Catching carp on the float rod

Catching carp on the float rod by two methods, with match and plug. Poles are not suitable a priori, as its apex is not able to adequately compensate for the jerks of the fish and breaks occur almost always.

Bolognese rod it is possible to draw out major of the Amur river, but still water it is inferior in its efficiency to match.

Catching carp on a plug rod

If you plan to catch large fish, it is necessary to give preference to carp rods. However the price of these rods is a little bite, it is about $ 600. Long 13 metres gives them a certain lightness, that such a thing as a system abruptly disappears. But catching carp on the float rod does not require speed from the angler, and the entire length of the rod to throw have is extremely rare. A large part of the fishing rod holds on the stand, so its weight is not critical. The selection of the absorber depends on the diameter of the line and size of hooks used.

Choose a shock based on the fact that elastic with a diameter of 1.4 mm suitable for fishing line 0.14 mm and also with others. I had to meet with the combinations of the shock absorber solid rubber 2.1 mm in diameter and 0.22 mm fishing line, and tackle was without a leash, hook there were 10 rooms.

Model of the rod you choose and quite simply, any suitable rod, super light. Long rods are different, it all depends on the conditions of fishing. If you will catch Cupid float for short distances, you will have enough and the rod 4 m in length. The main thing is to equip the rod with a light leash and herdsman, the sinker can be applied only in summer and only in order to achieve the effect of slow sinking bait.

Grass carp fishing match rod

This catch carp on the float rod causes the angler to feel a certain confidence. Everyone knows that the friction brake on the coil allows to draw out very large fish. And with the coil you will be able to catch on fairly large distances.

If you do not plan to fish more than 2 kilograms, with a choice of rods especially to pull it is not necessary, suitable for almost all kinds. But this does not happen often, because the small Cupid purposefully to catch, no one will. Say that carp do not very picky about snap-ins, but why would he bite the Donk worse than on the float. Such a phenomenon is difficult to explain, most likely it’s in the presentation.

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