Choosing a spinning reel on a pike

It is necessary to begin with the fact that all coils for spinning are divided into three types, each of which will differ from a relative by certain characteristics.

You can spin each of them, but for practicality and convenience it is better to select individually.


This type of fishing reel is considered the most common, it is used not only for spinning, but also for other methods of fishing as well. Bezintnertsionku otherwise called a meat grinder for some similarity with this kitchen utensils. The base is wound onto such a type of coil through a line wrapper, namely it rotates around a fixed spool.

Spin-free coils have their disadvantages and advantages:

merits limitations
allows you to throw gear very far complex construction
easy to use there is a risk of breakage of inexpensive products
does not have much weight fishing for large specimens is often confused
some models have two spools requires annual maintenance

In spite of all this, the choice of a coil for spinning on a pike, for many people, stops precisely on bezintnertsionke.

Having come to the store for this component of tackle, it is worthwhile to think over what baits fishing is planned for and what casting indicators the rods have.

Choosing the basis for equipment, it is worth knowing that the braided cord is wound only on a metal spool, plastic or graphite will cut such material very quickly. But for the monkey fit the last two types of materials.


Inertial models are not widespread now, fishermen with extensive experience do not want to part with them. They trust the reliability and strength of this product; for many old-timers of fishing, this particular instance stands on a trolling rod.

The Nevskaya is considered the most famous model of inertial coils, it is produced not only by the St. Petersburg plant, but also by many others, but the quality will be different and great.

The advantages of inertia are:

  • reliable mechanism;
  • convenient fastening practically to any rod;
  • resistance to mechanical damage;
  • does not twist the line.

But there are also disadvantages:

  • light bait such an aggregate will not work;
  • small bites are not always visible;
  • has a bulky design.

In spite of all the pros and cons, there are still fishermen who, when asked what kind of reel to choose for spinning on a pike, will only point to the Nevskaya.


The multiplicative type of fishing reels is nothing more than an improved inertia. When winding the fishing line, the turn is laid to the turn, the unit can be adjusted for different types of lures.

Now there are two types of cartoons:

  • The barrel is designed for throwing large lures of medium and large size, it is this coil that will turn out without problems even a very large specimen of the predator.
  • Far casting of small baits should be carried out with the “Mill” type cartoon. She is capable of pulling out fish of medium size, and the fishing line will be unrolled more easily.

Each multiplier has two brakes. Centrifugal works with the rapid rotation of the handle, small balls just go out and slow down the work of friction on the partition. The magnetic brake is based on the work of small magnets.

With a properly configured friction, the multiplier coils work on cast blanks as well as trolling rods. The main disadvantage is the price, this type of coils is much more expensive from the inertialess options.

Coil Characteristics

Each type of coil in turn is divided into many subspecies according to the characteristics of the products. Starting from the gear used, select the units that will be best suited for a particular method of fishing.

Let’s try to pick up the coils based on the lures used and the spinning blanks used.

Live bait

Often the pike is caught on live bait, for this it is not necessary to use circles. The spinning blank and high-quality reel will help in catching this toothed predator.

Often use two options:

  • As practice shows, larger individuals are attracted by natural live baits, therefore the reel must be strong and reliable. An important factor will be the fact that the catch is usually carried out on the current, so the best option for tooling will be inertial, namely the “Neva” coil.
  • A good option would be also bezinertsionka, only for this you need to choose a worthwhile option. The best in terms of performance will be the option with 2000 spool , but on a large number of bearings, declared by the manufacturer, it is not worth keeping . For this type of catch enough and five completely. The gear ratio should be at least 5.2: 1, it is better to use a metal spool.

Multipliers for this will not work, they will be summed up by throwing characteristics, because zhivets will not weigh more than 20 g.

For jig gear

Even experienced anglers do not know how to choose a spinning reel for pike under a jig. Therefore, combine read on the Internet with personal experience and go to the store. However, this approach is not correct. It is necessary to initially consider where and how the fishing will take place, and only then go shopping.

Inertia-free coils and throw multipliers are suitable for jigging, but their characteristics should be known in more detail:

  • The speedless select power, that is, the gear ratio should be 4: 1. The size of the spool should not be small, for such purposes fit 3000 spool, but the bearings should be at least 6 pieces.
  • The selection of the cartoon is simpler, there the power indicators are always high. There will be enough 5 bearings, but two clutches, it will be easier for the master to adjust to certain weights.

Some choose to jig coil with a plastic spool from the budget options. They will not be bad at catching small prey, but it is unlikely that the giant will be pulled out.

For ultralight

Catching baits of small size and moderate weight is carried out with the help of an ultralight spinning form, the reel here will also need a special one.

In order not to weigh down the tackle and normally throw even an inch of silicone with a gram weigher, you need to pick up a balanced tackle. For this, accessories of the minimum size and a thin base are used. The coil is usually picked up from bezinertsionok, other types will be very heavy and will not be able to throw a throw at the required distance.

For ultralight select coil with such indicators:

  • the spool is not more than 1000;
  • preferably lightweight body;
  • high-quality metal spool;
  • presence of bearings inside at least 5 plus one in the layer.

Such a coil will help to throw even very light baits at decent distances, and the bite can be felt immediately.


Recently, everyone who has discovered a relatively new type of fishing – trolling. The bottom line is that with the help of a spinning rod and a power coil, a bait of considerable weight and size is cast. Further wiring is not required, the bait is just dragged behind the craft.

Often a trophy predator is harvested in this way, including pike. Therefore, the coil must be of high quality so that it can withstand the jerks of large fish without problems.

Of the above types of trolling coils, all are suitable without exception, however, the characteristics of them must be appropriate:

  • Bezrinertski choose from power options, including products with baytraner. The spool should be at least 3000, and at least three bearings. For reliability, they put the base from the cord, and therefore the spool should be placed only metal. The gear ratio is 4: 1 or 3.2: 1, it will help to bring a large catch.
  • Multiplier fit type “Keg”. He will be able to abandon, and then to ditch weighty river or lake residents. In the case of a hook, the cartoon will withstand the load without any problems.
  • Inertial reel is considered a classic trolling, for this type of fishing it has all the characteristics.

Correctly picking up a reel for this type of fishing can not worry, even in the case of a hook reel with high power performance will show itself at its best.

For each type of fishing requires its own requirements for coils, they can not be interchangeable. Therefore, choosing a product of this type should initially think over for what kind of fishing it will be used.

Major manufacturers

Demand creates supply, this common truth is known to all. The popularity of fishing, and hence the components for collecting gear, is high, and manufacturers use it.

There are more than enough coils on the market, both from well-known brands and unfamiliar companies. However, their quality can be almost the same, in contrast to the price. But still the famous name is trusted more.

Which coil is better for spinning on a pike is definitely not possible, the rating of manufacturers looks like this:

  • The first place is occupied by products from Ryobi, their coils are very high in popularity.
  • Next come Daiwa, their lineup is simply amazing diversity.
  • Concludes the top three Okuma, their products are also of high quality and very diverse.

The top ten will include firms not only from Japan, Korean and Chinese products will appear here, and their quality can easily compete with more expensive counterparts.

Domestic manufacturers can only boast of Nevskaya inertia, our manufacturers cannot compete with others with no-offsets and multiplier coils.

Tips for choosing

A newcomer in the fishing business is often advised by more experienced comrades, but it happens that their advice is completely different. Also, in some cases, there is no one to turn to for advice.

So that not honest sellers could not sell goods of the wrong quality, it is worth knowing and putting into practice such simple tips on choosing a coil:

  • The coil is chosen strictly for a certain gear, the concept of a universal coil simply does not exist. This axiom is worth understanding once and for all.
  • It is advisable to have a spinning form with you when selecting the reel, this will help you to collect a balanced tackle.
  • When using a cord, only a metal coil is used.
  • Plastics and graphite is suitable for winding monks.
  • It is imperative for the angler to check the reel before purchase. There is nothing difficult in this, twist the handle, see if the spool and pen work smoothly. Check for an instantaneous stop; this is an important indicator for any product of this type. Backlashes are also checked immediately and efficiently. Try to tighten the clutch, then loosen it a little.
  • It is advisable to remove the spool and at least a little look at the inside of the coil, there should be a factory lubricant.
  • Pay attention to how much fishing line can be wound on the spool, this is an important indicator.
  • In quality branded coils be sure to have a packaging box, which is spelled out. In the more expensive products in the middle there is a special liner, this information is placed there.

In all other respects, it is worth relying on your intuition and sensations when checking the coil.

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