Catching white bream in for

Using this type of fishing as catching white bream on the course, it is understood that the main task is to hold the sinker to a snap-in layer of water, creating a natural effect.

Provided that the depth of fishing is small, and during much of sinker weighing about 5 grams is holding the bait.

The main thing to consider the weight of the sinker so that the bait was on the edge of the current and reverse jets of water.

Catching white bream on a very popular and well-known method among anglers who prefer fishing with a float. Today, few anglers can confuse it with small bream and “goat” which it usually accompanies. Don’t forget that for bream often acts as a bycatch when fishing for roach.

Bream, today, is very rare. And in terms of the behavior it is not similar with the other fish. Bream often gather in flocks with individuals of approximately equal sizes. Small individuals when feeding not endure it any bait.

A flock of such fish may disperse from the bait spot even bream. Of course she drives away the fish, and just eats all the food faster than her. Fish behavior than something similar to a swarm of locusts that eats everything that comes her eye. The first, and probably the only way to deal with such an attack is full of bait in the feeder.

But to eat everything that comes, is not the only feature of white bream. The first feature is the lack of graphics as feeding, such as carp. Unlike many fish who peck approaches, bream coming out to feed and attack the bait angler for several hours.


Then the bite dies down, and if there’s bait, she gradually begins to attract the bream and roach. The second feature of the white bream is a very dense scheinost, despite the size of individuals in it. Probably that’s why she so eagerly pecks and eats everything in its path.

Often, large fish actively moves over the pond and looking for a feed. Such movements happen on schedule and DC bus, this fishing may be taking the routes and time into account.

From this we can conclude that the fish visits the same places on schedule. Don’t forget that this rule applies only in the summer. The prize for catching white bream can be a lack of activity of other fish. Undoubtedly, it is worth to try to find a Parking lot large individuals.

Range of equipment

In terms of the range of equipment most of the benefits of the plug-in and the flight feathers of the rod. In strong currents it will be best if for will outpace the speed of the lure and it will be slightly raised from the bottom. Big fish often responds to the bait that is on the bottom of the drift with the current. If the conditions of flow are very weak, or the water is stagnant then there will help you flight the rod. Recommended seeking a quick catching silver bream bite periods, so the faster you catch, the more get caught.

Centrifugal rod helps when fishing of white bream takes place from the boat, and it happens relatively often, as large fish prefer to stand far away from the shore. It is noticed that the weaker the current at the pond the smaller fish is near shore. This feature can be noticed if catching a ground rod in the channels. At low flow bream prefers bottom snap-in, and with the increased flow it moves closer to shore.

Fishing line

The thickness of the line should not pay much attention. When the fishing reaches its peak, the fish is very rapidly losing caution. No small factor is that to catch often in areas with rocky bottom, which can damage a thin line. Bream, despite its small size has quite a strong resistance, and sometimes to fight a fish that weighs 300 grams is more complicated than a half pound carp.


Maggot is the best bait for white bream. 4-5 maggots on the hook will give you the desired trophy. Doubtless, after the capture of each fish you need to replace the bait on more fresh. Sometimes it is necessary to use a sandwich of bloodworms and maggots. Work very well and bait such as bread, barley, etc.

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