Catching fish on spinning

In this predator a lot of different names, grip, white, messenger, saraspur, river horse, and of course Chub – all these names belong to the same species of fish. Well, the most avid anglers call predator “river Le Corsaire”.

That way, I don’t know exactly. Well, maybe it is because of his lifestyle, similar to a robber, and a high speed.

Probably nobody knew and probably nobody cares, but I will write a Chub – a relative bleak. By the way, many confuse terehovich fry with bleak, right? But do it only those who knows the characteristics of the young asps, and everything is just, his fins sharper and more like wings. Probably one of the names of the predator and got it thanks to these fins – wings. Bait, rods, tackle, all that interested in wanting to catch the fish. Let’s take a closer look at all this.

Bait for catching ASP on spinning

Tackle for catching of a Chub has lots of variations and combinations of methods of installation with baits. Installation of baits are not particularly interesting, so do take a closer look at the bait for catching the fish on spinning:

And so, the first bait is – kastmaster considered one of the best baits because of its weight and the ability to send it at a distance. When catching fish on spinning anglers prefer catmaster weighing 30 g.

The second bait – Devon. Never heard of it, right? And it’s all because they are not very popular with our fishermen, however, to catch large ASP with the help of Devon is quite effective. This bait has one feature – the tackle must be equipped with a swivel, otherwise it will just twist the line. Bait as well as the first one, quite heavy, which gives it a right to be called a bait for catching the fish on spinning at long range.

Well, where do without the classics. Works pretty well and classical blesny for catching of a pike. To them there is only one requirement – quite a lot of weight.

During the spring catching fish on spinning you will not find a better bait than the jig.

Do not forget about surface lures, poppers okay a quick tease of the predator, causing it to rise to the top.

ASP also perfectly responds to the lure. It is best to conduct a Wobbler so sometimes he touched bottom. Of course to throw light Wobbler is not all, for this most of the hunting for this predator does not catch on them.


No worse than the previous works geregu and bombard, referred to by anglers as sbirulino. The main advantage is the presence of heavy and large leash, which allows you to throw the rope too far, but she will still go at the top.

Interesting tackle, is quite unique, which catches Chub and ASP it – boat or sleigh.

Very often when fishing for ASP on spinning the fly is used as an auxiliary bait, tying it in a half – meter from the main. There are many flies, Babikov, streamers, I don’t like this don’t know how they differ. I know only one thing and probably the most important thing is to avoid twisting of the fishing line, attach the swivel. Some recommend the use of spinner baits with bright plumage tee, it’s probably because they look like flies. OOO, had a look and ours is a gcca call a fairly bright fly is equipped with a double hook, and a streamer is a simple fly, just feathering there tight.

And finally, a favorite and reliable method of catching fish on a spinning bait. First, the Chub is a predator and it eats fish, and what could be better than natural feed? Right, nothing. Tackle for live-bait fishing a lot, but to characterize each of them, I will not, write a list and everything.

No, not because I’m lazy, but because we’re talking about spinning fishing:

  • float fishing with live bait;
  • sbirulino (or bombard);
  • Donk (running aground);
  • you can put the bait on live bait on spinning bait and dragged along the bottom.
Spinning rods for catching ASP

Optimal long spinning rod for catching the fish is considered to be 3 meters. This is considered a medium spinning reel with a standard size. But that does not mean that ASP will not be caught on spinning rods shorter or longer than three meters. He will be caught, just fishing a little more complicated. Yes, three-meter sticks also have a number of advantages and disadvantages.

The pros will certainly be immediately visible even to a novice. The first advantage is long-range and accurate throw. In the high grass, spinning it to catch easier than a short one. In addition, to draw out the larger fish this rod a lot easier. The downsides of such a rod is much smaller, but still they are there. The main and probably the only negative is a lot of weight spinning. When casting your hand will have a great deal of effort.

When fishing on spinning all the elements of the gear will have a pretty large workload. High speed wiring in combination with frequent casts to make the gear work wear. And the angler, too, is quite difficult. Based on this, all elements spinning tackle should be completely balanced. But still, the choice is always the fisherman.

We have said that heavy spinning that bad. So if you have the choice between different rods, you should give preference to the stick with a lighter weight. Test spinning is selected depending on the fishing conditions and baits used, it can be between 8-20 grams and can reach 50. If you are going to catch on small rivers, then fit the rod with a small lump, as there’s no need for long casts. But, if catching fish on spinning will be held in a reservoir or large river, then it will be necessary to take a spinning rod with a higher test, because you have to throw pretty far.

Once you have decided on the parameters of spinning, you will immediately become the question of the choice of the brand. Here it is best to choose a stick average prices. Price spinning asping starts from 50 units. The upper limit is not present, it for each individual.

Now a little about the handles on the spinning, give preference to long arms. This will allow long and accurate casts. After all, to deliver the bait far harder with one hand than two. There is already a short handle will be difficult.

Tackle for catching fish on a spinning

My personal choice – a three-meter spinning with the dough in 50-70 grams. If distance shootouts to exercise is not planned, there will be enough spinning reel with spool at 3000, otherwise the problem with casting distance helps to solve the multiplier.

Don’t forget to reel the line almost to the edges of the spool to the lure flew as far as possible. Teeth in ASP, though many, but they are not as dangerous as fishing line for pike, so a leash is not necessary. But your cord should be of sufficient strength. Suitable conventional, high-quality fishing line, 0.2 in diameter, or cord.

Tackle for catching fish on a spinning must be well thought out and sturdy, the main thing is to withstand the jerks of a strong predator.

The choice of reel for fishing for asps. Better to take a spinning reels with a high gear ratio. This will allow for quick bait, slowly turning the knob. Often set spinning spinning reel with a ratio around 6 to 1. If you are planning to catch on the cord, it is necessary to give preference to coils with iron spools.

The main requirements for choosing a fishing line for catching the fish on spinning is the same as for other types of fishing is the maximum strength with a minimum thickness. ASP is growing quite large, sometimes the weight exceeds 10 kg, and there is no solid line anywhere. Well, the thinner the line, the farther it can throw. As such meets most of the braids from good producers, with a diameter of 0.1 – 0.2 mm.

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