Features of catching pike in March

Catching pike in March can bring different results and this in most cases does not depend on the skills of the fisherman and not on the gear used. Moody weather at the very beginning of spring often makes adjustments to the plans of fishing enthusiasts, and certain prohibitions on catching water may not play into their hands.

The weather is not an obstacle for real fishermen, they go to their favorite pastime in any weather. Spring sorties with tackle often bring good fishing results, but complete absence of bite is not rare.

Before you go to a pond for pike fishing in March, you should study some legal acts.

The general ban on catching toothy predators in the Russian Federation is valid from January 15 to February 28 , and spawning begins from the end of March to the beginning of April. But there are bans that apply only in certain regions.

It should be understood that not knowing the law does not exempt from liability.

Depending on the vagaries of the weather, pike fishing in March can take place:

In this case, the gear used is completely different. The result of fishing in early March and at the end in most cases depends on whether the predator spawned or not .

Where to look for pike in March in ponds?

It depends on whether the ice has melted or not:

  • if the ice still stands on the ponds, but has already begun to melt a little, it’s worth to go to the thaw to catch a predator . Near the old holes in the sun you can find more than one pike, they will come here in search of oxygen.
  • In open water, it is better to catch near the shoreline on the shallows, where the pike will bask and look for food. In the flood, pike at the end of March will choose quiet places, she will go to the backwaters.

It was during this period, namely in March, that the pike spawned. Most often, females just before this period and immediately after it do not react to any bait. At the same time, large fish spawns immediately, after it medium-sized individuals and small pike complete this process. Caught on the hook at the end of March, most often males.

March pike gear

In March we found out how the pike behaves, where we also know where to look for a predator. But what gear are used to capture her during this period? What does it take in March on the river and in the lakes? It all depends on weather conditions, or rather, on whether the ice has come off or not.

Ice gear

In March, catching pike from ice takes place in two ways, each of which can bring a good result. Some anglers use two methods at once and get more results.

From ice catch a pike:

  • at the vents , this method of capture is referred to as passive fishing. A fisherman drills a sufficient number of holes at a distance of 8-10 m from one another. A pre-prepared live bait is put on the hook and girders are exposed. Triggering the flag will show a bite, but you shouldn’t immediately hook it, let the pike swallow the proposed bait better.
  • Catching on trolling  is carried out just a hole to make this drill 5-8 holes at a distance of 6-8 meters. Oblov begin with the first, the game is carried out differently to how you can better attract the attention of even passive pike. After 15-25 minutes of active fishing, they move on to the next, if the predator was not interested in it, it was worth changing the place of fishing.

Tackles are collected independently, for each type of fishing they will be individual.

To equip the fan, each one chooses their own components, but the general indicators can be presented in the form of the following table.

component parts quantity and quality
the basis fishing line, thickness from 0.4 mm, at least 10 m
leash steel or fluorocarbon from 30 cm long
sinker sliding, at least 4 g weighing
hook single bait, double, tee

Additional accessories are put in good quality, because it is precisely in the spring thaw that trophy specimens of pikes are often caught precisely on the vents.

It is also not difficult to equip a fishing rod, for this you will need no more than 15 m of fishing line, its thickness should not exceed 0.2 mm. Most anglers don’t put a leash on this type of winter gear , they spin the lure directly to the base using an additional carabiner with a small swivel.

Additionally, a nod is set on the whip, with the help of which the game is played with bait with the required amplitude.

Open Water Tackle

At the end of March, in most cases, pike are caught already in open water; for this, several types of gear are used. For capture use:

  • Spinning gear, usually at such times use light and ultralight rods with delicate delicate snap- ins . Fishing is carried out from the coastline, but blanks larger than 2.4 m should not be used. Equipped with thin cords, not more than 0.1 mm. A leash is a must, it is best to recommend a fluorocarbon version.
  • At the end of March, pike are caught on the Donka, for this, short forms with a hard whip are used. Standard equipment: a strong fishing line, a leash and a reliable hook.
  • Floating tackle will also work on the lake , a sufficient amount of fishing line and a powerful reel will help to catch even a trophy pike.

Other types of equipment in spring in open water are less effective.

March pike bait

The nibble of pike in March depends on many indicators, the lures will be in the top five root causes. Do not neglect the choice, the selection of bait should be treated responsibly.

Depending on the type of fishing and its location, preference should be given to such options:

  • Only open bait fish will be suitable as a bait for fishing on girly pits from ice, on the bottom and on float tackle in open water. It is advisable to pre-catch in the same reservoir, with the most active and less damaged being selected for the bait.
  • Different lures are used for spinning; in the spring, small-sized options are suitable for catching. From silicone, preference is given to twisters, worms and insect larvae up to 2 inches in size. Spinning lures will also attract the attention of a predator, and the size is also minimal, maximum 2. They do not use oscillating lures on a pike at the end of March, but even a large individual can irritate a small wobbler. According to the color scheme, baits for spinning fishing are selected according to weather indicators and water transparency. In sunny weather and with relatively clean water, preference should be given to turntables with a dark petal, silicone will suit both acidic and more natural, wobblers can also be varied. With a cloudy sky, it’s better to take silver versions of spinning baubles,

Sometimes even a worm can attract the attention of a pike to a bobber, but this is more an exception to the rule than a pattern.

The subtleties of fishing in early spring

In March, it became known where to catch pike; popular baits were also studied. Now we will open the veil of the subtleties of fishing, they are known only to experienced anglers.

Will a pike in March want to try the bait offered to her depends on many factors, her behavior is influenced by:

  • Moon phases;
  • Atmosphere pressure;
  • temperature condition;
  • magnetic storms.

In addition, the place of fishing is important. To always be with a catch, you should know such subtleties:

  • Carefully choose a fishing place, small and medium pike at the end of March will look for food among the reeds and aquatic vegetation, large individuals will remain in depth.
  • Why doesn’t the pike peck in March at lunchtime ? During this period, she tries to stay away from the coast, she is looking for prey 1.5 hours before dawn and closer to sunset.
  • On a sunny day, catching pike will be difficult, the predator prefers rain, cloudy skies and a small breeze.
  • The temperature regime for fishing is also important, optimal in March are 8-20 degrees Celsius.
  • It’s worth looking at the readings of the mercury column, a reduced pressure will be the most promising for catching trophies, but an increased pressure will drive the predator to the bottom.

It is not always possible to strictly observe all the desired indicators, but you should not be afraid of this. Nobody forbids experimenting, sometimes it’s not a standard approach that can bring a very good catch.

You can catch pike in March, but not everywhere. Before you go fishing, you should ask about the prohibitions and restrictions in the selected region for a hobby.

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