Features fishing in shallow water

Good catch – the pride of every angler. But that result was not really so, it is necessary to consider all the circumstances of fishing: season, type of reservoir, its depth, currents, time of day and much more.

Below about some of the nuances of fishing in shallow water, as well as about the intricacies of fishing on the float rod.

Features fishing in shallow water

The tactics of fishing in shallow waters may be different. So on the river with a rapid current most preferred fishing wading. When a person is knee-deep in the water the fish are not so careful, not so shy, the fisherman is already not scary and becomes almost his. Zapodnoy the appeal of fishing is its high ulovistost, living the exciting process of fishing.

As for the pond, everything is different. No flow, still water make the fish too careful and receptive to noises, fluctuations of the water surface. It requires a masking of the angler and inefficient fishing wading. Optimum use of the place where lie on the surface of algae, vacant land among them and to throw the tackle. It remains only to be patient and wait for the fish will begin to bite. In such a situation, you can use auxiliary devices, such as an underwater camera, if water clarity allows. In troubled waters to reduce waiting times will help sounder. After analyzing the environment, it will be possible to understand clearly to wait for the fish or not.

One more subtlety – pre-bait such as carp, bream or tench. The peculiarity of this species lies in their continuous search feed, including night time. They do this just 2-3 meters from the shore. Therefore, when planning a morning fishing, late in the evening, you need to throw a coarse groundbait that will attract and retain until the morning the larger fish. It can be grain or dough balls, so-called boilies. In the morning it is desirable to use the same kind of bait.

A few nuances

Weather conditions must be taken into account. So, sudden changes in temperature, pressure drop, strong winds, bright sun, big rain does not contribute to a good bite, more for a few days, he can and does stop. Ideally, when the water was heated gradually, in the street, a gentle breeze causing ripples on the water surface. Well, when it’s quiet, warm rain, and atmospheric pressure is a little high.

The chances of a successful outcome of fishing is higher when fishing in clear water. On the contrary, very muddy, “blooming” water prevents the penetration of sunlight, and this, in turn, makes the fish inactive. Moderate turbidity is most appropriate and often the result of catch is the most preferred, even compared with pure water.

A few General rules. While at the reservoir, it is not necessary to make noise, banging, loud talking. Also excluded Smoking. The color of the float should not be too bright, and the bait must call “appetite,” even well-fed fish.

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