Catching bream on the ring

Catching bream on the ring has gained an enormous popularity among the fishermen, you can often see fishermen with such gear on the Volga, but catch it everywhere. But this gear is quite heavy to use, forcing fishermen to constantly experiment and modify it.

But universal gear not yet invented, they will all have certain characteristics that are suitable only for fishing in certain conditions.

How to make a fishing tackle for catching bream on the ring

In the manufacture of gear for catching bream on the ring, nothing is difficult, you will need:

  • short fishing rod;
  • coil;
  • bag filled with bait;
  • the ring is made from lead;
  • pretty thick fishing line to cut the fingers during playing.

Installation snap-in will be done the old-fashioned way:

  1. At the end of the main line need to form a loop about a centimeter in diameter.
  2. To wear for the loop lead ring.
  3. Snap hooks are quite long, about 1.5 meters long, and by the end of the leash snap hooks.
  4. As the trough acts as a small bag with bait. To the bag, tie a rope or thick fishing line, a length of about 1.5 meters.

We need to sink to the bottom of the bag with the bait and tie the other end to the boat. Then passed through a ring main line and the line from the feeders, nivlem hooks and drop the bait. Thus the hooks are near the bait.

If you tie knots your favorite thing, then the loop can be replaced by a swivel. Thus it is possible to ensure that the leads will move away from the bag, for. You need to put protivogerpetical on the main line. Do not forget the stopper in the form of beads, this trick will not allow the leash wrapped around the main line. You need to connect protivogerpetical to the ring. Then everything is done according to the technique described above, therefore, the sliding tackle happens.

Do not forget that catching bream on the ring occurs only on the current, in still water, such a set loses all meaning.

The bait in this type of fishing is the most important element, and it is necessary to prepare in advance. Cooking the bait should pay attention to the fact that it is well washed by the current. To bait, you can add any ingredients, if only they attracted the fish. Anglers believe that the feeder starts to work only half an hour after its sinking.

In fact, the bream on the ring is caught very well, the main thing is to find a good place and to choose the right bait. No tail, no scales!

Bait fishing for bream on the ring

Any fishing requires heavy use of bait. And catching bream on the ring is no exception. Then bait plays a very important role, even a key. Without proper feeding of fish to catch you will not succeed.

For proper bait when fishing like this you will need a grid. The grid can be of different sizes, I used 5 by 5 mm. If you have such a mesh is not present, then you can go to the market and buy the regular grid for vegetables, which just tied thick fishing line. Once you found the net and tied a rope to it, must be put on the bottom of the sinker.

The weight is selected according to the flow rate, for if it is fast then you will only need half bricks. After this you need to fill in the grid with bait, the more the better. Then you need to tie the loose end of the rope to the boat and sank to the bottom.

What to fill the bird feeder? You ask, anything. Filling may be suitable mixture of purchase and homemade. As practice shows bream attracts the peas, corn and cereals. I would advise to add in the mixture a little chopped worms. As a basis you can use the cake (sunflower meal), boiled corn or breadcrumbs. I use pomace in combination with steamed grain.

Baits and tips for catching bream on the ring

Catching bream on the ring, you can use a variety of baits, it can be derived from both vegetable and animal bait. For my practice, I have identified among the best baits manure worms and maggots. And for bream tend to respond positively to the lures impaled by a beam. I recommend to put 2 or 3 maggots or worm on the hook.

Do not be amiss to experiment by combining different baits. We all know the passion bream to the so-called sandwiches. Just try to put on the hook some maggots and then on top of the worm, or Vice versa.

If you look at vegetable bait, here opinions differ. This is most likely related to the peculiarities of the behavior of fish in a particular pond.

I prefer the following tips:

  • Barley;
  • Corn;
  • Peas.

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