efficiently where the crucian carbs on the stream – usually it is a silver crucian. Also suitable if the fly fishing rod in the arsenal is simply not there, or there is no certainty that the crucian will peck closer to the shore and you want to leave yourself a chance for a long throw, without taking additional gear with you. Many anglers have only bolonoku, believing that this is the best fishing rod for all situations, it is not.

Bottom fishing rod when fishing for crucian carp is used where there is not much aquatic vegetation. Usually with the arrival of autumn many algae die off, and there is more space for bottom fishing. More often than others, fishing for picker and fishing for donku with a rubber shock absorber is used.


Picker for carp fishing is good because it has the best accuracy of casting. You can put the bait over and over again in exactly the right place. By itself, a picker allows you to catch large enough specimens due to the presence of a reel; the angler doesn’t tire so much as a long float rod and can be used by convinced fideristam who don’t want to switch to float when fishing.


The usual feeder for such fishing is not so good. It gives a greater casting distance, but here it is not as important as accuracy. The distance of catching in ponds, as a rule, is small, but an accurate throw can not only bring catch but also save tackle when casting into a narrow window or corridor among plants.

Bottom fishing rod with a rubber shock absorber is good because it allows you to achieve a greater catching rate than a regular bottom fishing rod. A lot of time is saved on reloading gear. This makes for an angler gum. At the pace of catching gum closely approaching the Picker. In addition, you can put more hooks on the gum bottom than on a regular bite. A large number of hooks allows you to quickly determine what would be better to peck carp, as well as increase the chances of biting. However, in the autumn the crucian carp is far less picky than in the summer, but more on that later.

The main drawback of most bottom fishing rods is that they collect a lot of grass. When fishing on the float, you can set the depth, and the nozzle will be located exactly above the carpet of plants, or the hook leash will lie on it. As a rule, in the Karasinsky places there is a dense carpet of horn leaf and elodea, sometimes reaching a thickness of two meters. Bottom fishing rod usually sinks a small weight in this carpet, a small weight drags along with itself and the nozzle. To avoid this, anglers often use super-long leashes, and the nozzle remains at the top, despite the position of the weight. This affects the registration of pokёvok, however, the fish often finds a nozzle at the top, if it is not lost among the plants. But where it is clean, you can and should use a donk, preferably with a feeder.


If in the summer for catching a crucian it was necessary to take with itself a whole arsenal of various nozzles and constantly change them, in the autumn the crucian takes one best – it is a dung-worm. No maggots or bloodworms can not be compared in efficiency with this attachment. A crucian willingly grabs a dung-worm in water, and more often it is a large one. Maggots can be effective if the bites are capricious and there are a lot of trifles that constantly pulls off the worm. But the small crucian carp does not bite in the autumn, but for a large worm it is more attractive, as it is simply more than a bunch of maggots, and the big piece and mouth is happy! According to the author, the worm shows the best results.

However, for city dwellers who do not want to care about the safety of worms, you can take moldy worm. It will also be effective. In addition, moldy worm is easier to keep in the refrigerator before the next fishing than the worm. The latter still needs to provide good soil and its moisture.

As for the bloodworms, it can certainly also be used for the autumn fishing of a crucian. Moreover, in the fishing stores it is already there and is cheaper than in summer. But with him more problems. Keeping it for a long time is harder than a worm. It is still worth more. Plant it much longer. It is necessary to use special thin hooks, to collect bunches with elastics. If the fish bite on the worm, there is no reason to put a moth on the hook. And she bites at the worm, rest assured.

From vegetable nozzles you can recommend oatmeal and semolina. They are used only in places where there is rotan. This ragged guard is ahead of the crucian and sits on a hook if there was a maggots, worm or bloodworm before. However, it will be much less likely to peck on a hook with semolina, and only the largest rotan. And on steamed oatmeal does not react at all. However, if you can’t get rid of his poklyovok, one thing remains – to catch not crucian, but rotan. Fishing is fascinating. Rotan has almost no bones, dietary lean meat, no less tasty than carp.


For catching a crucian, the morning or evening dawn is best suited. Fortunately, the sun already rises much later and you do not have to get up early to catch the morning dawn. In the Moscow region, a crucian is active in the morning, since it is easier for him to find food in the sunlight than at night, and in the evening because the water is already warm. However, unlike predatory fish, it is possible to catch a crucian all day and night, and here the question is not the time of day, but good weather and visibility.

One thing is for sure – the one who came to fishing early, less likely to be left without a fish and more likely to find it, because it is available all day, not several hours before dark.

Choosing a place of fishing, you should feed. Although prikormka not so effectively attracts fish, as in summertime, retain fish without it will be impossible. And to catch a crucian without bait is two times worse in efficiency than with it. It is best to use a dam of the “geyser” type, and only in the case when there are too many fry – apply bait with pellets, add porridge. The latter, by the way, are very effective on crucian carp, especially millet. If you plan to fish the fish, rather than graft, you do not need to throw a large amount of bait. Be sure to add soil, especially in the starter zakorm.

In prikormke effective component of the animal. It can be a bloodworm, maggot, worm. The crank must move, and the worm and moldy worm must be constantly renewed on the prikorbochnym spot, since they do not live under water for a long time. It is necessary to toss the marsh after 5 minutes, the worm can be thrown after 10. It is not necessary to grind into porridge, because whole worms stirring at the bottom are more attractive for fish than their dead pieces.

When fishing for a picker, there may be a problem due to the fact that for the animal component there must be a very capacious feeding trough that the light rod simply will not pull. Overload it is not necessary. Just hand fed with balls. Throwing the balls far and very accurately will help the slingshot, hands such accuracy can not be achieved. Therefore, it must be mandatory for prikormlivaniya, if caught at a distance as with a match fishing rod, and with the bottom. For a fly fishing rod, the accuracy of casting from the hand to the float is quite enough.

Throw the bait and waiting poklyovki. Usually, if there is a crucian carp, it is suitable for bait in half an hour or an hour. Or you can immediately guess, and he will be there right away from the very beginning. Then it is possible that pecking will begin after the first cast. Autumn crucian is a schooling fish. If pecked one – it is worth waiting for another and third. With the right bait, if one poklevka came, it means that the fishing was a success and will be caught a lot. Therefore, it makes no sense to catch a few fishing rods. The autumn bite of the crucian is very active, and if the bait is good, God forbid you could handle one!

However, it happens that the carp stubbornly does not bite. Help in this case may change the place of fishing. It should be changed, it should be no closer than 50 meters from the already lured in a straight line through the water, and should be different from it. For example, a crucian carp can stay in the bushes, and begin to catch in a clean place. The carp can stand farther from the shore, but they start to catch close, or vice versa – it stands under the shore, and they feed it far. Yes, in the fall, this fish often bites from under their feet. If you did not succeed in a new place, it is worth returning to the first. It is possible that the fish found the same bait and stands, eating it and waiting for the angler. It is usually determined that a crucian is not here, just about an hour of fishing is enough without a single bite.

If there is a fish, but there are no poklyovok, you should try the traditional summer change of nozzle. Most likely, he will peck at the purchased dough, or at the improvised, if he does not want to take a worm. Sometimes the crucian carp is caught on foam plastic, but such fishing is always less successful, and often it doesn’t bite on foam plastic at all. Zhor carp is determined by the presence of a large flock, not smells. Moreover, in cold weather smells disperse badly. It is noticed that the crucian ceases to peck only with a cooling of water below 5-6 degrees. It occurs earlier in shallow water bodies, where the crucian carp leaves and quickly hibernates. In October, the crucian pecks up to frost, if the reservoir has sufficient depth and there are areas where it can move to “warm up”. Catching a crucian on a mormyshka in the winter in those places where he does not sleep all winter is rather popular.


Autumn carp fishing will be a discovery for many fishermen. This fish pecks all the way up, allowing the amateur anglers to give their souls and deliver delicious fatty crucian carp on the family table. Autumn hogs of carp sure, there are no such fads of fish when choosing nozzles for fishing. However, you should pay attention to the weather forecast and dress well – the cold is never justified by the desire to catch fish, and health must be protected.

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