Catching big Rotana

Rotan is able to survive in any conditions and this makes it a truly unique fish. It is observed the cases when the fish was just frozen into the ice, and after it melted “alive” and calmly sailed on.

If you consider the fact that the rotan is quite densely populated the majority of reservoirs, deliberate fishing for them has long been a pastime for many anglers. Great is the fact that even in the small rivers in the city you can find the fish. Particularly interesting is the fishing for large Rotana.

An interesting fact is that catching big Rotana does not require expensive high quality rods and reels. Same with baits, they can be as classic silicone bait so easily accessible and manure worms. If you choose the right place to pick up tackle, it is quite possible to catch the bucket (and sometimes more) major Rotanov, weighing well over 500 grams.

It is easy to guess that because of their small size rotan easy prey for a predator, it makes him hide in the driftwood and grass, that’s where it should be looking for. It is best to catch Rotana on a jig, and is very light. Rotana relates to predatory fish, so peaceful sometimes, for some reason I took it to a peaceful fish, but not the essence, in short, it gives preference to moving baits. Catching big Rotana brings good results when using heavy jigs, fishing line 0,15 mm and rod long five meters. Don’t forget the pointer, mounted it in the classical way – under the angle of 90 degrees to the rod tip.

You can apply quite a thick line, as rotan voracious and not very capricious to the rigging, and the thicker the safer. Prefer large hooks with long forearm. The large hook can swallow even small fish, as her mouth is impressive. You can apply and small hooks, but this leads to the fact that the fish swallows them deep and take out becomes problematic.

The technique of catching the particular requirements as well, and it’s pretty easy, just drop the jig to the bottom and then slowly lift her slightly shaking the rod. As soon as you see a sudden movement the watch (believe me, it is difficult not to see) right to strike. When fishing on the float rod also recommended lightly bait. Often as bait used a shitworm.

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