Catching roach on the

Catching roach on the course seems pretty easy. But it just seems to be the catch of the fishermen is very different. I can say for sure that it does not affect the quality and quantity of the used snap-ins for fishing for they recede into the background.

Here’s an example in the spring when you can catch only on the rod with one hook and it is not everywhere.

There is no longer scattered five feeders with three hooks and a feeder, and you can catch one on the rod. Just need the right approach to some of the points in a fishing trip.

How to choose a place for catching roach on the course

Let’s say you are going fishing for roach on the course, but you can’t choose the place for fishing? And here you can help tips from experienced fishermen, well, not very experienced. They say that in spring time the roach eats in places with a steady flow, but it’s mostly pits.

Experienced fishermen can be seen immediately as soon as it enters the reservoir, you can immediately point the finger at a few places in which to be caught roach. Do not forget that roach goes in flocks, and if you have found a promising place, but the bite was not very good, it is best to move and not to stay there.

How to choose fishing of roach for for

Catching roach is better in the period when the water only came down the ice. After a cold winter the fish begins to show activity, as the river receives a lot of melt water, which is saturated with oxygen. Seen by me and not only that at such times, roach bite better upstream. In such places it is possible to find quite a large pack of hungry roaches, eagerly looking for food.

How to choose a fishing tackle for fishing on the course

Catching roach on the course gives anglers the choice of fishing gear and sometimes gets it to a standstill. Fly fishing, feeder, and Bolognese rod it is quite good for fishing on the course, but what one is best suited. Classic float rod, that’s better, because many of us can’t imagine how you can catch roach other gear. It is better to have in your Arsenal several different snap-ins, because roach often change their preferences because of the weather, well, weather could change dramatically.

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