Features fishing on Tyrolean rod

Analogs are known to every lover of fishing, especially spinningists.

They are known by the names:

  • detachable leash;
  • drop shot;
  • Caroline equipment.

When assembled, all these gears look the same and the efficiency will be about the same. Tackle differs from other types only in appearance. Consists of:

  • plastic tubing;
  • swivel;
  • weights of the required weight.

Attached to the base of her gear with rubber stoppers.

Tackle description

It is not at all difficult to assemble tackle; even a beginning fisherman can cope with such installation. Usually used for casting small and light baits, heavy or silicone does not make sense to form.

The process of collecting gear consists of the following steps:

  1. A piece is taken, up to one and a half meters long, at one end it is tied with the tackle itself.
  2. Separately on a thinner line they impose or equipped with silicone fish, most often twisters.
  3. Lures with bait tied to a piece of fishing line with a sinker at the same distance from each other.
  4. Ready leash with a sinker and lures attached to the base through the swivel with a clasp.

Ready tackle can be thrown and carried out.

Advantages and disadvantages

There are many supporters of such a montage, but there are those who categorically refuse to catch him. Nobody will force or discourage anyone, but we will list the advantages and disadvantages.

So, installation is advantageous because:

  • when wiring, it allows you to easily pass sites with stones and underwater boulders of different sizes;
  • helps to throw at a sufficient distance small and light bait;
  • helps to catch places with snags;
  • easy to install.

There are tackles and flaws, but they are not significant. Experienced anglers point out that the installation is not suitable for forming tackles with large silicone or using heavier baits to catch the chosen water area.

Fishing features

For casting bait use spinning rods, with the weight of the gear take a little less than the maximum casting of the form.

The feature of the installation can be the load itself, it can be tied deafly at the end of the leash, or it can be made sliding and secured with rubber stoppers in front of the leads with the bait.

How to catch a Tyrolean stick

You can catch both peaceful species of fish and a predator. It is for the perch, and most often used tackle. The angler should understand that this is an active type of fishing, just throw and sit will not work.

After throwing in a pre-selected place on the pond, they begin to reel the line little by little, with occasional stops being made. The winding speed should be about 1m per second, faster posting will not give proper results.

How to do it yourself

It is not necessary to buy tackle for installation in the store, you can make it yourself, and it will not take much time. Yes, and everything you need to form is in every home.

To assemble the installation component, you must first prepare:

  • a hollow plastic tubule of small diameter, about 15–20 cm long;
  • lead weights, with the diameter of the chosen size of the tube;
  • good quality glue resistant to wetting;
  • swivel with clasp.

Making tackle is very simple:

  • first of all it is necessary to put a lead sinker on the glue, while it must be inside a plastic tube;
  • the other end is also poured with glue and clamped with a clothespin, having previously inserted a swivel with a fastener there so that the fastener is in the tube.

It is advisable to let the glue dry for a day, even a quick-drying one. After this time, you can form the installation and use it for fishing of different species.

Montage is very popular with fishermen who prefer to fish in open water. With it, you can properly apply and hold the bait in remote places of the reservoir with snags and boulders, where often the predator stands in anticipation of fry.

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