Coast spinning sea bass fishing in the spring, especially the tactics and choice of gear

Perch fishing in the spring by spinning from the shore is quite popular among the law-abiding fishermen as spawning ban allows for such fishing in many places. And catches with the right approach and the correct time are quite good.

However, in order to successfully catch spring, it is necessary to pay attention to several key aspects of fish behavior during this time of year.

For example, if you get to the pond in the midst of spawning, maybe from scratch will not leave, while just a week already possible fish activity and good results.

Features of the behavior of fish in season

This fish can be active at any time of the year, but preferred hunting perch can seriously change. First and foremost, it affects the water temperature. In a period which fans of winter fishing called “ice”, and immediately after the complete disappearance of ice from rivers and ponds this predator is kept mostly at great depths, so the perch fishing jig spring suitable option.

With the rise of water temperature striped predator goes to spawn (which occurs approximately at a temperature of 8 degrees), at this time to count on the impact of fishing is not worth it.

Important! During the spring flood activity perch can be significantly reduced, because during the hunt the predator relies on sight, and muddy water prevents the active power.

After spawning, already sufficiently warmed and brightened the water, the perch, especially in small (specimens are larger still to keep close to the stream and greater depth), more hunts in the shallows,sandbanks and through the growth of reeds. It is often at this time there is the so-called posledeistvie zhor.

Used fishing rods

Spinning for the spring perch should be chosen on the basis of the following characteristics:

  • A suitable length of the rod may differ significantly depending on the size of the reservoir. For small rivers, enough of 1.98 or 2.10 m, but if we are talking about a large river, it may be justified and the choice of a stick with a length of 2.7 m and great options.
  • Stroy preferred fast or superfast, only the rotating and oscillating spinner forms allow the middle order for the correct posting and monitoring of other lures, these rods are not suitable.
  • Select the test under different fishing conditions. Ultralight options with the test up to 5-8 grams ideal for Okuneva fishing on small rivers. This fish loves a small, compact bait and spinning rods provide better control.
  • The material of manufacture. For the successful use of silicone lures and crankbaits twiching more suitable graphite rods. Spinners less demanding, and work fine with a fiberglass or composite rods.
Suitable coil

The quality of this item depends on the work gear in General, therefore, on the coils is not worth saving. Most often used bezynertsionnoj 2000 and 3000 sizes, at least 4000, as it’s usually for perch use a light fishing rod (spinning rods ultralajtovogo the optimal size of 1000, at least 2000 units for Shimano, it is also important weight: the lighter the better).

Desirable smooth running, the coil should be 5 bearings and more. To pay attention to when choosing and laying quality, as in the spinning perch fishing is often used thin cords. Sometimes Okuneva fishing find use small baitcasting reels.

The main fishing line and leashes

As the main line for most perch lures more suitable network. Having a minimum tensile braided cord provides not only the correct wiring (tichit Wobbler on monolescu extremely difficult), but better sensitivity. Regular fishing line is good except for rotating and oscillating spinners.

If to speak about the grouper, the best material leashes will be fluorocarbon as possessing sufficient strength it is hardly noticeable in the water, due to the close values of the coefficient of light refraction. However, in many areas, along with bass on the same lure caught pike. In such situations, it is necessary to use metal leashes as small as possible diameter.

Silicone lure

Sea bass fishing in early spring on a spinning reel is primarily fishing on the silicone, because these allow the most effective bait to sh in the bottom layers, where cold water mostly and keeps the predator. Mostly used smaller models, with a length from 1 to 2 less 2.5 inch.

They can be very diverse:

  • twisters;
  • vibrohvosta;
  • worms and slugs;
  • simulate insect larvae and more.

Important! It is preferable to use edible silicone – if you bite on this bait, the bass feels taste and smell, and not trying to immediately spit out the nozzle, but on the contrary, it continues to swallow.

Color to pick up in the course of fishing. Since spring often start with the striking options, as most often the water is turbid due to spring floods, and the bait is necessary to allocate at the bottom. However, this approach does not always work, when a bad biting worth a try and more dark and natural color options.

Also should actively to experiment and form the body of the lure is sufficient activity perch typically use options with a strong active game like Twister and vibrohvosta when the fish are sluggish, are more suitable for passive baits such as worms, slugs or imitations of aquatic insects and their larvae.

Wobblers for perch

This kind of spinning lures also works well on bass. The size should be chosen based on the dimensions of the striped predator 130 pike lures it is, of course, can also attack, but rather as an exception. The first is to pay attention on the model with a rounded body shape – petite Sadi, fate and cranky often have a high frequency own game, which is what attracts the perch.

As in the case with silicone lures in the spring the muddy water it is better to start with bright, visible from afar models. Natural color is more suited for either the beginning of the melting of the ice or closer to the fly. However, don’t be afraid to experiment, often such a pattern is not working and even on cloudy days in murky waters the best results bring a soft and subtle color options of the lure.

The buoyancy of the lure also is different. Most often you can see a pop-up or suspender, somewhat less – sinking. They are used to certain conditions and transactions. Sinking of options enable you to sh in the deepest portions of the channel – they should be used immediately after the melting of ice while the water is still cold. Suspender, depending on depth, lures versatile, their ability to hang in the water makes the lure more attractive during a pause in the transaction. Pop-up models are able to carry them over submerged vegetation, snags, or thickets of seaweed. Their turn comes closer to the summer.

The difference between these baits not only on weight, colour and body shape, but also in depth. Depending on the specific reservoir for cold water is better to use a deeper model, with the depth of 3-4 meters and more. With the rise of water temperature perch begins to hunt in the thickness and in the surface layers, and therefore the depth needs to be less.

Closer to the summer, when the water is warm enough, perch can be caught on a pure surface lures like poppers or walkers.

Rotating and oscillating spinner

This group of baits is the least demanding as to the rod and to the skills of the angler, the spinner bait most often recommend to beginners in spinning fishing as the most easy to learn. If we talk about the bass, it is best to fish relatively small baits. In the case of rotating spinners are numbers from 00 to 2 according to the classification of the company Mepps, spoons is also better to choose less than that used in pike – from 4 to 6 inches will be enough.

A good result can sometimes show very small trout spoons. With the color of the baits is to experiment. Sometimes more effective are natural colors for lures – silver, copper, in other cases better than catching acid yellow or red of the model.

Using different types and speeds transactions, you can sh in a rotating and oscillating spinners almost any horizon, making them a versatile lure, suitable for all conditions.

Spring fishing spinning reel for jig

Morespending this is quite a new and interesting direction in spinning fishing, which, however, will require a bit of other gear. First of all it concerns the rods. Instead of the usual fishing other ways fast or ultrafast Blanca, there are more suitable for slow trout fishing, or rock fishing options with soft affixed tip and as small as possible test.

To reel fishing spinning reel on a jig also makes high demands. Suitable bezynertsionnoj should have a very smooth ride and perfect laying of superfine cords, or instead of fishing will have to untangle the beard.

The leash in this kind of fishing most often from a relatively thick fluorocarbon, which further slows down the dip of the jig on the bottom. On the hook it is usually or artificial bloodworms, or cutting out damaged by predators in the previous fishing edible silicone. The wiring is also quite peculiar – a swinging rod with a minimum speed of winding of the cord coil. Mortising is a very interesting direction in spinning fishing, as it allows to catch not only the passive bass on most bodies of water are pressed, but different types of peaceful fish.

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