Catching big carp

Be sure to catch trophy carp dreams of every angler. Catching big carp is quite a complex process and requires the angler some skills. Every angler, noticing the splashes of big fish away from the shore, wished to have one of them hooked his equipment.

Well, when the fish is still there on the hook, there is often a gathering or an open line. This happens for several reasons, the first is the incorrect tackle, the second – the human factor, that is, wong actions of the angler. As a result, the fish goes to his native element, and the fisherman followed her obscene phrases.

To catch big carp angler you need to concentrate solely on catching him, and try to avoid bites carp and other small fish. The main thing is the right tackle – regulated, strong and reliable. Absolutely no difference, be it a ground rod for carp or angler preference to such methods of fishing like catching carp on feeder fishing for carp on maculati, catching carp on the spring or classic fishing for carp on the float rod tackle must not let him down.

For fish of big sizes is not too difficult to tear the line of any diameter on the knots, to straighten even the most powerful hooks and more, so you need to carefully examine every item of tackle. Catching big carp is slightly different from catching small specimens, large specimens behave differently and prefer other tips for carp fishing, today we will investigate the behavior of a big carp.

In the summer of carp feeds in small flocks or alone. During feeding, a big carp is in constant motion and moves across the pond. In order to keep carp in the range of fishing, the angler will need a considerable amount of bait.

Choosing a place for catching big fish, which in your opinion should bring the expected result, it is necessary to overfeed the plot is catching, it is better to do at several points, using sukarma one point to 5 kg of bait. This amount of bait smaller fish are not too tough, so it must attract the big fish. It is not necessary to leave gear for a long time in water, they should be periodically re-equip and repeat the cast, as small fish, though rarely, but will eat the main bait.

Winter fishing for big carp is almost independent of the bait and bait. The main objective when fishing for carp in the winter is finding it, as it feeds only at certain places on the pond. In winter the fish are not particularly active, and the period of feeding may occur only for an hour. The more you use the rod, the better. Small fish in the winter almost does not prevent targeted fishing and the first trophy have to wait very long. If the bite for 2 hours did not happen, then you need to check the rod and, if necessary, change the bait. If you bite a carp and decides it is necessary to change the place.

Anglers allocate the autumn and end of summer as the best period for carp fishing. In view of the uniform of cool water, as a consequence of lower temperatures, large carp begins to feed actively. In some places, depending on weather conditions, carp can feed until November, it goes to feed before winter. And catching big carp in these times brings excellent results.

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